Han Geng Fans' Promise

This is a translation of SiWoo’s posting at http://blog.naver.com/siwoo_kim/120071176608 of June 17, 2009.

Han Geng Fans’ promise of 20 years’ commitment

One pine tree’s blog posting, “20 years’ contract”, almost threw me into emotional disturbance. 
It would be more appropriate to call it as the “20 years’ commitment that his fans promised to Han Geng” instead of “20 years’ contract between Han Geng and his fans”.

The banner that one pine tree would like to bring to the concert says the following:

“20 years later when you are turning to 40 and I am turning to almost 50, I would like to listen to your song and applaud you, sitting in front of your stage.”

This is what Han Geng’s fans promised to him.
This originated from the movie made by Han Geng’s Chinese fan, Tracy.

The background song is “17 years old” sung by Andy Lau.
Its lyrics were translated into the movie’s Korean subtitles, as well.
With careful observation, you can tell each tune of the song matches every single frame of the movie.
The added written statements at the end turned to the 20 years promise later.

As one pine tree’s posting said, there are many Han Geng’s Chinese fans who are supporting him with unyielding determinations.

I wish Han Geng’s situations were wonderful as they had appeared. However, the reality is different.
Either Korea or China, either regarding entertainment activities or fans, only obstinacy is left for Chinese fans.  


Simply speaking,
Han Geng has nothing except his fans.
This is all true, coming from my heart.
Things got better nowadays, but when Tracy made the movie the situations were like that. 
Under such conditions, his fans supported Han Geng, like crazy.

On Han Geng’s birthday of 2008, one of his fans’ presents was Han Geng’s 20- year-term insurance. Fans could not fully afford it in 2008 so later they put more money to fulfill 20-year-term.

They gave it to Han Geng’s mother.
Han Geng’s fans are making their promises to Han Geng one by one.

How many people would believe in eternal love?
There is nothing more cliché than the word, “eternal love”.
In early years, Han Geng’s fans were somewhat mature people. Thus, they did not do any childish conduct such as promising eternal love to Han Geng.

They simply promised for 20 years-termed commitment.

We shall love  you only for 20 years.

We shall support you only for 20 years.
We shall make a commitment only for 20 years.

After 20 years, it is up to you.
However for those 20 years, you can just rely on us.

This termed conditional love, this limited conditional love.
It is much more touching than eternal love.


Si Woo posted this article after reading my posting, “Hang Geng and his Fans: 20-year Contract.”   Although I was going to translate my own posting, but I decided not to. (if you are really curious about it, you can read it in either Korean or Chinese at http://1pinetree.wordpress.com/?s=20%EB%85%84+%EA%B3%84%EC%95%BD)

I have to admit the fact that there are clear differences in perspectives on Han Geng’s entertainement activities in Korea between Korean and Chinese fans. On my original posting, many Korean fans also expressed their opinions in secret replies; what they are disappointed at Han Geng. What they feel lacking about Han Geng. Why Han Geng could not gain the popularity that much in Korea. Thus the posting provided me with a chance to approach Han Geng’s fandome from both fans’ perspectives.

 Korea and China…these two nations, and their people are definitely different.  Nevertheless, Han Geng is making his every effort to make it in both countries.

I guess What I meant to say is that …

The bottom line is that regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or age, Han Geng’s fans support Hen Geng simply because he deserves such love.

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2 Responses to Han Geng Fans' Promise

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    The bottom line is that regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or age, Han Geng’s fans support Hen Geng simply because he deserves such love.


    I cannot agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a relatively rational person, but I personally make that 20 years’ commitment to him.

    Some of his fans also promise that they will support him until the day he doesn’t need them anymore. What they mean is to be with him until he becomes a super star and doesn’t have to rely on their supports, so they can just sit in front of stage and watch him peacefully. They say thank you to Hangeng because he is working so hard to be on the stage, and ask for nothing but his health and dreams to come true. What selfless love it is!

    Hangeng is an amazing person, and his fans are a group of amazing people. I was always touched and sometimes surprised in a good way by what they’ve done for Hangeng, and now I become one of them. I am honored.

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