Addiction to Han Geng and Diet Cola

Diet cola or death…


Such a phrase well defines the status quo of my addiction to diet cola.

No exaggeration; It’s a fact.


I only drink either Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi…(yeah these days rather Coke Zero or Pepsi  Max).

I often live only with diet cola without water.

A box of 36 cans only last 3-4 days.  My hubby is also in frenzy over diet drink.



I owe diet cola along with blogging on Han Geng my 22-pound (about 10 kg) weight loss.

Blogging and sipping diet cola whenever I feel hungry…

Probably 3-4 cans of diet cola per every day.

Yeah, Han Geng and diet cola are my essential nutrients, ha!


One of unbearable conditions in Korea is that you cannot get diet cola at restaurants.

I became a regular at Lotteria in front of my parents’ home, but why don’t they carry diet drink?


In U.S. I did not favor a particular brand, drinking every single one: Diet Coke, Diet Zero, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi, and more….(yes there are too many brands….one of the most overpriced products in the world, fully made of all artificial flavors…!)

In Korea, Coke Zero seems to win over Pepsi Max in terms of its taste appeal.


Just wish Pepsi would taste better in China…

(You know why….)


Yesterday my son and I were stuck at the JeJu International Airport for 12 hours due to weather conditions resulting in flight delays and cancellations.

It was like a scene from Die Hard 2; Airport full of irritated, inpatient, frustrated tourists…

The electronic bulletin board kept showing series of flight delays and cancellations….


In the meanwhile, I was most irritated with inability to get diet cola.



I think my addiction to both Han Geng and diet cola finally went beyond my control.


Those two that fully control me….

( At least I felt relief that the featured one was not Diet Pepsi)


Secondhand source : I LOVE HAN GENG

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One Response to Addiction to Han Geng and Diet Cola

  1. megyuanyuan says:

    Ah, Pinetree unnie,

    I think I just found our second common addiction. I can not live without Coke Zero, and because of Geng, I am seriously thinking of switching to Pepsi Max.
    By the way, to answer your question, Pepsi in China does taste better than Cola. Well, at least it was like that before I came to the states.


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