Han Geng; His 10 Refusal…(very touching stories)

(revision…sorry I messed up the first posting = =; )

At first I read the Korean version of the original posting, translated by Si Woo, and was deeply moved. So I went to Han Geng Ba and asked for English translation.

The author, 我比你还关心他, and her friend, 沧海相望, translated this posting to English right away for me.

Wow….what a fan….

Again, I don’t know how Han Geng attracted such awesome fans…it’s just mystery ^^.

Although they directly sent me the translated version; I copied and pasted it from www.ihangeng.com , which was more convenient for me.

Again, thank you so much, 我比你还关心他 and 沧海相望.


Source: www.ihangeng.com

http://tieba.baidu.com/f?z=622917574&ct=335544320&lm=0&sc=0&rn=30&tn=baiduPostBrowser&word=superjunior&pn=0TRANSLATION FROM


 Refusal 1
“Refuse your suggestion; I would like to play my LED board!”

Location: Beijing

Activities: OPPO Fan Meeting

In an interactive part with fans, a fan went onto the stage with her LED board, but it was not convenient to play games with it on hand. Therefore, Han Geng offered to help her take it. The girl said, “It is too troublesome, or maybe you can put it on the ground.”
However, to everyone’s surprise, Han Geng just refused. Instead, when the girl was playing games at front, Han Geng was obsessed with playing with that lovely LED board and seemed as if he forgot everything else around him.Reason of refusal: I just want to play!!Warmth star: N

Relevant posting:

Refusal 2
“Refuse your following. It is too cold! Just go home! “
Location: Shanghai
Activity: The recording of the Chinese New Year Festival
It was freezing that day when SJM had to record the theme song as well as a dancing song. Therefore, they had no choice but to hurry back and forth.
There were a great number of fans waiting outside. In the meantime, some chose to follow their cars. However, the agent was so strict that it was impossible for Han Geng to talk with them.
However, you can never imagine how he managed to talk with us. In his car, he used his UFO receiver and on the screen he typed the following words: “It is too cold. Go home now!” Then he held it behind the car window and showed it to the fans.
Reason of refusal: It is too cold. I want you to take care of yourselves.
Warmth Star: N stars
(One pine tree added: I was able to tell “Go Home..” in Chinese characters…how sweet and warm Han Geng is…T.T)
Refusal 3

“Refusal of your tears, I know your heart”

Location: Hong Kong

Activity: SJM signing promotion

The moment a girl went up to Han Geng, she could not help but cry out. Maybe she was just too excited or maybe she was missing him too much. Usually, it was not allowed to cry in the signing promotion; however, Han Geng just stood up and embraced that crying girl, regardless of the strict request of the agent. Softly, he patted her back and repeated “do not cry. It is fine. Everything will be OK. Do not cry.”

Reason of refusal: I do not want your tears. I want your smiles.
Warmth Star: N stars


Refusal 4
“I do not want to see you so tired. Study is the priority”
Location: South Korea
Activity: Waiting for SJM’s arrival at the airport
There is a fan in South Korea. She studies there and therefore almost every time she always waits for Han Geng at the airport. Then, as time goes on, Han Geng remembers her gradually. After he knew her condition, he said to her” it is too hard for you this way. You just cannot afford it. Your studies are the most important.”
The moment the girl heard this, she was deeply moved. It was not like a star that talked to her. Han Geng was like an elder brother, who cares a lot about the sister’s study and life.
Refusal reason: You should study hard.
Warmth Star: N



 Refusal 5

“Refuse your waiting. You have to have lunch first”

Location: studio

Activity: ZSM shooting

Two fans of Han Geng were lucky enough to be allowed to enter the studio and watch the shooting. The whole morning, they stood there silently, watching the people they are fascinated with. It was the lunch tome, and Han Geng found them still standing there. Then he said to them “Do not watch at me any more. Just go and have lunch first.” Then he asked relevant staff to lead them for lunch. After a moment they came back. The moment Han Geng saw them, he asked, “have you finished your lunch?” The girls nodded. Then he gave a charming smile and said a word “my good girl.”
(Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !!!!!!
Extremely jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Refusal reason: I do not want to see you starve.

Warmth Star: N
Jealous star: n+n

Refusal 6
“Refuse your delicious food. Do not tease me ah!!!”
Location: Han Geng’s CY
Activities: fans’ continuous picture of delicious food
After his vocation in China, Han Geng had to lose weight loss and strictly control his diet. Therefore, every day he had to starve. After the fans got this news, they mischievously uploaded pictures of delicious food to lure him. Then finally one day he could not control himself any more and sighed to his fans “you are teasing me…”
Refusal reason: you are bullying me!!!!
Warmth star: N



Refusal 7
“Refused the staff, I would like to sign for her”

Location: Thailand

Activities: album signing

It is asked that the members can only sign on the cover of the Album. However, there was a young Thai fan, who is particularly fascinated with Han Geng. Secretly, she turned the album to Han Geng’s solo page. But unfortunately, the staff caught her and would drive her out. The fan could help cry out. At this very moment, Han Geng stood up, took her album, and signed on his solo page of the album.

Refusal reason: I can not standby and see my fan crying
Warmth star: N stars




Refusal 8
“Refuse 120, I would like to stand on the stage for them “

Location: CCTV backstage

Activities: Olympic host

Before the show, the staff was showing relevant rules to the members. Suddenly Han Geng went off in a faint. Then the agent and Siwoon was quick enough to hold him otherwise his head would be seriously hurt. He looked pale and his fist gripped tightly. The staff wanted to call 120, but Han Geng refused. He shook his head and said” I am fine.” …
That day what we saw was still the Han Geng, who smiled and always showed his best.

Refusal reason: I will show you my best on the stage.
Warmth star : N+N




Refusal 9
“Refuse to look at all the video with masks, I just want to end this kind of life”

Location: South Korea

Activities: months of performance with mask on the stage

Process:To avoid declination of the new team, he offered to hide himself under an old mask. It lasted for more than 3 months. People always say Han Geng has a strong heart. However, no matter how strong he is, he has something that he cannot bear after all. Strong minds hurt too. Maybe all the performances with masks have become a sting in his heart. However, in his diary, he showed nothing but happiness and thankfulness. He always gives others happiness and warmth.

Refusal reason: Just look forward.

Touched star: N




 Refusal 10
“Refuse your refusal. I just want to sing for you “

Location: Hunan

Activity: recording

Because of various activities, Han Geng had not slept for two days. After his dance, he almost fainted. There would have been other activities; considering his health, the staff just cancelled it.
However, Han Geng insisted on singing a song for all his fans. Then that was how we can hear the moving song “I will”.

Refusal reason: I want you to know my heart.
Warmth star: N


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17 Responses to Han Geng; His 10 Refusal…(very touching stories)

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Are you in LA now?

    Wow, you’ve already recovered from jet lag?

    Although I have read these stories at Gengbar, but I am still moved.

    I always feel Hangeng is so beautiful when he was singing “I will”. I know Hangeng is manly and want to behave manly, but I just cannot stop thinking of the beauty of his smile and bright eyes ^^

  2. AgehaHime says:

    When I first found your old Korean blog on Naver, I followed it even though I didn’t understand anything and could only look at pictures. Now with your English blog I was able to read all these fascinating stories and articles about Hangeng.

    Your blog is getting more and more interesting every time I read it. First-handed stories like these about Hangeng (or any other member) are a bit hard to find for some people that don’t know another language or bad at finding things. (Like me ^^)

    However, you were nice enough to not only share but also translate your own personal stories for others. When the stories don’t belong to you, you asked for them and the people were also nice enough to help you spread the love that is Hangeng.

    I don’t remember if I’ve say it before, but Thank You. I’m mostly the silent reader type and rarely comment since I don’t have lot to say. But you have been sharing a lot and very friendly, so with this particular post with many insider stories I’ve never read before I just have to write this long comment. ^^; Haha… Sorry about that.

    If you really really don’t mind, I would like to talk with you more through email or something. (Hope I don’t sound like a stalker to you.) I would also like to put a link to your website on my LJ account if you’re ok with that and share with others these stories now that they could finally read them.. =.=; Ah, I’m asking for too much…

    Again, Sorry for the long comment and requests. Kam-sa-hap-ni-da for your hard work. =)

  3. yuki-j says:

    i see this story in superjunior bar.his author 我比你关心他 is a famous girl among geng fans she has written many articles about hanggeng in superjunor bar . in her baidu space .there are many articles about hangeng
    her articles are readed many times by people at least 200 thousand
    . her baidu space address

    . ask a question .can you see tudou and youku ?
    here is a video frequency made by geng fan
    is very intersting

    不是因为寂寞才想你 http://www.tudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=6724361
    hangeng boyfriend

  4. yuki-j says:

    this author has 5 posts in her baidu space
    each post has readed by people at least 200 thousand .if these posts translated in english
    more people can know hangeng deeply

    here are her baidu space address

    if you can see youku or tudou
    here are some videos made by geng fans
    it is very interesting
    fire dance
    不是因为寂寞 才想你http://www.tudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=6724361
    我们都 爱拥抱他 made by我比你关心他http://www.tudou.com/playlist/playindex.do?lid=6724361
    boy friend

  5. Green bristlegrass says:

    Hangeng is a unique celebrity.

    The more you know about his inside stories, the deeper you would love him.

    Hiya, pinetree: I am so happy to see your blog has been recognized by more and more fans from different countries.

    Thanks a lot, AgehaHime! your comment is so encouraging! It’s just great to see Pinetree’s blog can be an international platform to spread love for Hangeng. Although I am not the host of this blog, I woud be really happy to help in certain way, say translating inside stories from Chinese to English. ^^

    What do you think, Pinetree? If you truly don’t mind, I may try to translate the information which you are interested in or something I think interesting, and send it to you. For sure, I will ask you to see if you actually need it before doing.

  6. Green bristlegrass says:

    Yes, I thought about starting my own blog before, but in this stage in terms of English promotion for Hangeng, I think quality is more important than quantity.

    Since your blog has attracted more attention of fans from different countries, and I think one place with relatively comprehensive collection about Hangeng should be more convenient for viewers, so they don’t have to go to different places and search for things.

    For sure, one springboard is a startingpoint, I believe we will have more in future. Please do not feel any pressure, I think there is no duty for fans, I am doing it for enjoyment, and sharing is a part of my enjoyment.

    Hopefully, I have made my point ^^ Again , thank you for everything you are doing here!

  7. Ashley says:

    Dear Pine Tree,

    Just want to let you know that the lady who hug Hangeng in the picture of “Refusal 3” is the lovely mother fan, Sabrina (常愛庚宝/S姐), but she is not that crying girl mentioned in the case, I think the author just use the picture as a reference only.


  8. fang says:

    Refusal 7….i got this one too….^ ^
    i still remember the moment when he signed for me even his manager saw…
    He always gives others happiness and warmth ..couldn’t agree more
    This is very cute story ^ ^
    Thank you for your translation…(all every story)
    Thanks in advance haha…

    ps..umm..maybe i will translate this again
    can i ? ^ ^

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