Han Geng: His Charm Covers All Generations

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One Han Geng fan left her review on the 2nd day concert of SSII at my naver blog’s guest log. Her review was so touching that I could not leave it decayed at the guest log. So, with her permission, I am posting this review at the blog.

Ah….Han Geng’s charm truly covers all generations.


 “I brought my three children to the day of 18th, Saturday concert, and our seats were near the aisle, the last row of the 2nd floor 34 section.

 When passing-by Han Geng saw my youngest son (2nd grader), he made a big smile while his face fully opening up. A look of fondling my son clearly  came to Han Geng’s face (My youngest son is somewhat littlel, chubby, and cute enough to look like a Kindergartener).

 Han Geng, closely escorted by a bodyguard, was supposedly just passing by the aisle, but he turned back to see my youngest one with intention, holding his hand, petting his cheek, looking at him with full love for a while during such a commotion.

 When Han Geng came and reached out his hand, I could not even dare to thrust my hand, instead, let my youngest son grab Han Geng’s hand. I was so absorbed myself in looking vacantly at Han Geng, I did not even notice Han Geng touch my son’s cheeks.

 I thought I was the only one who got completely lost, but my eldest son was also in a daze as well for several seconds…because Han Geng was too handsome…

 Han Geng was too much handsome. When I was told about the aurora or glorifying effect of the celebrity, I thought those were non-senses but they were true.

 In addition, when Han Geng held the youngest son’s hand, the spotlight was suddenly shed on Han Geng. How dazzlingly radiant his face was…it was the advent of the supreme deity.

  I still cannot forget the sensation that I saw although I could not even have an eye contact with Han Geng since he only looked at the youngest son.

  The last moment, Han Geng seemed to try to say something, but he did not.

I wanted to say something supportive to Han Geng but nothing came out my mouth so I could not say anything, either.

 I wish I had told him that keeping up good work of SJM in China…

 Most of all I am too worried if I was filmed on the DVD since I was totally into looking at Han Geng blankly with my mouth wide open.

 As far as my youngest son was concerned, he was extremely happy (still his favorite member is Ryeo Wook and the next one is Hee Chul. He thinks RyeoWook is the most handsome member. All of my family members think that’s non-sense, but cannot say anything about it in fear of hurting his pure feeling)

 I am in the mid 40s and, as you know, when you become old like me you can tell a person by his face.  Han Geng, the one I saw, was a “genuine” person with a pure mindset despite his experience of all kinds of hardships.

 Ah…as a mature person, I just envy those parents who have such a handsome, talented, nice young man as a son.

 By the way, the look Han Geng made when he saw my youngest one was like …the video clip I saw…

When Ryeo Wook said about something was cute at a show during SJM activities, Han Geng said, “You are much cuter” looking at him with full love..

You might be right if you think that was the facial expression of Han Geng.”




Yeah, I will definitely check out a DVD later…When Han Geng adores a young boy, a lady in a daze next to him would be surely her  ^^.

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6 Responses to Han Geng: His Charm Covers All Generations

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    My dream for next ten years: raise a son like Hangeng!


    …time to find someone to marry with…

  2. yuki-j says:

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    i hope you can know my meaning
    thank you

  3. fang says:

    ah….can i envy your son?….haha

    i remember that moment too…when i saw him.

    like the world stops! no words from my mouth too..

    yeah…because he is too handsome.


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