Han Geng: Self-Evolving Superior Creature in ZSM09 CF Making

Ok, first I need to get my breath back.




I need to recover my composure.




It’s like a mindset of a soon-to-be-mom who is learning the Lamaze breathing technique before child delivery.



It’s so true that uttering expletives is a sensible policy when human beings are under unbearable pain.

Cursing..swearing..just coming out of my mouth..


What the f&*%..





Han Geng,

What should I do with you?

If you were in front of me, I would’ve knocked you down and stomped you (seriously?)


This poor thing..




You are TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are  TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are too much PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah..the word “perfect”, cannot even contain 10% , no, even 1% of your superior visuals.



You are just my precious child…

Because you are my child, you look so perfect in my eyes, right?



Because I am in blind love with you, I feel you are lamentably beautiful…

Right? Right?


Those who don’t fancy you would say…


Like that?

Right? Right?





You are…the most beautiful creature in the whole universe and, what is more, the self-evolving superior creature.

While I am growing older and older every day, hitting to the time of menopause;

Day by day you are hitting the zenith of your beauty….

(I mean do you even have the ZENITH in your life……….?)




I have to pull myself together and remember  what I was supposed to post today…
(Yes, whatever I wrote beforehand was just gibberish…)

First, let’s enjoy the CF making film. This one shows from Han Geng’s airport arrival to CF shooting scene, which is very clean and nice. Once again, you have to wipe the monitor promptly otherwise it will leave the saliva mark on it…

Official Web: http://www.zsmyy.com/

CR. 王者韩庚 @ sjhangeng

The background music of CF shooting is the ZSM song sung by Han Geng.

And the lovely GIFs.
(출처: 아이러브 한경 http://www.19840209.com )


You are doing too much to me…

Han Geng, I want to live peacefully…uh?


Compared to him in last year’s CF, I can tell how much Han Geng has “evolved” since then.







Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you going to kill all of us?

What a minute…now…I realized that..it’s not wink..
Han Geng closed both eyes.


I cannot wink, either…
People say that those people cannot wink are usually very committed lovers…hmmm…








Before shooting, Han Geng firmly closed his lips…hmm…

yeah…you are an ordinary human being,too…
(feeling nervous but determined to perform well, huh?)








In video clip, Han Geng kept practicing the way how to hold those little eye drop bottles.

He is so cute!!!!!









Darn it!

Bad mouth, again…

Han Geng…

Why you are not mine…?

Why do I have to share you with 50 million of Koreans, 13 hundread million of Chineses, 23 million of Taiwaneses, 62 million of Thais, 1 hundread million of Japaneses…and so on….?

Those Chinese ladies who can purchase SZM are very blessed…T.T

Of course, the most blessed ones are these ladies..
(First source: Logos Second Source: Geng Bar http://post.baidu.com/hangeng )

I don’t care if they are the AD or ZSM staff, but look at the angle how much they stuck and leaned to Han Geng.

Just sobbing T.T

So distressed T.T

Anyway…I also found the official ZSM CF 30s version.

What? Where is Han Geng?
The CF emphasized that if you drop ZSM, your eyes will widely open-up and pay attention to the blackboard…
Han Geng looked like a senior recommending ZSM for his juniors…
Com’on…Han Geng graduated from a Performing Art School…
I am not really sure he had to sit up so late when he was in school…

Personally I think the CF making film is much better than the official CF version in terms of showing off Han Geng’s charms.

Let’s enjoy this self-evolving superior creature again.










I want to swear again = =;
Look at his face size…..
He is definitely something, ha!

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