The Man!!! Han Geng in Music Core, 06/20/09

Han Geng,

 I could even dare to forgive you for whatever you have wrongfully done in the past. I just feel grateful for the fact you were born in the world.

Yes, I need to grab myself back:)

The Music Core aired last night made me ascertain how superior Han Geng was. Han Geng, if you are such a superiority, don’t you feel a little bit sorry for your members? 

From the beginning to the ending, Han Geng was THE MAN, THE MAN, THE MAN, THE MAN…(how many times should I have to emphasize?), and THE MAN!!!!!

I couldn’t stop screaming while watching the show. I didn’t even care about the fact it was a good-bye performance of the Super Junior simply because I had a chance to fully enjoy Han Geng’s performance.

In fact, the end of Super Junior activities for the 3rd album means a beginning of Super Junior -M activities for an incoming 2nd album.

So, there is nothing regrettable for me, hahahahahahaah….

 Again, I need to grab myself back …

The Good-bye Performance of It’s You and  Sorry Sorry by Super Junior in Music Core, June 20, 2009

Now, let’s enjoy captured pictures of the SUPERIOR HAN GENG…


The beginning clip showed the flashbacks of Super Junior’s the 3rd album performance, which were mainly Han Geng’s opening and closing ones. Ah, Han Geng truly is the core of the boy band group.

I think Han Geng proved himself as the big brother, the leader, and THE MAN with his masculine charming,  through the 3rd album activities.

It might explain why his latent fans are somewhat mature ladies who got attracted to his masculinity.

I truly believe that a group act can even cover childish deeds. We might feel less shameful if we act together…to adore our lovely boy, Han Geng!

Please, you ladies out there, let’s take actions!


The first understanding of this clip was that vocal line boys went up on upstage while the dancing line boys stayed down.

However, our Shin Dong was up there, as well, who couldn’t  be in the vocal line. Did I tell you? One of many reasons why I like Shin Dong is that his singing skills are worse than those of Han Geng… kkkkkkkk.


Gush, you contained the star inside your eyes?

Are you really from this planet?

Han Geng, please don’t do this to me…

I am a very rational and reasonable person.

I wish I could stop being obessed with you…


One common trait shared by Han Geng’s fans: self-filtering effect…kkkkkk.

Only Han Geng gains our attention.

The rest members are invisible, kkkkkk.

Look at his height. His perfect body portion makes him look taller.

Surely he looked taller when he was surrounded by short ones, kkkkk.

Thanks, Si Won, for being up there.


In addition, special dancing thanks to good-bye performance.










Gush, that swing of the arm, that motion of the hand..

They just show why we are deeply in love with Han Geng.









The main reason why I love the Super Junior -M is that its relatively small number of memebers, which allows Han Geng to fully show-off his dancing skills during performance.

But, five is definitely better than seven.

Look at the group dancing around Han Geng.

Han Geng has to be the main

Han Geng has to be the center.

I am not saying these things as his fan; these are the truths.


The special opportunity for only these two to have a closing part without Si Won.

To be honest with you, I support the special brotherhood between Si Won and Han Geng.  It should have been much better with them taking the closing part.

It is so strange that the feminine figure line of Han Geng tends to disapper during It’s You performance. He becames the 100% MAN!

With so many sides, Han Geng…









I want to confess one thing.

When Han Geng walks toward the audience while unbuttoning the jacket…


Let’s calm down,

Let’s calm down,

Le’ts calm down…

But still my body is no longer mine …

My whole boy just reacts to him…

(ah…I am so indiscreet)


Gush…those lower body motions…..

Han Geng…

Don’t do this to me…

Please leave me alone to live in dignity…

Please act like an innocent boy…

If you are determined to appeal with that body,

How am I gonna live in a decent life?










Look at that angle…

As it has been a while since the last Sorry Sorryperformance, basically I spent the whole time on admiring Han Geng.

The undeniable highlight of Sorry Sorry is the opening part performed by Han Geng.



Me,  too.

Love you…Thank you…I won’t forget you…..


No matter what, I couldn’t be happier since Han Geng was the center on that stage.

So clearly I am a shameless fan without a brain.

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8 Responses to The Man!!! Han Geng in Music Core, 06/20/09

  1. Ashley says:

    Dear Pine Tree,

    I am a Hong Kong fan of Hang Geng. I like your article very much, you have described him in very detail that I fully agreed with.

    Keep on going Pine Tree and let us love him and support him as much as we can.

    Wish you all the best.

    Ashley Chan

  2. Icydog says:

    I love last night’s performance too!!!!
    When Geng is standing on the stage, he looks like a king!!! However, he is so cute when he get off the stage~
    Ah~~ I love him so much~~~

    I am looking forwards for SJ-M’s 2nd album~~
    Please~~ come to Hong Kong please~~
    Or… I will go to Mainland and catch you~

  3. Agehahime says:

    OOoo…I like reading your comment. I laughed when you said “Thanks, Si Won, for being up there.” =) Han Geng is the 2nd tallest in the group but I think his legs are longer than Si Won. Hm…
    Han Geng’s charm is really is irresistible. And I’m glad that his fans are a bit more mature (in other word, less insane) than other members’ fans. That’s my personal opinion anyway.
    SJM’s new album is rumored to come out in September. OH, I can’t wait!! Miss Henry. Miss Zhou Mi.

  4. sltan says:

    Hi Onepinetree,

    I have been a “silent” follower of your blog for quite a while. Been turning up everyday to catch on the latest news and to learn more about HG since I only know him in June this year. I know I am very late but I have absolutely no interest in K-pop before June. Especially since I am already way past the age of having an Idol. (I married and already had a child). In June, SJ (well only 9 of them) dropped by Singapore and there were a wide coverage of their presence in the media. I was very interested to find out what was the big fuzz and end up I was more interested in the one that was not among the 9. 🙂

    Just want to give my support for this blog and to encourage you to continue updating this blog.

    PS: I just watched that Good-bye Performance Video and was very surprised to see Heechul among the dancing boys line……..

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