Han Geng and his SJM are coming to you!

090708 OPPO 音乐狂欢夜 Touch Real SJ-M TV Ad


Although it is not an official TV ad of SJ-M, it feels great to watch Han Geng and his group SJM on TV.

(Again, I have to identify myself as a fan of  HAN GENG ONLY ONE.)

Watching this clip reminded me of Han Geng’s activities last year as a leader of SJ-M. Han Geng bascially made every possible effort for Sj-M success.

The following article shows a little bit of his tremendous efforts when the SJ-M debuted last year.

 source: http://suju-m.blogspot.com/search/label/hangeng%2Fhankyung

HAN GENG: Wang Zhe’s sky.
(Wang Zhe is an imperial, honorable, chivalrous person, sort of like royalty)

I never decided how to write this story. The more I care it, the harder it is to express myself clearly. Since he debuted, I have heard of him. I been following his news since two years ago. Last year, because of some reasons, we missed the chance of having him come alone, but finally he’s here on our show successfully.

A long time before filming, when SJ-M was in its infancy and had no name, I have been told that we would be their first variety show. Yet because the exact time could not be determined, we did not reveal the news for a long time. So in the recent 4 months, I’ve been preparing for this.

In the 4 months of preparing, to find information about the guests, I almost visited all of their numerous fanclubs. Han Geng has a very good dancing background; he has a very amazing dancing aura; he has the body of a dance, the face of an actor; he’s very hard-working, and also very humble; he has the necessary traits of a superstar–but he doesn’t have a stage. Other than two TV stations, either he doesn’t go on the screen, or he has to wear a mask–the Korean entertainment gave him two hard decisions, and it seems like that’s all they could give him. Thus, in the long eight months, the only thing fans could talk about is pity for his talent and worry. Thus this environment gave me the wrong idea that Han Geng’s very soft.

The afternoon on the day of filming, at 2:20, when the press conference began, SJ-M first entered my eyesight. The first greeting was “I’m SJ-M’s leader Han Geng.” Then, he officially answered the reporters’ questions, joked with the host about Nanjing food, and translated the questions to his members. After the interview, he bowed to the editors and said, “Please help to promote SJ-M. Thank you. You guys worked hard.” When to be official, and when to joke, he knew it perfectly, already acting like a real group’s leader.

After the press conference, me, the outside-scene editor, the cameramen, and the hosts sat on the floor of the hallway talked. Little did we know that it was outside Han Geng’s door. After seeing us, he immediately invited us to sit in his room, but because we felt bad about squishing all of us in his room, we declined, but still felt very comforted. A lot of precious things, he did not lose because he changed his position.

During the rehearsal, I first realized his differences with my impression. To make sure of the positions, he voluntarily asked for another rehearsal of “U”; After singing “The One”, he asked me to add a acapella; He carefully practiced the dancing telephone’s music and moves over and over again…every little detail is proof of his change. What he’s doing, what he wants the most, he knows better than anyone.

When editing the footage, the director asked me why didn’t I ask about Han Geng’s hardships in Korea, why didn’t I make it more sentimental. I told him it’s because it’s the group’s first variety show. But the real reason is because I don’t want to see him cry, so I threw out the sentimental parts in the script. Meeting him that day confirmed my decision. I saw a Chinese report called him Hezhe ethnicity group’s bold eagle; I know many fans called Wang Zhe Han Geng; the person I met in the short half of a day was a confident, strong leader. Whether a bold eagle or a Wang Zhe, he needs a sky that he could fly in, the wind under his wings, and the bravery to leave his sad scars. And these, I believe he can have.

If one day, as the bosses wish, Han Geng comes back on our show along, and we dig deep and ask about his past, I still don’t want him to cry. Passing through layers and layers of obstacles, culminating life’s many sacrifices and hardships, he grew to be a man that can make fans proud. Even if he was touched, moved, I still want him to use a cool expresiion to describe that poignant feeling, to nonchalantly say “life is very hard,” yet still keep smiling.

1. The boss asked me if I wanted a picture with him, and after carefully debating, I declined. My ego won’t let me take a picture with someone whose face is smaller than mine. Even if I took the picture, I would only be embrassed.

2. After filming the beginning song, while they were re-putting on makeup, Han Geng grabbed me and asked me how to saw ” I really miss you guys” with a Nanjing accent. Because I’m not from Nanjing, and can understand but not speak a Nanjing accent, I went through my memories of Nanjing accents and taught him. After that, I began to get worried, so I dragged Xiao Lu over to teach him. Apparently, I was wrong. After filming, I went to my office and repeated what I taught Han Geng, asking everyone what accent that is. Hao mei(younger sister/any younger female) stared at me and told me it’s from “Crazy” (a movie)… Faint…Thank goodness I didn’t let Han Geng say it……

3. When resting, Han Geng wanted the music from the dancing charades, but couldn’t find a MP3, so I took Lee’s PSP and put the music in their for Han Geng. Because I’m game console-blind, I couldn’t figure out how to play the music. After teaching me twice, Lee lost his patience and said that Han Geng would definitely know how to use. Just as he said, as soon as I gave the PSP to Han Geng, he found the music and began to listen to it……

Han Geng translation by idarklight@crunchyroll.com and rest by Lucy@flawless.annacircles.com


No body can not deny the fact that Han Geng was the major force of the SJ-M’s sucessful debut in China. To me, Han Geng equals SJ-M. (Yes, I have to emphasize my identify again here, I am a fan of HAN GENG ONLY ONE :))

My patience is running out; I cannot wait for SJ-M’s 2nd album and their promotion in China any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at least I can see him on July 19 at the Concert. So, you are safe, Han Geng….

I just meant to say that I really MISS YOU….

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6 Responses to Han Geng and his SJM are coming to you!

  1. Grace says:

    긍님의 광고 다시 봐도 멋져요>.<
    영어라~ 해석은 안되도 무슨말인지 감만 잡고 가네요~~ㅠㅠ

  2. Green bristlegrass says:

    Hiya, I am the Louiselube from youtube (my id there is meaningless). By accidently, I found your blog when I was searching news about Hangeng. Nice, it is in English!!!!!! Then I don’t have to read the translated articles from your blog.

    I shedded my tears when I was reading the article from Wangzhe, Hangeng can always hit the softest part of my heart. The original one must be in Chinese, how come I never read this before, anyway, the translator did a great job!

    I can really tell how much you love Hangeng, and I have the same feelings too. It is really nice to know you!

  3. Green bristlegrass says:


    I will show your blog to my friends who cannot speak either Chinese or Korean, and let them know who my beloved boy is and why I love him so deeply (most of the time, written texts and pics are more powerful than oral expression). From youtube, I actually found some people who like Hangeng from the places other than China and Korea, they may just like his dance or his face, but not know about him very well. To be honest, I really want him to be an international celebrity, not only in Asia.

    Are you the one translated Wangzhe’s article into English? That’s excellent! I like this article very much, and I can tell that the English version delivers the same sentiment as the original one does.

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