Han Geng in the Golden Melody Award, Taiwan

Super Junior attended the 20th Golden Melody Award in Taiwan on June 28, 2009 as performers as well as presenters.

Our adorable Han Geng played an “unofficial” leader in this event, by representing the boy band, Super Junior. 

He was the leader!!!!!

Let’s enjoy dignified Han Geng in the event.

1. Red carpet appearance

2. Performance

3. Presenting awards

It was something to see SJ perform on such a big stage, although this was their second appearance.

To many Koreans, SJ still represents an image of a childish and immature idol group. I wish they could watch these video clips and realize how much these boys contribute to the positive image of the country.

They really deserve to win honors from the government.

By the way, I cannot deny the fact that Han Geng is a true asset in SJ.
One of the major forces of soaring SJ’s popularity in Asia is the Chinese member Han Geng. He is like the wings for SJ.

Thanks to Han Geng, SJ’s popularity won’t be cooling down easily.

Han Geng, I am so proud of you!!!!!

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3 Responses to Han Geng in the Golden Melody Award, Taiwan

  1. Bobo says:

    I like your words so much, I am glad that we could catch the same shining points from hangeng even we come from different countries, I think this is called common feeling…
    If possible, I hope to forward your bolg to other hangeng’s chinese fan clubs.
    Although my English is not pretty, I wanna other chinese fans could get your love from abroad by my translation.

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