Han Geng Style's Fan Support

My dear friend SiWoo already translated the Korean version article into Chinese. This English version is not a translation of the same article word by word, which is beyond my capability. Compared to my Korean version, this article is more concise and brief. Yeah…English….not easy language T-T


Han Geng Style’s Fan Support


After Super Show II concert, I have been trying to have a psychological closure from all these Han Geng things since I have to move on and focus on my own study. Yes I am still a student…

In the morning I took out an article which I have been reading for almost a week (usually it takes only one hour to read = =;). Then one statement caught my attention.

“There is no disgrace in being wrong, but there is a disgrace in persisting with a theory when empirical findings have made it apparent that the hypothesis or claim was mistaken…(By Michael Rutter, 2005, p.255).

Suddenly this statement reminded me of a shameful memory at the concert of July 18th. It was so embarrassing experience that I was going to keep it to myself to the grave.

But after reading this statement, I was able to rationalize the bad memory: I shouldn’t feel shameful about it since I simply made wrong hypotheses. I figured out my first hypotheses were incorrect through experience and then have learned a lesson out of it. It’s like just a process of research activity.

Well, I definitely have some talents in terms of associating anything with Han Geng’s matter. Nice…


Before concert, I set up a few hypotheses on how I could act at the standing section B in order to demonstrate my enthusiastic support for Han Geng and also to personally gain Han Geng’s attention.
1. Lift the “I Love Han Geng” banner as high as possible
2. Wave the “Han Geng” neon-light stick with enthusiasm
3. Keep chanting Han Geng’s name
4. Get as much as closer to Han Geng.




The show time
Drooling over Han Geng’s extraordinary visuals, I chased him around, chanting his name, waving the light stick and holding the banner high. Then some time passed. Han Geng was on the way to the front side of the stage. It’s good chance to get noticed by him.
I went closer to the stage and hold the banner as high as possible.
“Han Geng, I am here!”

That precious moment, some one pulled my right arm down.
What the………..?
With the flow of anger, I turned around.

It was a lady of my age, obviously not Korean, who was holding the “Han Geng” banner to her chest. She did not say anything to me. I could not even read her facial expression.

Well, I don’t have time to fuss with you…
Turning around, I lifted the banner as high as possible again.
Look at me, Han Geng, I am here!

Some one again pulled my right arm down again.
What the f$#%# ….?

It was her again. She did not say anything to me. She just kept holding the plank card to her chest.
Excuse me….? What’s wrong with you? We are supporting the same person; you should be much nicer to me than this…

I did not even notice that Han Geng was just in front of us at the moment. When I turned around, surprisingly he was looking at us.

That moment…I clearly felt that Han Geng and the female fan exchanged eye contacts.
Han Geng seemed to nod his head, looking at her with a smile.
His eyes seemed to say, “thank you.”

Then he kept moving toward another place.
I couldn’t believe this situation, so I turned my head and looked at her.
She still did not have any facial expressions.
“ He recognized you..”
I told her in English. She nodded her head with a slight smile.


















That was the most embarrassing experience in my life.
Darn, look at me!
I was acting like an attention-seeking premature teenager.
Sooner I realized what the foreign female fan wanted to demonstrate to me:
Han Geng style’s fan support…

Lifting the banner high will block other people’s view to the stage; it’s just enough to lift it to the chest high. Han Geng on the stage would be able to notice it easily.
No need for screaming his name; the concert is for enjoying the signers’ performances not for testing my voice volume.

With embarrassment, I squeezed the banner into the pants’ pocket. Then I started enjoying songs waving the light-stick at the center of B section. Although Han Geng did not appear on the stage most of the time (= =; ), just waiving the stick to my chest height.
After each performance, I applauded and cheered for each member of the boys band…because that is the Han Geng style’s fan support…


Sooner groups of two or three Han Geng’s fans came to my attention, which did not stand out at the beginning thanks to their low profile activities. They were as salient as other fans who often lifted the banner high.

Nevertheless, it was strange.
They appeared to catch Han Geng’s attention without any difficulties. Han Geng flew hand-kisses to them, shook hands with them….like that Han Geng appeared to recognize them.

Once again I truly felt shameful about my previous “crazy” behaviors…


















The concert was reaching the closing when I looked up the 3rd floor audience without intention. One fan with Han Geng’s banner caught my eyes. Han Geng, written in Chinese, on her banner was so notable. I felt glad to see a Han Geng’s fan. Ah..there is our Han Geng fan…

At the moment, Han Gent went up to 2nd and 3rd floor audience sections. The fan with the banner was sitting on the left side of the stage center and Han Geng was straightly walking toward that direction.

She might be able to have a chance to shake hands with Han Geng.
By the way, why do I feel happy about it?

Once she noticed Han Geng walking toward her side, she got out of her seat and went closer to the aisle to meet Han Geng. Oh, finally…

Han Geng suddenly turned back and walked out in the opposite direction
(I will post what exactly happened then on the next article…there was a special episode why Han Geng had to turn back ^^)

Ah. Han Geng, why didn’t you go walk further?
How about the lady?
I was more disappointed.


Han Geng suddenly turned back again ..
It’s not usual when a performer changes the walking direction back and forward when he gets up or (gets down to)the audience mostly due to security matters.
But Han Geng was an exception.

When Han Geng finally met her, several staff and bodyguards surrounded him so I really couldn’t tell if she shook hands with him or exchanged eye contacts…
It is also possible that Han Geng did not even notice her and just passed by the aisle.

However, I have this strange idea that Han Geng went up the 3rd floor audience on purpose in order to meet her.

She has been holding the banner all long during the concert, which caught my eyes, must have attracted Han Geng’s attention, as well.


Therefore, I had to revise the hypotheses:
1. Lift anything related Han Geng only to your chest height.
2. Do not chase Han Geng around.
3. Do not need for chanting or screaming of Han Geng’s name.

Then, Han Geng, who has a special talent in accurately recognizing his fans, will eventually come to you.

Based on such newly set-up hypotheses I wrote a concert review about in terms of catching Han Geng’s attention.
One of my friend, Han Geng’s fan, said OK and she executed my hypotheses the next day’s concert.

The next day, she exchanged eye contact, smile, and even much more (yes, he told her “I love you” in Chinese …) with Han Geng!

F#$%# &^%& &%$^


Dear the person who held my arm down….
If you saw this post, you might think…oh you are the one?
That’s why I did not want to share this shameful memory with anyone else.

However, I learned something important matter, thanks to you,
About what is the true Han Geng style’s fan support…

With a simple indication of being Han Geng’s fan, no fussy, noisy, rowdy actions, Han Geng will notice, recognize, and appreciate us.

It might be possible that my hypotheses were incorrect; The first ones were incorrect, therefore the second ones might be wrong, as well.

However, Han Geng fans’ usual support style confirmed my second hypotheses.

At the airport Han Geng fans usually welcome him with very calm and mature manners: They either hold the banners or sing together instead of dashing toward Han Geng, which is a very common case for most popular idol fans.

I have a feeling that Han Geng fans support him with infinite trust and respect toward Han Geng.
Consistency, maturity, patience, respect, and etc: All these words symbolize Han Geng fans’ support style.

I have been bragged about being a fan of Han Geng.
However, I have not learned what is like a true fan of Han Geng until the concert.


Although it was one of the most extremely shameful and embarrassing experience, I feel much more relieved after openly talking about it.

Now finally I achieved closure.





















All of Pictures sources:

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10 Responses to Han Geng Style's Fan Support

  1. icewater says:

    Hi Pinetree, You’re so lovely.

    I admire you for the connection you found between the statement of that article and the supporting style to Han Geng. ^-^ You are genius!!!

    We shouldn’t worry about the style of supporting Han Geng. I think Han Geng will thank for every fans’ truely supporting from the bottom of his heart no matter he knows and he doesn’t know. The only difference is in some occations we need to speak out loudly to support him, other occations we only need to support him quietly.

    Oh, how jealous am I. I haven’t have a chance to see Han Geng yet. I think if I’m in your situation. I will do the same way like you and call Han Geng’s name very loud unconsciously, hahaha…

  2. gengchul214 says:

    Onepinetree ah…

    Thxx for ur advices about how to become a real and true Hangeng’s fans.

    * With a simple indication of being Han Geng’s fan, no fussy, noisy, rowdy actions, Han Geng will notice, recognize, and appreciate us. *

    If i don’t read this post, i may be a crazy fans like u did. thxx for sharing those great experiences.

    I’ll take that for myself and some Viet Hangeng’s fans….

  3. Green bristlegrass says:

    Well, I definitely have some talents in terms of associating anything with Han Geng’s matter

    ^ ^ I really admire your talent~~~~~

    I think when we see him, we don’t have to scream his name, but we need to let him know we are his fans, that’s why many his fans bring his banners, lightened name plates or things with logo of his fanclubs. He can always locate his fans by looking for those signs and pay special attention to those areas or directions.

  4. icewater says:

    Hohoho, thank you so much for sharing the experiences and the conclusions. All Han Geng fans can learn something from this post, me, of course no exception. 🙂

  5. icewater says:

    Oh, I need to say something different from this top, I just can’t help watching his photos. Let’s look, look at these Han Geng photos:
    How soft and gentle were his eyes while he looked at the fans …
    How strong and serious were his eyes while he was performing on stage…

    ………haha, love him in these ways~~~

  6. fang says:

    hehe,i couldn’t agree more
    althoght my post was too late~~ kkk…

    ..but sometimes i shout~
    but in gentle voice…like his
    because it is the only way to make him know that his fans
    stay here!

    but the best way is like you said ^ ^

    • onepinetree says:

      You are definitely right…there is no one answer for what would be a better fan support style.
      It should be depending on situations as you said.

      During Korean Concert, I got many feedback from Korean fans that HAn Geng was very appreciative for quiet and mature support…so I guess he preferred quiet ones this time.

      But who knows? Some other times he might want to see his fans crazy about him, as well.

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