After All, the Ticket Power is the Answer!

“Please support our M unit”

“Henry and Zhoumi are also our active members… if you are chanting ‘only 13’ to them, it hurts us, our members. So, please, now on, chant ‘Only Super Junior’ instead of ‘only 13’.”

After its official debut, it took one year and three months for Super Junior –M to be officially recognized by SJ own memebers as one of SJ sub-units on the stage of Korea.

  1. In “Please let me sleep tonight” program, SJ members talked about how popular Han Geng was in China along with his group SJ-M (Although many accounts told by non SJ-M members were very much exaggerated). Then they also mentioned that since SJ-M was their sub unit, their popularity meant for SJ popularity in China.
  2. In “Star Golden Bell”, when SJ leader was asked about what was SJ’s most fruitful activity last year, he said, “We made big revenue in China market.” In other words, he equalized SJ-M with SJ.
  3. In “여유만만” program, those SJ-M members who participated in Pepsi CF were asked to raise their hands. The individual name was printed on the screen, which was the first official recognition of SJ-M in the Korean Public Network.
  4. Just before Super Show II, the SM released PR articles to the media that SJ-M was a blue chip in Chinese CF marketing.
  5.  At Super Show II, SJ-M performed two songs and Chinese two members, Henry and Zhoumi, officially performed on the stage of Korea for the first time.

And finally statements mentioned above by “supposedly” the most popular two SJ members in Korea or I have to say those two who had the most support of only 13 Elf.


It’s officially one year and three months…

But all those controversial issues have started since the year of 2007 as you know.

Han Geng …

It’s only You.
Nobody can achieve such accomplishments except you.
Yes, you deserve to shed tears.

As usual, your tears are precious and genuine ones.

In addition,

Dear Chinese fans…You guys made it…

The ticket power you demonstrated …finally has changed the life of Han Geng.

Please support his SJ-M album as much as possible…so please make SJ-M a national idol group.

And please make our precious Han Geng a Super Star.

I believe you can do that.

It is a night of full of emotion: Can I fall asleep tonight?


This is a rough translation of my posting on July 20 at
after I heard of Han Geng’s tears at the last concert.

All devoted Han Geng’s Korean fans couldn’t overcome the joy of tears…we shared our feeling…through blogging or online chatting.

Most of us are Han Geng only fans but why were we so happy about SJ-M’s recognition by SJ own members? Why did we chant Henry and Zhoumi until our voice got husky at concert?

I hope you guys can understand the emotion of Han Geng’s Korean fans.

Feeling of helpless, powerless as his fans, but endless love for Han Geng.

Thus we cannot stop expressing appreciation to you guys, but dare to keep asking you to demonstrate more support than before because, after all, the ticket power is the only answer, which can be most strongly demonstrated by you guys.

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12 Responses to After All, the Ticket Power is the Answer!

  1. Ashley says:

    Dear One Pine Tree,

    I shall buy SJM 2nd album as many as possible.


  2. Ashley says:

    It is because your posts are really touch my heart.


  3. fang says:

    Dear you!

    yeah,deserve to shed tears…..those precious tears

    and I admire all chinese fans ^ ^


  4. Snoopie says:

    Dear One Pine Tree,

    I was referred to this site from “Hangeng Bar”
    I’m not a frequent visitor and I don’t post a lot of reply/comments.

    Your articles are really touching and appreciate a lot of your efforts in translating them from Hangul to English.

    Keep it up! I support both SJ & SJ-M!


  5. Wen Wen says:

    Hi Pinethree, so happy to know that you have an English blog~~
    I knew it from a post by a Geng Fan in Geng Bar`~~

    I have became a fans of you 🙂 I like you!

    I was so in touch of everything you wrote. Reading the translation of your artical in Geng Bar is such an enjoyable thing to me. I totally know and understand what you felt and what other korean friends’ felt.

    • onepinetree says:

      hi, Fang yesterday I went to your website! And I saw the posting …I mean just title…the website seemed to shut down for mangement…

      It’s nice to see you!!!

      • onepinetree says:

        Ashley you are always so supportive for my blogging…I am getting encouraged by you..^^

  6. geng_20_love says:

    Hi, pine tree.
    nice to meet u….
    this is my first time here…haha ….
    i saw a “advertisement” in bai du….
    so ….. i’m here….

    from ur articles, sharing and translations. i know that u are loving geng very much…
    thank u very much for propagating him in English…
    i should feel shame of myself for doing few things for Geng.
    i only can buy albums for supporting them..
    i hope i can go to tailand to watch their 2nd Asia tour …..

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