Confident Han Geng: OPPO Touch Real SJM Fanmeeting Promo 090729

Han Geng, when he was in Korea, literally zipped up his mouth…did not talk that much on TV shows.
If he said something..”Yabihae (You are nasty)” “Jeon…Chahanikkanyo..(I am too nice)” “Mugjima (Don’t eat)”…so on…just talking some simple sentences…although every single of them was so appropriate and to the point, which shows Han Geng has a sense of humor.

These days I am so busy with my personal life…
I have not posted about Han Geng’s recent activities.

Ah…I need to reflect myself as a Geng fan.

First, OPPO TOUCH REAL SJM fan meeting promotion clip was uploaded at youtube.

Do you remember that Han Geng talked about not dyeing the hair?
I think it was from his heart.

Anyway, the color of the hair is not bad…hmm….

After watching this clip, I felt a little bit weird about eloquent Han Geng.. It’s very strange ^^…I know I have to get used to such a change of Han Geng once he starts SJ-M promotions.
In fact, I became his fan after watching so many SJ-M video clips…so, I should have not felt weird.

Let me just copy what they said from the youtube site..

English translation:

Hangeng: Hello, we are Super Junior M! This time Oppo brings you a music carnival night
Ryeowook: In August
Siwon: August 4th
ZhouMi: August 4th at
Kyuhyun: Beijing
Donghae: ChaoYang district, Beijing
Henry: ChaoYang district Century theatre, Beijing
All: August 4th, promise with you
Siwon: Touch real SJM
Zhoumi: Go online to see
Henry: Check info online at
Ryeowook: OK With you Im Ryeowook
Kyuhyun: With you Im Kyuhyn
Donghae: With you Im Donghae
Henry: With you Im Henry
Zhou Mi: With you Im Zhoumi
Siwon: With you Im Siwon
Hangeng: With you Im Hangeng
All: OPPO retains your best (info/moments), really!

credit to:

Ok, they omitted the time of performance….= =;

I feel very proud of Han Geng since he talked with such confidence, who made me uneasy when talking in Korean…ha ha…

Han Geng, Han Geng, Han Geng…
Ah…just speechless…

(2nd source: first source: )









Ok…you cutie…I can put up with you fingering…yeah…go ahead..









Ah..I am just melting down…you are so….so….I don’t know what to say.

Ok…bigger sizes.









Probably the scene where Han Geng arrived for shooting this clip.
(second source:
first source Geng Baidu)


Oh…look at his charisma…what’s about the mouth cover? It’s Heechul’s custom press? Or preventing from getting attacked by influenza?

Ah…look at his shoulder muscles…I want to rub it with my bare hands…

It’s amazing to see fans do not smash him….

Ok, the following video clip is ad, as well about the fan meeting on August 4, which is TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm….watching last year’s SJ-M is something…They have grown up a lot since then.

Let’s do it again!!!!


Cannot wait longer for their 2nd album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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15 Responses to Confident Han Geng: OPPO Touch Real SJM Fanmeeting Promo 090729

  1. Angie says:

    Jemma, I like this one~~
    You made my tears burst out~~ How can we have the same thoughts?
    I am not criticizing the 4 Korean members’ Chinese skills but hoping they can show some progresses~~
    I know we Geng Fan are so nice that we always make excuses for them to comfort our feelings. I think the people like us who live out of our nations can truly understand the difficulties Geng had experienced over the past several years.

    BTW, is his Korean really poor? My friend who is Korean major said that his Korean was not that bad but even better than some students who were major in Korean. I hope he just presented that way to make some effects for the shows.

  2. Angie says:

    Addition, Jemma, if you want to post this on, please discard the portion where you talk about other members. I am worried if there would be someone points it out and fight on that. We are too careful about anything. Wish that we will never be the target by other fans. You can still talk freely here, but as you know is only about Hangeng. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    BTW, I personally agree with most of your comments about the members. I wonder why Kyuhyun always holds himself back when he speaks Chinese. He is a perfect pronouncer. He can perfectly sing Chinese songs like native people. He amazed us every time when he sings. Just gain more confidence and try harder. Don’t hold yourself back any more. There are so many people crazy about your Chinese songs in China.
    And Donghae, I can see his hard work. Seriously speaking, he is the only one I personally see who keeps studying Chinese and keeps improving.
    Siwon. I think there is some problem with his eye liner. That’s why he looked a little weird.
    For Zhou Mi, I think it just takes time. He has so much pressure. Hope he can relax. The other two members are cute, too.
    OMG, I am so tired now…

  3. Angie says:

    I had so many grammar errors up there, and I can’t edit it…
    should be “Wish that we will never be the target for other fans.”

  4. yuki-j says:

    this is the multiply for oppo music by fan this is main for hangeng can you see youku ?

  5. yuki-j says:

    this is the address for oppo music multiply there are 3 multiplies
    the first one 上
    the sencond one 中
    the end one

  6. fang says:

    I speak neither Korean nor Chinese….
    But i like to see when korean program pop up wrong words to joke his is cute for me even others don’t feel so….
    Furthermore, i like to see how they(korean guys) try to speak chinese although i know that it is not a good accent…
    because at least i know that they try and see how cute are they by that…or maybe i’m a geng’s fan that is too kind~..^^ like you said…

    ahh…why everyone here have excellent english skills…T T
    it makes me don’t want to show any bad english’s comment.
    pls~ forgive me for my poor skill..T T

    ah..seems context in this topic is changed…or i missunderstand? um..i like to see all about your thought tough… here ^ ^

  7. fang says:

    AH.. i don’t know why my comment climb up to NO.9 =[]=

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