[090708] YTNSt@rNews SuperJunior

This entertainment news covered several recent activities of Super Junior.

First, it followed their CF shooting scene.

The rest of the clip covered SJ’s appearance at the Golden Melody Award in Taiwan from airport arrival to rehearsal, red carpet appearance, award presentation, performance, and even interview after ceremony.

You can see our handsome Han Geng, although YTN starnews did not interview him separately. Since it mainly covered SJ’s travel to Taiwan, Han Geng was here and there in the clip.

Yes, Han Geng is the center for SJ these days.

You cannot deny the fact, right?  

Now I realized the co-presenter was the famous actresses, Ariel Lin,  from the Taiwanese TV drama, ” When I kiss you.. (I am not sure about the title..)”


By the way, Ariel Lin, recently released a MV in which Dong Hai and Si Won appeared

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4 Responses to [090708] YTNSt@rNews SuperJunior

  1. clem says:

    Siwon in Ariel Lin MV was so..so….oily o<-<
    I don't want to look into his face.
    (Because So gentle…hansome…T_T uk…)

    Sorry T_T I can't English well… o<-<

  2. Grace says:

    무슨 치킨광고를 저리 멋지게 찍고….영상은 처음보네요!! 근데…임의신은 대체 누구인가요? 한국으로 진출한다는 기사도 나오고 중국에서 인기가 많다는 이야기고 들리고 게다가 시원이랑 동해가 뮤비에 출연도 하고…..궁금해지네요.
    어쨋든 한송님 덕분에 영어실력 늘겟어요!!

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