Refreshed Han Geng in Yamaha Fino CF

Today I found out Yamaha Fina CF was leased when I visited I Love Han Geng site (

So, I went to YouTube right away to find out the CF clip.

It was a well-made CF with a cute and young people’s taste.

For those who are thirsty for Han Geng only shots, I took some GIFs from I Love Han Geng site.
























Han Geng got really refreshed in Thailand while working on filming the CF, which was well shown in the pictures taken at this time.



Super Junior boys deserve to receive a national honor from the government!



At his Cyworld homepage, Han Geng himself said that he really had a great time in this beautiful countryside . I am happy that he got refreshed while making some money:-)




One of many reasons why I cannot stop adoring Han Geng…


Han Geng was busy with finishing up the in-flight meal while other members did not really care about it. You can tell Heechul was playing with a game and other two members were in deep sleep.

Han Geng is like our parents; they never skip the in-flight meals, since the expensive air fair includes them.

Gush, Han Geng….you are so….down to the ground.


By the way, his boss told him one day…

“Where is your stomach?  Where did all those food you eat go? ”

Yeah, I like boys who are not that picky about food, as long as they don’t touch mine.


Now, Han Geng is in sweet sleep.

Sweet dream, Han Geng.

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2 Responses to Refreshed Han Geng in Yamaha Fino CF

  1. Icydog says:

    Although there’s only a few shots for Hangeng,
    but he is so cute in this CF~~

    Ah~~ I am so crazy about him!!

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