Han Geng: A Man of Dignity -Fino CF Making Film

After becoming a Han Geng’s fan, searching a new video clip on Han Geng at Youtube became the morning ritual. Today I found a new one which was posted a WEEK ago.


Is my love for Han Geng already fading away?  How come this one came to my attention now?  I need to regularly self-reflect as a Han Geng’s fan 🙂

 The video clip is the Yamaha Fino CF making film where Han Geng, other three SJ members, and Thai stars were shooting a CF in Thai.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKjoAnx_Zf0

credit: arnoldbangkok@youtubeThanks arnoldbangkok for all the awesome clips.To make it easy to view so,I edit 14 clips in to 1. The making of Fino MT CF and behind the scene.Super junior( Donghae Sungmin Hangeng Heechul) ,Golf-Mike and Singto the star in Thailand Yamaha Fino CF.Location is Khaokhor Petchaboon province Thailand.at 3.07 Donghae said “A-rai neah” means “What’s that?” but Its not appear in CF.Anyway His accent is good.And Sungmin ” Oh suay mak – very beautiful” is good too. “ 

Hm…I guess they did not dare to ask Han Geng to do too much…


 It is a quite pleasant video to watch: Young and fresh boys were playing around, giggling and smiling, but at the same time, monitoring their actions with sincerity.

My special impressions on Han Geng after watching the clip were as follows:
1. Han Geng was tall and he had long legs.
2. Every one was fresh and young except Han Geng …
(even HeeChul looked like a teenager).
3. Thus, Han Geng looked a little bit awkward among other stars. It’s like one dignified youth among innocent young kids.
 In other words, now Han Geng is just the core of dignity. Thus, even in this kind of CF making film he could not hide his dignity. This is very strange feeling for me.
Han Geng has just grown up too much…
Although I posted the following pictures before,  I want do it again in order to show how much Han Geng appeared different from other boys.  



















Han Geng, most of time, looked down to the ground, instead of looking straight at the camera lens. He often appeared to be absorbed in his own thoughts.









Han Geng helped Sung Min in many ways for his show, Oppa’s Band, by carrying the camera for him or even actually shooting the film. He was just a big brother for Sung Min during Thai trip.  


















This was when Han Geng greeted to his fans at shooting scene. As you can see in the film he was the first one who came down the hill to greet the fans and made a formal Thai greeting. I liked the way he greeted. His Thai greeting has a sincerity, compared to those of other members (Other members did not even know how to do it appropriately).



These two pictures show the leader Han Geng and his boys following his direction. I mean…Han Geng was just a big brother in Thailand.


Again, you can tell Han Geng’s serious attitude during the interview.


Han Geng has many nicknames. One of his names was “Miracle Geng” when his appearance looked like a pure, fresh, beautiful angel during the Miracle Single activity.

That time, Han Geng was just pretty, cute, young, and fresh idol boy.

Now, I cannot find Miracle Geng any more. Han Geng has grown up rapidly from the time point of Miracle Geng and became a man of dignity.

Experiencing SJ-M activity, Olympics, and many other hardships Han Geng became a man with dignity. 


But why do I feel this way…?

 A bittersweet feeling…that I cannot fully explain…

I feel like  the harsh reality surrounding him pushed Han Geng from Miracle Geng to a man of dignity.


Well, I guess I just have to play along with everything regarding Han Geng.

Now, I am just waiting for SJ-M 2nd album, where Han Geng will execute his fully grown-up charms without hesitation.  Then I am sure I will just forget about Miracle Geng or whatever.

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9 Responses to Han Geng: A Man of Dignity -Fino CF Making Film

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    It is a bit difficult for me to describe my feeling after read this article. Truly bittersweet…but I think all sj members has grown to some extent, maybe Hangeng is more mature and too sincere to hide his dignity as a man.

  2. Green bristlegrass says:

    I think it is a sad part of reality for everyone, that people grow along with different kinds of hardship, and become less and less simple than the time we’re just born.

    Nevertheless, no matter how much he grows, I would be Hangeng’s fan and admire his talents and charms as long as he is still the person with precious characters as integrity, sincerity, kind heart, perseverance…

    Yes, I posted your English blog’s address to Baidu. I really appreciate and admire your dedicated love for Hangeng. Hopefully, more and more people will visit here, understand your feelings, and share their feelings too.

  3. icewater says:

    I just felt that Han Geng is so elegent and stand out among these boys. I believe he has the potencial and ability to gain more achievement in the future than many other stars.

    Being a leader of M is a very good pactice and experience to him. We all growing up everyday. I think if he wants to achieve more, he have to grow up even though he had to experience the hardship. From the other point of view it also proved that he is a responsible person. He is a man can be trusted and sincerely responsible to his family, his job, his teamate, his fans and himself.

    We cherish him, we want to protect him , therefore we feel bittersweet when we saw him grow up rapidly due to the hardships, pressure, responsibility…

    To me, he is still that innocent and pure boy (man) himself without any changes in these many years.

  4. icewater says:

    I added a comment 5 hours ago.
    I couldn’t find it now.
    It disappeared and wasn’t there…wuwuwuwuwu….

  5. icewater says:

    Sorry, sorry, after I submited my last message, I found the previous one…. 🙂

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