Congratulations to Han Geng on winning the World Music Award – Best Male Artist…!


In just 4 short years, Han Geng had swept 3 major International awards and all for his work as a singer. This is the irony, because years ago, he was labelled as having weak vocals and not a good singer.. yes I admit that he is not as good as other powerful singers BUT his voice has a unique and attractive quality which made him successful in his selections of songs. That is the key to his success and the secret weapon he has is GengRice who believed in him and supported him through thick and thin. If he is successful, then his GFs too will be reflected on favourably. No matter what happens, his Wings of Love will be by his side for the next 20 years. That was their pact with him..


In 2010, he was an unknown even in his own country..Fans outside of China thought that he must be very popular in China but it was on the contrary..He worked his way up through difficult situations where at times he was just being taken advantage of..Did you know that he even took on the task of being a narrator guide for visitors to the Great Wall, Beijing sector? He started off by singing theme songs for the country’s sports and national events… Have we forgotten that? Was it only 4 years ago that we journeyed with him in his career?


Han Geng is someone exceptional.. It seems that he is there just to break records and tread on unknown waters for a Chinese entertainer. He was the 1st foreigner to enter Korean entertainment. The first for a member of a boy-band to carry/run the Olympic torch.The first common guy aka celeb/entertainer who will be blasted into the Earth’s stratosphere.The first Chinese entertainer to receive an MTV-EMA award, the KCA and now the WMA..Also he is the first Chinese entertainer/singer to perform on an international stage together with the likes of Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin. Seems that his role is to break open doors for the Chinese entertainment industry..There are other singers/entertainers before him and yet they were not able to break that myth/barrier where pop music is naturally/normally dominated/determined/dictated by Western culture.

Here comes a Chinese guy who went through so much hardships and tears that took China and the entertainment industry by storm! Those who used to say that he is a nothing and a nobody, now have to bite their tongues and admit grudgingly that he has a lot of potential and talents. The bonus part is that he is easy to work with..His demands were simple and ordinary..He need not go naked to sell his music or to do drugs for him to be noticed!! He did it all by his own ordinary ability..No sex, no drama, no drugs, just plain Han Geng..!

All these times Han Geng has not compromised his principle of not allowing himself to be sensationalized in order to promote his work.

Here is an anecdote from one Gengfan in China. She related how she made an order for a cake from her local bakery to congratulate HG on his MTV-EMA win in 2012.. She took a long time in explaining to the baker on the spelling of Han Geng’s name..Naturally, the baker got it wrong, because he doesn’t know who Han Geng was! This time around, she ordered a cake for Han Geng’s win again from the same baker.. and know what? The baker spelt Han Geng’s name correctly and even told her that Han Geng won at the WMA!! Wasn’t that a picture of bliss? Of knowing that all the efforts in helping to promote Han Geng in our own little ways paid off!


News excerp from the WMA official website;

Chinese Superstar Han Geng who has just finished Transformers 4 coming out in June was voted World Best Male Artist by 20 Million fans on the official worldmusicawards website! 

Han Geng got 20,000,000 fans to vote for him and that means his votes were a lot! Assuming that one fan voted 100 times in that duration, HG would have gotten 2 billions of votes!! WOW!!

In the interview after his win, Han Geng thanked his fans for not abandoning him the past two years because he has not produced any albums and he revealed that the 3rd album is under production and will be released sometime in Spring of next year..Start saving now friends to buy his 3rd album next year..I have a very big dream of hoping to see his name in the Billboards next year! hehehe…He got 3 international  “A”s already and now there is one more “A” to collect..The Billboards Award…?

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To WMA Or Not ?

This has been on my nerves far too long that I eventually forgot about it totally!!  Sometimes I wondered if they would ever get on with it or just simply cancel the whole thing!! I even doubted the authenticity of it all…Mind you this organisation has Prince  Albert ll of Monaco as its patron! This was given publicity in 2012 and hasn’t brought to fruition until now 2014…and have been  keeping my fingers crossed!  Keeping them crossed for so long that now they are either glued together or crooked!! hehehehe…

What a joke! It was right after MTV in Germany that they announced this music awards for November of that said year! Then the start of voting frenzy which brought to naught! What a shame! 

Then the organizers announced another date because the first venue chosen was not feasible and logistic wise it was unattainable. So I was patient enough to give them the benefit of the doubt which was also crushed when it was postponed again!!!

In the first publication, Han Geng was a nominee in 3 categories namely Best MV, Best Male Singer & Best Male Entertainer.I was all over the place voting with my poor fingers, click, click, click!! Nothing came out of it, nada, wala,tada!!! I felt foolish and thinking that they were a joke..making us vote for nothing!

This year, it was announced  that the awards night would be held in Monte Carlo and the date is May 27th..Again the click, click, click and the tap, tap, tap have started where it was left off… This time……Han Geng is a nominee for 4 categories!! FOUR not THREE!!! In addition to the ones already mentioned, Best Live Act!!.. I am finding it hard to believe and am wondering how credible is this list..! On checking out the voting page, I found so many names listed in the nominations..It looks like a whole kettle of fish were thrown in randomly and you pick your choice!!.

That’s not all…here comes the crunch…this is the best!! The latest & newest category thrown in just for good measure..- Best Fan Base… Gengfans go vote!! Let your fingers race to the finish line and grab that trophy!!! But wait, who will walk up that stage to receive it?? hehehehe!! Most probably it will be Han Geng,on behalf of his GFs, right? 

Now here is the icing on the cake…Han Geng gets to perform on stage!! So how credible is this? It’s too good to be true..so the adage goes!!

By now you should know what I am talking about!!

Click the link here to vote.


You can browse in there and randomly check all the categories to see if Han Geng was added another category..

This is the official announcement from World Music Awards aka WMA  


On a side note; Han Geng is in  Korea at the time of this writing,  filming  his new movie, a Chinese-Korean collaboration..Filming will take place in Beijing and Korea..A sneak peek below..





Before Han Geng went to Korea to start filming on his new movie, he went to New York, to be precise, New York Stock Exchange.. the company Jumei.com is listed in the stock exchange.. Han Geng is one of the stock-holders of Jumei.com so he is there together with the CEO to witness the company making an entry into the NYSE.. He is known as the first celebrity stockholder of Jumei…So Han Geng is a director in his present company YueHua Ent and now a stockholder in another…Good going Han Geng..!!


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Spidey Geng

In recent months, I have been very quiet and silent because I found myself with no interesting topics to write on. Besides that, Han Geng has reached the ultimate goal according to my calculations. Before 2014 is over, he would have circumnavigate the earth. Unless there is a bigger adventure than this, I find nothing much to write on…hehehe!

He is such a go-getter and achiever, that whatever I may write on him is not justifiable any longer. He has such huge dreams and finally he has made it! It’s not everyday that ordinary people like us get to orbit the earth! So shall I bid you guys farewell and thanks for a lovely time here on this blog?

But before I go, let me share with you a recent video which reaffirmed my opinion on his agility.The reason behind this may be the training he received as a young lad to become a dancer that gave him this sense of balance and agility! He always have a special way of doing things. After watching the video, I realised that the people kept on calling him “Spiderman” At first, I was just engrossed with the show until it struck me that he was referred to as spiderman. In this show it not just prove his agility but also his intelligence. His travels and experiences in different places come in handy for it helped him in answering the questions posed by the challenger.

The little boy with him is his nephew whom he brought along because the show’s producer couldn’t find a child for the show, and Han Geng offered his nephew who is free-of-charge hehehee.The little nephew keep calling him “uncle Geng”. Han Geng has so many wonderful traits in him. Money is only a tool for his expenses not something for him to hoard. By now, he should be very wealthy and yet he is not. The commitments he made to help 10 rural students go through elementary and college is very noble of him.

Now back to something light. I can say for sure that Han Geng has come to a full circle.Why? The reason why I say this is because he is now a free person who can easily travel to South Korea without limitations. His present company has an office in Seoul and he together with staffs and directors were there to celebrate the 1st anniversary. So there is no qualms about him moving freely to Korea and back.

Another good news was that Han Geng and Siwon came face to face with each other at the birthday celebration of Jackie Chan.. When they “bumped” into each other, they were giving each other hesitating smiles and then Han Geng extended his hand which Siwon took and shook, followed by a bumping of shoulders. So I say that Han Geng has come to a full circle.

So enjoy the video

credit: to the uploaders on YT..

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The Astronaut In Han Geng

I didn’t realise that it has been 3 months since I updated this blog. Things are getting a bit mundane for me to keep tracking on Han Geng’s whereabouts since he is moving so swiftly in his career.

In my absence, Han Geng has become an entrepreneur by producing his very own signature mobile phone/ cellphone, Gphone. This can be bought online in amazon.com


Years ago when I first knew of him, I never thought of writing about him in a blog. It was by invitation from the creator of this blog that I was able to write and share my thoughts on Han Geng and you guys have been so gracious about it.

Initially, it was exciting to write about him because his achievements were endless..but as time went by it became monotonous. Why? It is because there is no longer any suspense in his achievements. He seems to be the modern day Midas where everything he touches turn to gold. How “lucky” can a person be? For a person who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he seems to have everything going for him. If he wants to make a phone and sell it, he did it! If he wants to act in movies of his choice, he got it! He is always challenging himself! I once mentioned that his worst enemy is himself and it is proven so! He competes with himself and that is why he is so hard on himself. He will push himself to the limits and gets satisfaction only when he succeeds.


It seems like Han Geng was born to make records….of many 1sts.Now he is the first singer/entertainer/actor to go to space! Han Geng represents the dreams of many and a testimony for those with big dreams. In him, people can see their own dreams come true when they see his achievements. A country boy whose early days of adolescence was spent in years of training in a dance academy hoping that one day he could become an actor. For Han Geng to reach this far was by no means a simple feat. He had sacrificed a lot in his younger days. When other adolescents were enjoying themselves and spending their lives carelessly, Han Geng was working hard for the money!


In these short 3 years since he went on his own, it seems like a dream that I was afraid to wake up from. I am a bit afraid/anxious for him to see him achieving so many successes one after another in such a brisk space of time. I was afraid that this bauble would burst. He has so many good things going for him and was wondering what happens when he has achieved everything?

Now that he is part of the space programme, where will he be next? What is there for him? How far can he go when he has almost gotten everything that others were just dreaming of?

When it was announced that Han Geng got selected into the final 3 for the Lynx space programme, I was hoping, no, I was expecting him to pass.. When news came out a day ago about him not making the cut, I was sort of disappointed and sad. Then I thought to myself, it is okay. He can’t have everything he wanted. Sometimes it is okay to “fail”. We can’t be too greedy by wanting and grabbing all that come along his way.

Then today, upon landing in Beijing, Han Geng received news that he will be included in the programme and they will send him to space!! I was so excited and here I am writing once again on this “mundane” achievement..heehehe..!! Let us then cheer him on..Let us live our dreams through him!

The reason they included him was because they wanted others to achieve/live their dreams through Han Geng. They saw his dedication and his seriousness during the training. Han Geng is the perfect role model for people who have big dreams! In fact, Han Geng put on weight just to meet the criteria for this. Even though he was one of the final 3, his body weight did not qualify.

Sneak peek of Seek McCartney.


Credits: tagged in photos

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Mundane To Magnificient

Things are getting pretty “royal” for our Han Geng these days.. Nothing is surprising anymore for a guy who has been nominated and shortlisted for the once in a billion years chance of orbiting Earth from space.. !

I shouldn’t be surprised by now for all the unprecedented things that he, as an idol/entertainer, has been doing and achieving ever since he was chosen as a torch-bearer in 2008 Beijing Olympics!

He was even part of the 100 artists chosen to sing in the Olympic song- Beijing Welcomes You…for the 100 days countdown to Beijing Olympics.

and at the same event as a group of sextet- Brothers, Bottoms Up!

Then can anyone remember this? 200 days countdown to Beijing Olympics?

In contrast with what he is up to these days, there is such a huge transformation! From being mundane to magnificent, one can only admire him for his fortitudo attitude in life and fighting all the way up to this day. In those early days of incubation, Han Geng has always been focused and determined on what his plans are! Though at times when he had to take a detour, he will returned back to the path that he had intended all his life! Eventually he did meet his goal of becoming a serious actor when he broke-away from the mundane and routinary!

A few weeks ago he went to Chicago for the filming of T4 and to show his earnestness and his professionalism, he and his team would visit the site a day early before the actual filming to get the feel of the place and the layout..I don’t know about other actors, but for him to be prepared himself is not sufficient; he needed to feel the the site as well so that he can picture in his head how best to execute the shooting on the day itself! This was related by fans who were there witnessing his first international Hollywood movie. His fans were urging him to taste the famous local pizza which is called the Deep Dish Pizza…(I actually have been eating this and wasn’t aware that it is called Deep Dish by Americans!) Anyway, with their earnest efforts, they managed to slipped through one pizza for Han Geng via his staffs! Hehehe!! They were complaining that he is eating too much Chinese cuisine and that he should at least try the popular local dishes..! From the fans’ accounts, we could see that Han Geng was probably playing safe in order to complete his shoot without any interruptions/distractions by consuming what is familiar to his stomach! Hahaha…!!  That’s the professionalism in him.. He has a weak stomach and therefore he is not taking any risks that would delay the filming..!


After some days of “camping” at the filming site, they suddenly found that HG has “disappeared” from Chicago! If not for one eagle-eyed fan in Edinburgh, Scotland, we wouldn’t know that he was there for a magazine shoot. This fan just happen to go to this restaurant for a late supper after a movie, when she/he spotted Han Geng among the patrons! Naturally, the next step is to ask for his autograph which Han Geng obliged!.. Every where that Han Geng goes, his international GFs would exclaimed that he is so nice and so good-looking! Seems like this is the common conclusions of everyone who meet him for the very first time!

Today, there is news that Han Geng was in Gloucestershire recently as a special guest of one Lady Ashcombe, a Baroness of the English Royal Peerage..Want to know why? Just read the links below.. bear in mind that some information is not updated, other than that the news is credible.

539164_10152198711696679_1811379289_nhttp://t.cn/z8FThrT Wester Daily Press

http://t.cn/z8FThrH The Citizen

http://t.cn/z8FqkN9 Daily Mail

With all these zig-zagging over the globe, one would not be able to keep track on Han Geng, right? Wrong! Some very resourceful Vietnam fans were able to track him down before he went over to Chicago..They were able to sniffed out his whereabouts and stationed themselves at Da Nang airport, Vietnam to wait for him..Some of those fans were from his official Vietnam fanclub, HGfanclub. After passing through customs and immigration, Han Geng got the shock of his life! Fans were waiting for him and he wasn’t able to do anything except to call for help on his mobile phone from behind a white board…hahahaha..!!! Watch the sequence in the pics…

hankyung-suu-xuat-hien-chop-nhoang-o-san-bay-da-nang1003391_10152156945741679_1475373364_n1234949_10152156945966679_919312686_n1238001_10152155816546679_1418752577_nFinally he was able to get out of the airport with the help of the airport security and via VIP exit! After watching the video below, you’d be alarm too!! Han Geng was alone! When the waiting fans heard that he will be going through the VIP exit, they rushed/sprinted/zipped through the arrival hall like a flash! Good thing there was no stampede and no-one was hurt..!! Actually HG was cooped up in the arrival hall for more than an hour and by that time some of the fans have left and what you see is the remaining few. The shock that Han Geng experienced was to see such a big crowd of fans waiting for him despite the fact that it was midnight and a heavy downpour!



The latest on Han Geng…today Han Geng launches his own signature line of cellphones/handphones/mobile phones…GengPhone.!! Sorry I don’t have a better picture..if anyone has a clearer one please share..hehehehe


Credits: as tagged in pics

and YT users Ngocc Quynh, sujunewsVN

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A Look Into Han Geng’s Next Movie “Seek McCartney”


I sat staring at my computer screen thinking on how to write a new post for Han Geng’s recent movie news..My mind was blank as I stared at the screen. Why? Because Han Geng’s actions gives me headaches…hehehehe ! Most of the time, his news cause controversial reactions.. I thought that with Transformer 4 in the bag, I would just sit back, relax and wait for the movie to show next year…

BAM! I was totally shocked out of my  laid back attitude when I read news of another movie in store for Han Geng and this time a Sino-French collaboration.. I wasn’t even completely over with the surprise of him bagging the Transformer 4 movie that I got news of this new one coming his way! To tell the truth, my mind was blown away when I found out the title of the movie and it’s story.. I then thought to myself that I am no longer qualified to write anything on Han Geng as I am way out of touch with his latest events and activities. I won’t be able to do him and you guys justice by writing something which I have very little knowledge of.

I know that Han Geng is very ambitious and I know that he will aim for Hollywood and then, maybe, gradually Europe..but I never knew that Europe was so soon in the line-up! That’s why I was completely taken by surprise at the swiftness of his climb on the ladder of success.

In order for me to write about this recent movie attempt, I went searching in weibo and Han Geng’s Baidu Bar to see if I can make sense out of all these ruckus! What I found was that one international Gengfan took an excerpt out from my last post and posted it in Baidu bar. There were all kinds of reactions like they should better themselves by studying English harder but then they probably might have to take up French along the way since Han Geng’s next movie is a Sino-French literary work! Hehehe…..

By now you guys would have an inkling of where my thoughts are going…..you’d have noticed that I am writing less than before and most probable will just fade out as time goes by…..until I remembered that GFs in Baidu bar benefit from my writings. This wasn’t the first time that my posts has been translated into Mandarin and posted there. It was just that I forgot how beneficial it was for GFs in China to learn English and at the same time have a glimpse of what international GFs are doing with news of HG outside of China!


So my resolve was to continue to write but with my flavour and my outlook on matters pertaining to HG and his controversial hiccups..trying to give you guys a balanced impression on HG’s movements without prejudice.

Take for example this movie “Seek McCartney” …what the poster shows is not what I want to see HG doing..but I remembered one time when he was interviewed on what type of movies would he like/want to act in? What if the movie is something like Brokeback Mountain? He replied that he would consider if the script is really awesome…so there is your answer…. I write this with some caution to you guys not to jump into conclusion nor speculate on the storyline by that poster. I believed that poster is only to create attention and propaganda for it. The bottom line is, the story is leaning on towards two  men with an affinity with each other! Nothing to do with what you are thinking right now! hahaha…

Someone (Windchime) from GengBao.net took the effort to  translate the story and I would like to post it here so that you can read it for yourself. This is a great piece of literary work which is hard to translate into a movie..It will take all the skills of HG to interpret the story accurately into a movie. The story is dangerously bordered on between a gay or straight concept, hence it is a challenge for HG to fully interpreted it accurately. The closeness of the two men in the story could almost be interpreted as being gay which is why it’s a buzz in the twitter world. The word is affinity not gay!


After reading this, I hope you guys would have cleared your minds about it. That is actually an adaptation from the original book. As you all know adaptations are not always following meticulously/accordingly with the book. It varies on how much the director and producer want to convey in the movie. Bear in mind also that this movie would be shown in China too so any hint of gayness would obstruct the screening of it in China..Also HG would not do something that would jeopardized his acting career!


Side note: Han Geng will leave for Paris at the end of September for the shooting of the movie. Take note also that Brokeback Mountain was NEVER shown in theatres or cinemas in China!! According to the production team, HG was selected because of his soft and strong countenance which can at times be manly when needed..which fitted the character (This is only me paraphrasing what was said) They even compared him with Edward Norton..

Credits: as tagged..

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The Youth Of Han Geng

In one’s life journey, which part of it is really significant or important to oneself? Or should I say impactful? Childhood? Youth? Prime? Or the Golden years?

A majority will say it is their youth and some will even say it’s their childhood..! However one looks at it; the factors occurred or happen could influence one’s outlook in life! I am also very sure that none of you are yet in the Golden years bracket, right?

What is youth? Some say youth is in the age bracket of 16 to 25 years..and yet others say between 12 to 19. What say you? Han Geng says youth is to live straightforwardly, meaning “directly”. Or in other words, have a positive attitude, live with vigor and zest, embrace it!





Remember the past, Love the present, look toward the future, never forget, always forgive, don’t regret decisions, live every day as if its your last“.- Nishan Panwar

I think this quote aptly describes Han Geng’s attitude and purpose in life. He tried to live his life with what he was dealt with. He worked his way up and become the person that he is today. Of course, we couldn’t rule out his fans in his climb to success. The way he lived his youth has inspired many of his fans. The successful results also motivate his fans to be like him, work hard, be diligent and have integrity.

This graph is taken from Wiki, and it shows his successes from the year 2010 to 2013 (present)

Music Awards

Year Date Event Category Result
2010 04/11 Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Most Promising Newcomer[41] Won
8/21 Meng Niu Future Star Festival Children’s Favorite Male Singer[42] Won
10/18 10th CCTV-MTV Music Awards Won Mainland Most Popular Male Singer[43] Won
12/19 Meng Niu Newcomer Awards Best Newcomer[44] Won
12/29 Tencent Star Awards Male Singer of the Year[45] Won
2011 01/08 China Power Fashion Awards Most Talented Male Singer of the Year[46] Won
01/19 Sina Network Awards Male Singer of the Year[47] Won
01/21 Sprite Chinese Music Awards[48] Best Male Singer of the Year Won
Favorite Idol of the Year Won
Golden Melody of the Year: Heartache Notebook Won
02/07 Baidu Entertainment Hottest Awards Golden Song of the Year – My Logo[49] Won
03/19 Eastern Billboard Annual Awards[50] All-Round Entertainer of the Year Won
Golden Song of the Year: My Logo Won
04/09 Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards[51] Most Popular Newcomer Won
Singapore 100.3 Radio Most Dedicated Song – My Logo Won
Top 20 Golden Songs – Say No Won
04/11 11th Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Most Popular Male Singer of the Year[52] Won
04/15 15th Channel [V] Music Awards Won Mainland Most Popular Male Singer[53] Won
04/24 Music Radio China Top Chart Awards[54] Most Popular Newcomer Won
Best Mainland All-Round Artist Won
Top 15 Golden Songs of the Year – Say No Won
05/05 L’OFFICIEL HOMMES Fashion Star Award Ceremony Music Scene New Power[55] Won
06/24 China Mobile 5th Wireless Music Ceremony[56] Artist of the Year Won
Most Popular Singer Search Term Won
12/04 BTV Influential People of the Decade Ceremony Most Popular Idol Singer[57] Won
2012 04/08 12th Meng Niu Music Billboard Awards Most Popular Male Singer of the Year[58] Won
08/21 11th CCTV-MTV Music Awards Won Mainland Most Popular Male Singer[59] Won
11/11 MTV European Music Awards Best Asian Act Won
Best Asia and Pacific Act Won
Best Worldwide Act Won
12/08 China Mobile 6th Wireless Music Ceremony Most Popular Male Artist of the Year[60] Won
12/29 20th Chinese Music Charts Awards[61] All Around Artist of the Year Won
Best Male Stage Performer Won
Golden Song of the Year – Wild Cursive Won
2013 03/24 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Favorite Asian Act Won
04/14 13th Top Chinese Music Awards [62][63] Best Album Production – Hope in the Darkness Won
Best Dance Music Singer Won
Best Dance Music – Clown Mask Won
Best Music Video – Clown Mask Won
Mainland’s Most Popular Male Artist Won
04/18 17th Channel [V] Music Awards[64] Avant-Garde Influential Asian Artist Won
Best Music Video – Clown Mask Won


He is not vindictive but determined to prove himself to others.

He is not ungrateful but appreciative by not forgetting his past.

He is not living loosely but positively by taking all opportunities.

He is not regretful but thankful by living up to all his decisions.

He is not arrogant but confident by sharing his blessings to others.

Many still misunderstood him even now when they watched his youth documentary.. Many still can’t shake off the past. Many are still resentful towards him. These are the people who have not lived as Han Geng lived. These are the people who are too set in their thinking that even if there is a slight change in the wind they would start to panic and lash out at others because of the fear and uncertainty in them.

Han Geng is as ordinary as you and I. His family resources were just average. He used what he had and turned it to his advantage! I am sure he didn’t think that he would come so far in these three years after he became solo. We too don’t know what the future is in store for us unless we know what we want in life and work towards it. This was what Han Geng did and left the results to “fate”.  His dream was to become an actor and a good one…look at the road that he has to walk on to reach that goal. From ethnic dancer to singer to actor and along the sidewalk interspersed with other hats that he has to wear!

Let’s watch the documentary to better understand him  and if not at least know him better. Try to be in his shoes and feel the emotions that are coursing through him each time he talks about his youth. Learn to improve your life circumstances from him.

I don’t know how many of you out there are still in your youth. I hope that you can live your youth to the fullest, free-spirited and responsible with no regrets!


Credits: to the owners of the  video clips and as tagged.


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