The Day When Han Geng Took My Heart

Thank you, Chen Lu Yu!!!!














I owe this woman a lot.

No, this woman is guilty for my life.

At first I thought what a copy cat with the show format, which borrowed everything from Ophra Winfrey Show.

After a show, however, I had to applaud her, “You won!”

Sorry, Ophra. This woman is much more skilled than you in running a talk show. Your show always reminds me of “Ophra” show, but her show is truly “The Guest” show.

“A Date with Lu Yu” with Han Geng was a “Han Geng Show.”

Since Phoenix is a national network, this show must significantly contribute to building Han Geng’s positive image across the nation.

The show was aired for two days in raw. Probably the producer liked the content as well.

Oh, yes…

Aired on March 27 and 28, 2007.

I think this is the time period when he was banned from performing on air until coming back with Don’t Don. He had been totally invisible on air in Korea until he came back with bleached hair in Don’t Don.

I decided to link every single part of this show since this is the state of art talk show.

There must be a Han Geng’s fan who determines to click every one of them, kkkkkk.

1. part 1

2. part 2

3. Part 3

4. Part 4

5. part 5

6. Part 6

7. part 7

8. Part 8

9. Part 9

10. Final part!!!!

After watching the show wiping the tears, Han Geng became my ONLY ONE. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(Yes, I am a brainless person who can be easily brainwashed by mass media.)

Why we don’t have such a show in Korea?

Why we don’t have a show where Korean start can show their true side?

(Or it’s me who just don’t know? )

There were several other shows, but this show was the best.

No show host was competent as Lu Yu and the show format was the best for Han Geng to unfold his story.

Interestingly I was able to notice how the Chinese intelligent perceive Korea through the show.


Han Geng was touching with his integrity. Lu Yu seemed moved by him, as well.

(Well, when a genuine angel was talking to you while wetting the tissue, who could not be touched? )

We can tell her warm attitude toward Han Geng from her introduction when Super Junior-M was on the show two years later.

(Personally I don’t want to recommend the SJM show; It was a little bit embarrassing to watch Korean members struggle with Chinese despite their ongoing activities in China)

” I interviewed this boy, Han Geng, who was tremendously working hard in the Korean music industry . Be honest with you, I have never heard about the name of Han Geng before.

However, his fans, including those who came here today, were impressive. They left so many messages on the board that the website server got down.

After the show, all the people including me became fond of this young man, who is kind and a little bit timid as well as strong and determined.

I promised you when he came back to Bei Jing with his members, I would invite them to my show again.

I cannot be more happier now with their presence today. “


Yes, I am so happy, as well.

Thank you so much, dear Lu Yu.

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7 Responses to The Day When Han Geng Took My Heart

  1. Icydog says:

    This show made me “fall in love” with geng~~
    I have watched it for many many times~

    There’s a good news!!!
    SJ-M will be the enosers of OPPO Cell Phone!!!
    There will be a concert on 4/8 in Beijing!!

  2. AgehaHime says:

    Wow, another person that like Lu Yu. On youtube there were actually a lot of people that hate her, and they gave a bunch of reason why too. And I just don’t get it, they seem to forget that is it her job to ask questions.
    Anyway, this show will always be a classic. It makes me “fall” for him even more.~

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