The Pride: Han Geng, the First and the Only One

A few days ago, I have noticed an article featuring foreign idols at main site.

Because the other singer was first featured, I did not even bother to click it. Since Han Geng was the first foreign entertainer debuted in Korea, he must have been first featured. He is the SENIOR!!!!!!

 Today I came acorss what the content of the article was through another blogger’s posting on it.

I didn’t even know that the other foreign idol has an American citizenship, which promptly solved so many questions I have raised before.

The way how the other idol and Han Geng were treated in the article just emphasized how those two walked through the totally different roads.


I am now getting sick of all these non-sense matters around Han Geng…

Han Geng,

No matter what…

You are my pride:

You are the first foriegn singer who debuted in the Korean entertainment industry.

You are the one who actually paved the pathway for other foreigners.

You are the one who made everything possible to this point by your own efforts!  


and shall be the only one remaining on the stage even 20 years later.

The article described the other idol as a prince…
Excuse me, Han Geng is the prince…don’t borrow his title without permissions….


Personally I don’t like JYP that much…he is much known for his artificial side to my generation people. But at least he knows how to do business. If Han Geng were with JYP, his image would be different? No, thinking again, JYP won’t be able to catch the genuine value of Han Geng.

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2 Responses to The Pride: Han Geng, the First and the Only One

  1. SY says:

    저도 그 기사보고 좀 불만이었는데
    한경을 좋아하는 사람들이라면 누구나 그랬겠지요.

    그리고 한경이 진짜 “prince”에요.

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