Surely a Real Play Boy (?) Han Geng

Han Geng updated his Cy!!!

After seeing his picture and writing, I came to a conclusion: This boy….knows…how to play around women… = =;


He uploaded this kind of picture on purpose…

This bad boy…

Ok…I will play along with you.


Make sure you promptly wipe the monitor…otherwise it will leave your saliva mark on it…



(by the way the first posting missed the title which was very important…)



Ah….amazing….I can roughly comprehend it…. T.T

because I hung around at Han Geng’s Chinese fan sites past a couple of days.

Well….human beings are animals of adaptations. Now I already adapted myself to Chinese.


Translated by Angie at 



“Even though I am not a sheep”~~~hehe = =

I haven’t been here for a long time. Sorry for letting you wait, hehe,,,

I was busy in preparing the new album and the tour.

The concerts held a couple of days ago in Korea were so successful.

During the three days I saw the fans that came from China.Thank you very much for the support and love for me and my group. You made me feel that my hard work paid off. Thanks for giving me the movement!!!

However, I was so worried when I saw that you were going to support me in the rest of the tour by all dyeing your hair white. This would hurt your hair badly. I fully understand your intentions, but I will be very happy as long as you come and support us~~~ Thank you all!!!

I love you!!!


Ok, the important point is that this was written for his Chinese fans.

I am so jealousy now T.T

Han Geng, please pay attention to us, Korean fans.


Anyway, it was evident that Han Geng did not dye his hair willfully.

He is very worried about his fans’ hair well-beings = =;


 Dear Han Geng,

Would you mind putting a little, I mean, a little note in the corner of the CY?

Saying that “I was also very grateful for Korean fans’ support” …next time?

Well, I know…if he starts mentioning other fans beside Chinese fans…

Then, he has to mention, Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Pilipino, and etc…..



Well, then I guess I have to stop complaining about him.

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12 Responses to Surely a Real Play Boy (?) Han Geng

  1. AgehaHime says:

    OMG, lol, I wanna see pictures of his fans now. LOL
    But yeah dyeing your hair too much could result in you losing your hair. Bleh, now I suddenly have an image of Hannie being bald.

    I wonder if he knows that his entries were translated into other languages.

  2. tian says:

    Nice to meet you~ I am a Chinese fan of hannie , and have followed your blog for a few days 🙂

    I have to say there’s sth wrong with the translation.

    “谢谢你们给我的感动” means that ‘ thank you for the moving you have given me” , ‘touches’ is the mistake of ‘ moving’, not physical contacts – -||||

    and more, he has said that he is very grateful to the Korean fans , in LUYU’s talk show, and he remember all the details that happend between he and Korean fans. I see the 2rd super show pics, he wears the washcloth of and, the scene touches my heart .

    I guess that maybe hannie considers the Chinese CY is just for Chinese fans, so… His written Korean is not very well ,but i know that he will let his Korean friend designerH help translating and putting up his message on .

    So, don’t feel jealous, we are the same in his heart ^_^

  3. tian says:

    Believe me, I am Chinese and my Chinese is reallly very well ~ 🙂 , “touches” means “movement”.

    I like reading articles about hannie very much, so I will follow your blog . I also have a blog, the address is : (pwd : 123456 )

    but I write it in Chinese , you can just see the pics~~

    P.S. the cartoon image of dragon geng:

    Isn’t it very cute?

    • onepinetree says:


      Nice to meet you…..Ok…regarding translation, I took it from site, I am not sure if it is just a mistake or actually “touches” meant for “movement” since I am not really native speaker.


      As far as Han Geng showing gratitute to Korean fans….

      I couldn’t help feeling this way. Becuase his CY is the only communication channel between him and his fans and he always mentioned about only Chinese fans.

      Thus, in Korea, even his devoted Korean fans often complain about it.
      Why can’t he mention something about us at his Cy?

      Yes….I was on the conert as well.
      BY the way, it just came to my attention that I did not post the postscript of the concert in here.

      I wrote two and they were already translated into Chinese.

      Please visit my blog often I will post the postscript soon!

      • onepinetree says:

        I think he knew…This translation is from …once his update on Cy showed, all of his fansites showed different language versions. I simply took the English version. ^^

        By the way…I was on the concert; when SJ members joked about Han Geng fans dyeing their hair. I guess Han Geng was really worried.

  4. tian says:

    Believe me ,I am Chinese and my Chinese is really very very well :), ‘touches’ is mistake for ‘movement’.

    I like reading articles about hannie very much, so I will follow your blog~ and my Chinese blog : (pwd:123456) ,you can just see the pics XDDDD.

    There’re many cartoon pics of his dragon image, we Chinese fans love it very much .

    Some of them:

    Soooooo cute ,isn’t it ?

  5. Angie says:

    Hi, one pine tree unnie.
    I am the translator of this CY diary on I guess my “touches” was misunderstood here. I really meant “movement”, not the physical contacts. Sorry, that’s my bad. I was so sleepy when I did the translation last night. I should have been more careful.

    By the way, what I remember is that you live in America, right? I am in Los Angeles. Where do you live?

  6. megyuanyuan says:

    I think I saw a familiar face… Angie, are you the one I know?
    I also live in L.A., maybe we should have a gathering next time. What do you think girls?

    Pinetree unnie, do you know why Geng said he is not a sheep?
    There is a very cute behind story.

    • onepinetree says:

      Oh, then It might be just me who did not understand it right at the first place…what am I thinking…? = =;


      • onepinetree says:

        Hmmm….then would you mind letting the translator know about this? I cited the reference site…you might suggest the person to revise it…I don’t want others to misunderstand it, either…

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