Han Geng is Spoken in Here…

Dear friends,

I was going to give myself a break from running the blog for a week.

But you guys did not leave me any other options but posting this one today. Thanks to NAVER.COM’s statistics service on blog visitors, your posting came to my attention the next day right away.

What else can I say? THANK YOU; I am much honored to receive such positive and supportive comments on my posting. Running this blog is my little appreciation for Han Geng, who has brought me such a great deal of joy and happiness in the life.

Obviously language differences exist between us.

However, it doesn’t seem to be a matter to us at all, simply because…

Han Geng is spoken in here.


From One Pine Tree for Han Geng ^^



This was posted at my naver’s blog after I first found out my posting was translated in Chinese. I was very moved by positive and supportive comments by Chinese Geng fans.  So I posted a kind of Thank You note.

Sometimes, I am wondering why I am doing this…I am a full-time graduate student while raising up my own child with some special needs.

I am much older than my colleagues who are young, smart, and single…investing their life solely on studying and researching…

Time is money for me…

I rather should spend more time on reading articles and studying …

After running a Geng’s blog, many things happened to me:

First, my health got better…I lost 20 pounds…now in a pretty good shape..

Second, my mental health got better…nowadays people see me being happy most of time..they ask me what’s going on with me…why I am so happy…yeah..you know why ^^

Third, I made so many precious friends, Geng fans, Geng family…Koreans, Chineses, Thai, Americans….I mean, I don’t know how long this relationship will continue…

But based on my previous experience of supporting a star, when I made a quite number of friends out of it, I am sure I will be able to keep touch with some of newly made friends, although the number would be only two or three.

So….although everything started from simply supporting Han Geng, the one who is actually being supported is me….


Thank you, Han Geng…



P.S. By the way, today this blog made a record with most visits since its opening. Thanks again for spreading words about this blog.

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7 Responses to Han Geng is Spoken in Here…

  1. icewater says:

    Han Geng is the kind of person knows thanks giving, therefore he attracts the same kind of person, like you – our friend Pinetree…I was deeply moved by you as well…

    PS: Pinetree, take good care of yourself, as well as your son. I look forward to reading more great articles from you~~~

  2. fang says:

    OH…three comments in one day..because today is a holiday ^ ^
    Here Today is mother’s day…so everyone stop working
    . Staying with mom in this special day and bless her to be happy forever.
    ~~ Send this blessing to Korea for a great mom like you kkk~~
    Happy forever Jemma..^ ^

    …You teach me many things (I can truly say Han Geng too…)… to see the other way of love. What can we do to make love more worth. What can I do for him not for myself ^ ^ not by saying but doing…for being a better fan.. (hehe, don’t say you didn’t. Although it was from many sources, many people, blogs…Thank you to them in advance too.)
    I don’t know will our relationship last long too…but I will continue to support you as one of geng’s fan… like I will support Geng forever.
    And look forward to see your great articles. ^ ^

    Thank you Jemma

  3. Green bristlegrass says:

    Pinetree, I should say THANK YOU again, for EVERYTHING!

    Please do take a break when you need to, just give us a heads up, so we won’t be worried about you.

    PS: I have got the reply from the author, and she’s been so nice to provide me a condense version of her postings which is much easier for me to translate. I am going to do the translation within couple days, after she approve my translation, I will send it to you.

    Please take care…and…I wish the losing 20 pounds thing could happen to me…^^

  4. notabetrayal says:

    i want to say thank you too..
    first, for Hangeng oppa, who give me and gengfans a warm aura, a good smile, and everything..
    second, for onepinetree, who write a good post like this(all of in this blog about hangeng) and thanks of all about han…

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