The Dreams of Han Geng

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How does it feel like when looking at the eyes of Han Geng?


A staff at CCTV, who posted about Han Geng before, recently updated her blog..

While reading her posting, senselessly, I nearly burst into tears, as a person who tends excessively sensitive to any matters regarding Han Geng.

She met Han Geng just right before leaving Korea after finishing her own filming schedule.


We had an unexpected chance to meet Han Geng just before returning to China.

He got tanner and skinner. He was a way too skinny; he almost looked like a hermit.

Han Geng and his Korean friend treated us with a genuine Korean Cuisine, frankly, which wasn’t really my taste.

Han Geng was in the middle of preparing for the incoming Concert and SJM’s 2nd album.

He was literally spending “days without any sunlight” on working his ass-off at night time and taking a rest at day time.

Enjoying the breeze of Han River and watching the city light in Seoul…

Listening to what Han Geng talked about his recent life while looking at the little waves lapping in his eyes…

It was really genuine as well as beautiful.

As my boss put into words, “how devoted this young man is!” Of course, this was a compliment with admiration.


He has not achieved even 1% of his dreams.

How fortunate I am that I adore this young man!


Isn’t it another reward to accompany Han Geng on his way to actualizing his dreams?

Han Geng, the sunbeams are warm and times are always good.

How can I grow older even before you come along with me?



I was totally with her.

Han Geng has not achieved even 1% of his dreams.

Some one said that…

The dreams of Han Geng exist to be realized.

 Yes, his dreams exist to turn true.



Han Geng will be able to exhale a deep breath on the top of the tall mountain.


As a fan of Han Geng and one human being, in this morning when all my aspirations blazing up…

OK, Let’s pull myself together and study….





Siwoo is one of my favoriate bloggers who run Han Geng’s fan blog.

She has been a  devoted fan of Han Geng since his debut in 2005.

Although my translation skills are not that great, you will be able to taste her devotion to Han Geng a little bit.

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