[Translation] HOPE TV-Super Junior Han Geng, SiWon, and Dong Hae

Author: GOO (Like a Tree)

Blog  Address: http://blog.naver.com/treewg/60067944131


Super Junior Han Geng 1
Kids came in crowds.


Super Junior Han Geng 2
Captured a kid’s attention.


Super Junior Han Geng 3
Made a kid’s mouth open.


Super Junior Han Geng 4

Clasped a Kid’s hand.


Super Junior Han Geng 5

A kid was just happy.


Super Junior Si Won 1


Super Junior Si Won2
You are the best, not anyone else.


Super Junior Dong Hae
Why youthfulness is so fresh can be understood through watching him.

2009 Hope TV arrived at  the Republic of Korea.

The world star Jackie Chan visited Korea for Tong Young’s event,

where Super Junior attended.

Han Geng, Si Won, and Dong Hae.

Super Junior.

It was too much for me to know all the members’ names.

Thanks to my son’s name guessing game,

knowing names apart from members was everything.

Most of all, they were all good-looking.

When I saw them in person, they were shiny like a sunny spring day.

Did I like Song-Kol-Mae like this when I was young …?

Along with kids, enjoying the games,

during a break, the way how they treated kids,

They did not look like typical idols.

During interview with Jakie Chan, Jeon Hye Bin, and Super Junior

at waiting room,

they were all eloquent talkers.

I am not sure if it would be broadcasted or not

it was very meaninful what Dong Hae said on the spot

after Jackie Chan’s suggestion.

‘Dear Super Junior fans,

although we are very grateful for what you have presented to us,

we wish you to show your gratitude to those who are in need

from now on.’

Although all of them were bright and cheerfu,

which was just a pleasure to watch,

especially Han Geng often grabed my attention.

Because I was unable to carry the camera all along,

I had to take pictures whenever I had chances.

Nevertheless, Han Geng faced kids with very warm eyes and helping hands.

Although it’s same for other members,

in particular Han Geng looked warm.

Without constrain, he put arms around kids’ shoulders,

during a break he had to take a brief break,

Neverthelss, being in sweat, He played with kids.

Probably what kids need the most is not the TV show for them,

but such warm helping hands and heart.

Super Junior,

Like interview on that day,

wish you to be reborn as a representative band that

do many good things to Repubic of Korea.


This article was posted on May 22, 2009 in Korean at http://blog.naver.com/treewg/60067944131

The author is not a fan of Super  Junior or Han Geng.

However, it was evident that Han Geng gave the author a very strong and positive impression.

With the author’s permission, this posting was translated. If you like this article, please click the link and then he will know that you,a Han Geng fan, visit his site.

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7 Responses to [Translation] HOPE TV-Super Junior Han Geng, SiWon, and Dong Hae

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Donghai looks so young and cute here, but what he said during interview sounds mature ^ ^

    Kids are so intimate with Hangeng!

    Yes, I CLICK the link to show I am a gengfan ^ ^

  2. stalker93 says:

    would it be okay if i shared this on my blog? if not, it’s ok ^^

  3. icewater says:

    Hangeng looks so “harmony” among the kids ^-^

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