Han Geng in Music Core on June 26, 2009

KBS aired the last performance of Super Junior’s 3rd album activities last night in Music Core.

I made some GIFs from captured pictures.


Gush, Han Geng….

You are killing me, killing me….don’t do that to me ….

If you are walking toward me with that sexy posture, what can I do?

I had to literally cover the mouth while watching the show otherwise the room might have been exploded with my scream.

The concept of the 3rd album, From boys to men, was fully demonstrated in Han Geng’s performance.

Sometime, nevertheless, Han Geng showed such a pure and cute little boy side as well like in this picture.


That’s why I cannot stop loving him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han Geng, you are really something.










 No one can deny that Han Geng is the PRINCE of the stage.

He was born for the stage by destiny.


 Look at Han Geng,

look at his movements…


When his long arms flew around the body, his body fully tilted to the right side.

His long legs, what a perfect body proportion rate!!!!!!!

Gush, I was thinking something else, when his hand was sliding over the body….kkkkkkkk

Yes, I am a very dirty(?) girl….kkkkk



Anyway, some captured pictures from It’s Only You performance


Yes, it’s finally over.

No more downloading files, capturing pictures, postings, …and so on.

I really hope Han Geng as well as other SJ boys may take a good rest until the concert. (Yes, I am going to the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!)

They fully deserve a good, tasty break.


Well done, boys…

Well done….




 From http://19840209.com

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