Han Geng in Thailand

After finding out that Han Geng had a great time in Thailand, I paid special attention to his pictures taken in there.

Today I found some new pictures from the Thai Yamaha Motor Co.’s web site.





 Han Geng looked very tall in every single picture and you know why ^^




The little elephant must be a girl; I can tell how happy she was …


 Han Geng, who is always humble and modest, knows how to greet in the right way…


By the way, our kind Han Geng also helped Sung Min film for the Bro’s’ Band show as a camera man.


 Han Geng himself was carrying the heavy camera most of time for his little bro Sung Min. How sweet he is!

Here are some evidences:



Someday Han Geng will be a good dady who likes to film his own children.

Sung Min didn’t forget his big brother’s help on his show.

At 00:34, Sung Min credited to Han Geng, by saying “The man who is shooting now is Bro Han Geng!” while turning the camera lense to Han Geng.
Gush, Han Geng was so handsome in this clip.

Anyway, Han Geng obviously had a great time in Thailand!

I wish I were there!

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4 Responses to Han Geng in Thailand

  1. Grace says:

    저 카메라를 계속 들고 있었다구요??? 진짜 천사한경♥.♥ 방송엔 몇초 나왔다던데요…..방송을 보고 싶었지만…..포스트로 다 봐서….;;;정말 잠깐 나온다길래 그냥 포스트로…;;;;

  2. fang says:

    Followed him for three days…i can say he was very happy to be here..^ ^

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