Han Geng in Catch a Star Mini Crackers Photoshoot

Yesterday I went to a short trip with the family. Without a lap-top computer and Internet hook-up, I was almost dying of boredom. I think my addiction to Han Geng is reaching a fatal level.

I turned on the computer as soon as returning home and found out these  new blessing photos with a great news: Han Geng (of course, SJ) endorsed Nongshim’s Star Mini Crackers. Personally I am not that happy SJ is promoting such children’s snacks but I guess it’s better than nothing.
Com’on. It’s only a bag of a children’s snack…
Look at my Han Geng; he looked like an rising angel….
Ok, let’s enjoy the young and fresh version of Han Geng.
1:22-30, 2:24-22, and then he was here and there.
So, it would be better watch from the beginning to the end.
Now let’s just focus only on Han Geng’s pictures.























Yes, he turned younger and fresher in this picture.
In Kyo Chon, he had the charm of CEO style. Han Geng definitely knows how to model based on the CF’s major themes.
















Is it only me who noticed his dirk circles? He must be tired of his killing schedule. SM, please get a CF to pay him much more than children’s snacks…


Ah….look at those long legs. Han Geng was born to be a model, actor, and performer with such a perfect body proportion!
Yes, as a person with relatively short legs, I adore Han Geng’s body!
(as well as his spirits, of course :-))

















Ok, from now on, my son’s only snacks will be this one!
Han Geng don’t worry about sales revenue…I will buy all the snacks in the neighborhood.
By the way, why didn’t they put the member’s pictures on the bag?
That would be working much better in terms of sale increase.



















I know you guys want to deceive little children into thinking that they could be stronger by eating those cheap snacks.
But these days children are way too smart; it would be much better working if the members just took off their T-shirts!
Yes, you have to target both those unnecessarily mature kids and their moms!

Personally I don’t get the purpose of this photo. Hmmm….
Well, it does not matter; I am just drooling over his body …..

By the way,  the following clip is CPDRC Dancing Inmate’s featured dance for June, 2009. Performed last June 27, 2009 right after Michael Jackson Tribute.

Wow…Sorry Sorry was surely a mega hit in Asia!

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4 Responses to Han Geng in Catch a Star Mini Crackers Photoshoot

  1. xD says:

    Yes, as a person with relatively short legs, I adore Han Geng’s body!
    (as well as his spirits, of course )


    I have to say; I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

  2. public says:

    Yep! I think he is born to be a performer.

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