My Fan-made Movies about Han Geng ^^

These days I am extremely busy so no new postings…

There are so many things to post: SJ  Super Show II in Japan, Han Geng’s new wrist, OPPO ad, and some Korean postings that need to be translated…



I wish I had 48 hours a day ^^.

The following movies are the ones I made when I couldn’t contain my love for Han Geng to myself. Being a novice in utilizing the vegas program, you can tell the qualiy is so-so.

But I just want to share them with you ^^

1. Han Geng My Style

The first still-movie of Han Geng I made on April 26, 2009.

You can tell that I didn’t touch any original pictures. My friend told me that I should have touched each still picture before making a movie.


2.Super Junior M- In My Arms

On May 19, 2009 I made this still-MV. I really like the song (although their Chinese pronunciations are horrible ^^).  This time I touched each picture at first. I added motion to each picture but it didn’t come out as I had expected.  Originally I was going to study about the Vegas during summer vacation, but I couldn’t.

I hope I can make a better quality one someday soon.

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8 Responses to My Fan-made Movies about Han Geng ^^

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Nice videos!
    I love all the pics especially in the first video!
    Thank you so much!

    “although their Chinese pronunciations are horrible ^^”

    Okay, now I am curious about your Chinese…
    Are you tri-lingual, or even better? Gosh, you are geniust!

  2. gengchul214 says:

    Well, the first one is so cool and great. And i really like the background song.

    But i think it would be great if all Geng’s picz appeare and change a little bit slow. So i could see Geng clearly…’Cos it “run” too fast ah, i couldn’t caught it…..* my bad *

    All those picz like teasing me “caught me if u can” LOL….

    @ . Green bristlegrass: I think One pine tree are good at English, Korean and Chinese…..XD

    @ One pine tree: just take ur time and do one by one. I’ll waiting to see ur post…XD

  3. fang says:

    writer is still running a blog~ fighting!

    all pics in first vid kill me…

    i like song background and its rhythm….
    and your words that are in harmony with song’s ^ ^

    and “what star are you form ?”
    “why did u take my heart?”

    haha wanna ask that too

  4. WISSY says:

    actually, quite many fans of sjm love the song ‘in my arm’
    it’s so poor that smc do not pomote it

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