SJM: Pepsi CF Making and Birthday Party for Han Geng

I found some CF making pictures taken in Thailand last February at Han Geng Baidu. I guess they were released by the Pepsi.

The source:

 In addition, I saw a video clip of a Chinese entertainment news where the Chinese big stars threw a birthday party for Han Geng and Kyu Hyun at YouTube. 

Ah, Han Geng was so attractive. He turly looked like a leader of a team.

All the members of SJM were so adorable.

I prefer these 7 members to 13 members; SJM looks more tied together probably thanks to the small number size.

When the members were splited into two teams to play, Han Geng volunteered for a referee because he was the eldest one?

 (HQ 눌러주시는 쎈쑤 ^^)

And pictures…
Those “Shang Hai…something” are Korean Noodles? I have never heard such a brand. Anyway, the important matter is that all the members wore aprons. Yes they were cooking. Only Chef Ryeo Wook seemed serious about cooking, kkkkkk.

Han Geng, don’t put an apron like that, kkkkk.

Dong Hai, are you just watching?  

Now I already got used to the strange term, the guest members…

Zhou Mi and Henry… I miss you…

I just don’t get about some ELF fans’ claim of Only 13 thing.

Sorry Han Geng; I was unable to locate you for a while…

Please blame your terrible outfit for it, which literally covered up your UP-hip, muscled thighs, and voluminous calves.

Yes, I am also a fan of Diet Pepsi. I totally agree with you!!!! 

Han Geng,  that’s why you are always getting into scandals with beautiful actresses!!!!

Wait a minute, it was not Han Geng who was holding her arms.

It was another staff…heehehehe..

Sorry, Han Geng, for misunderstanding you…

but I truly believe that you are a genuine playboy type of guy…kkkk

Wow look, the power of a bottle of Pepsi!!! The boys went crazy about it.

Listen, I can buy you a truck filled with Pepsi.

Can you be crazy about me too?
I guess this was taken after they had the traditional ceremony for spirits.

By the way, what was the sacrifice? Was it a pig? a rabbit?

Wow, look at this big crowd!!!!!

We often tend to forget all those people who work so hard behind the shining stars.

Thank you, people, for making my Han Geng look great!


Well, the conclusion…

Although we don’t live in China, let’s drink Pepsi…

A soda is much cheaper than a cell phone, right?



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