Han Geng, We are Where You are…

When I stopped by at I Love Han Geng Site, ID Loosen posted supportive goods for the Super Show II Concert from Han Geng Baidu.

To see the original post, please click: 


 Personally I think this wordpress.com sever sucks in terms of uploading pictures. I cannot upload a group of pictures at a same time.  Instead, I have to upload one by one when adding a comment for each picture. So I use HTML editor when uploading a group of pictures, but still it takes too much time compared to Naver.com.

In addition, posting a video clip from other servers but YouTube seems too complicate. My friends also complained about it eating up their comments although they appropriately typed up their email addresses.

However, after using a Google blog, I came to conclusion that wordpress.com is much better one. Well, then, I guess I have to stop complaining….

Anyway, regarding the post Loose put on at I Love Han Geng site, I was very impressed with Chinese fans’ loyalty to Han Geng.  Those stickers were made by Chinese fans, who could not go to the Concert, and will be distributed to Korean fans at Super Show II concerts for free.

Han Geng Baidu http://tieba.baidu.com/hangeng  is proud of its 88,264 members from all over the world, although the dominant members are mostly from China. 

The following photo gallery shows Han Geng’s personal brochure and specially designed stickers that represent each of Han Geng Baidu’s 19 branches.

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4 Responses to Han Geng, We are Where You are…

  1. Icydog says:

    Pine tree~~
    Did you go to the concert?

    I have read the translation of your comment about ZSM’s CF~~
    You are so cute~~ haha~
    Geng has a different style in this new CF~
    I love it~

  2. Icydog says:

    In my point of view…. the show is quite childish..haha~~

    I have send the traslatied version to your mail box, pls check it~

    The website said it cannot be taken out…

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