Han Geng, your embrace is so warm…by Mimi (the fan picked up by Han Geng at OPPO)

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The original posting at http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=622544045

The Author: 庚家瓜子米米 a.k. a.  Mimi

The Translator: 常愛庚宝 a.k.a. Sabrina 


  (This lady is Sabrina ^^)

Sabrina is a mother fan of Han Geng, who used to live in Canada, lives in Hong Kong now. I really apprecite her hard work for translating Mimi’s article, which was not an easy task…

Thanks to her hard work, now we, non-Chinese speakers, can truly appreciate Han Geng’s charm once more.


In Korea, we have one trendy phrase…

“if you write A , then you read it as B..”

Many Korean Geng fans played with it regarding Han Geng.

Some of examples are:

If you write ” Han Geng”, then you read it as “Black Hole.”

If you write ” Han Geng”, then you read it as “Sensation.”

Like that….

For me…

If you write “Han Geng”, then you read it as “Being Moved”…

It’s another sleepless night in LA…


“Hangeng, Your embrace is so warm”

by Mimi Translate by 常愛庚宝

All my life, I have never won any draw at all, I would like to thanks Hangeng 韩庚, you let me know there are miracles in the world.
And you are my miracle.

Many girls have already wrote about the whole event, therefore, I am going to write just the part which everyone might be most concerned. – the interaction between Hangeng and me.

~ ~ ~ Until now I still felt I was in a dream, a dream so beautiful, which I really do not want to wake up ~ ~ ~ When Geng pointed me with the laser pen, I could not tell whether he is pointing at me.  I only know that he was looking toward my side. At the meantime, I was sitting on the aisle with my left hand holding the Geng light sign, and a reflective word Geng on my T-shirt. They might be the reason why I was chosen to go up there. While I was still looking both way, 大左 the MC said “don’t look anymore, it was you, the one with the Geng on you.”
I went totally bewildered ~~~ I would never thought Hangeng would have chosen me !!!! This blessing came so suddenly, I don’t know what to do.

While I was on the way up stage 大左 asked me not to bring the Geng light, I was going to leave it with the person on my left (who have a Gengbar hat) But while I was lining up to get on stage, I noticed that the other fan have a towel with her, (my towel is on my seat, I would never have enough time to go back to get it). Within the next 0.1 second, I made a wise decision, I took back the light which I left just a few seconds along and bring it on stage. So later there is a scene which Geng play with his own brand of lights.

In fact, after I got upstage, there is only one idea in mind, that is, not to lose Hangeng’s face, Gengfans can not let Geng be ashamed ! I used all my energy to maintain a smile, in fact, my entire face are rigid. My small calf cramps but I force myself to stand straight. I have to make a good impression regardless. The moment I got up there, before I did anything, I felt a poking on my arm. I turned and look, that was Hangeng poking on the little dragon Geng while he smile brillantly ~ ~ ~ So I was spike ~ ~ ~ I told him that this is the dragons G, there is one which is another style. He nodded and continue to smile. At the time I almost wanted to tell him that there is another little dragon with no pants on~\(≥▽≤)/~,,,, but I was too shy to say so. Hahaha~~~. Then I pointed at the peach Geng there, he said he got it too, he got a whole set~~~ I asked him, isn’t it lovely ? He said, Lovely. I asked again, do you like it ? He said: I like it. Haha, Geng Geng, you are a real loli and you like cartoons too, right? You must feel our girl are talented too ? Haha, 小帆,MING (the one who made the drawing ) are you happy ?











To say the truth, while I was on my 26 hours’ train towards the capital on the hard seat, I was thinking blindly that what if I have a chance to talk to Hangeng one day, what should I say.  ~ But when the moment really comes, my mind turn blank. I was so shy that I couldn’t even turn to look at him. Like a girl who see her first love, I could not even raise my head. At this time I realized that Zhang Ailing sentence: “Meeting him, I become very low, low as the dust”. When I spoke in front of municipal leaders, in front of General Assembly with a thousand people, I have not been so tense. I feel so nervous I almost want to cry.
I turned to Hangeng and said, I am nervous. He smiled and swing his head, said very gentlely and very softly: Don’t be nervous~ ~ ~ .I turned my head and told myself, calm! Calm! Later, when I look back to the video that others made, I found out that Geng have leaned over with his ear closed to me each time he talk to me. My thoughtful Hangeng, let me what to do ?? Instead of loving you, and loving you hard, what can I do ??











At this time, Siwon came along with his two fans to talk to Hangeng, I can not understand since it is in Korean.
Then I have the following conversation with Hangeng. (I try to be in sequence, but I wouldn’t be sure since I am almost go bizzarred sometimes ╮(╯▽╰)╭)。。。。My amnesia went more serious now.

Me (with thumbup): Hangeng you are great.
Geng: Thanks
Me: You have to keep fighting
Geng: Yes, I will do that
Me: Hangeng, this is my first trip to Beijing
Geng: Is that so ? (he said it a few times)
Then he asked : where are you from ?
Me: I came from Zichuan
Geng: That far, it is hard on you.
Me: No, it is not, you are really hard
Then I touch my crazyly pumping heart said: I am so nervous, what should I do ?
Geng smile, his head raised a little, said gentlely, Don’t be nervous (Don’t sound in a extended way)
Me: Hangeng, please come to Chongqing, and eat hot pot ~
Then I saw the puzzled look, remembered I just told him that I was in Zichuan, I explained: I read in Chongqing ~
Geng: I want to go to Chongqing too,
He stopped and continue: in fact I was in Chongqing once
Me: Was it the Peacock Cup time ?
Geng: Yup
Me: I was lunching in Plum flower all the time this few days
Geng: Taste good ?
Me: Delicious
Geng; (With puzzled looks, held his body back a little): you meant it ? (TAT G G you could not believe me ? I want to tell your mom that you are dashing plum flower signs
Me: Of Course it is true ! I was from the South and seldom eat dumplings, but it is really delicious!


At this time the MC 大左 came to take us to the front. ~ Then there is the questioning. Everyone should have saw it on the Official OPPO MV. I did not say it to make it sensational, this is from my heart. Lots of us have said, why didnn’t I came along with him from the beginning, if I know him earlier, love him sooner, could I bring more happiness to him on his hardship ? Would he have more backup ?
However, these assumptions can not be set up, we can only look towards the future, we can love and love him much more. Let his smile and happiness also becomes more, much more.



After I said: ” liking Hangeng, no matter when it starts, I will never feel soon enough ” I felt a hand came behind my back , I was pulled gently, then I was surrounded by a warm embrace.    The smell of Cologne gently assail my nostrils, I was startled, I can not believe, that happiness could come so suddenly!!!

When I finally know how to react and want to respond to him by my hand, he has already moved away his hands  ~ ~ o (>_<) o ~ ~ Thus our two hands in the middle collided, the Genglight on my right hand snapped off and landed on the ground, I was shocked and pick it up quickly. (小帆~Since G G play with lights for so long, you will forgive me for dropping it on the ground, right ?~ ~Haha)











大左 then asked me: What do you want to say to him ? I am not very creative and I said: I hope Hangeng can take more care of himself, we will always support him. And then all of a sudden I thought of this activity, I said hastenly: I am also very grateful for OPPO for hosting this concert, so that we have the opportunity to have such close contact with Hangeng, thank you OPPO ~ ~ ~



When I was ready to get back,  suddenly G G bow down to me. And then he said thanks. I immediately got loss! My God, the earth, Oh, Oh Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, Oh, this is giving me a personal Hangeng’s bow ! I should count the number of good things I have done on my past life! ! ! I quickly bent down and said : Thank you Hangeng. (It seems like my kindergarten teacher have said: when people say thank you, you do not have to say thank you ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭) Really, jiong 囧 person have jiong 囧 fans (I can not translate the word Jiong). At this time, Happiness overwhelmed me once again, Geng Geng came to hug me again. This time I have experience, I circled him softly and said wholeheartedly, thank you Hangeng!















After we went back to the back, Geng Geng has taken the initiative to talk to me ~ \ (≥ ▽ ≤) / ~ Lalala
Geng: Our second album will be out soon, the songs are really great, you will all like them
I was still deep in the joy and I said foolishly, Oh, it that so ?
Geng: yes, we have put a lot of afford in making the album, you will all like it
Me: Yup yup, I really like the first album. I bought it for all my friends, and I have cultivated them to become Geng fans (My dear, that was you)
Geng: Really ? (when he said that he look up a little, the expression of his eyes is so cute)
Me: I will buy the second album too.
Geng: Good, you will all like them, it is really good. (Geng Geng, you are winding)
Me: So when will the second album be available ?
Geng (in a thoughtful way): it might be available about the beginning of Sept, we will start the promotion about mid Sept.
Me: Will there be any signing activity ?
Geng: There might be some
Me: if there is any, I’ll be there
Geng (with his wide eyes): Is that true ?
Me: For real. (Geng Geng, why don’t you believe me all the time ? I am not a kid. (Please say it the way Geng said to his father in the Youth’s stage)

At this time my cell phone vibrated, it was Ming who called. I know she is on the second floor, I look up and show the uncountable Geng’s light. Immediately I pointed them to Hangeng and said : this is the Knights group. As I pointed, I heard huge voice from the second floor, and all the Geng lights are up. I was totally shocked !! The whole second floor, almost every light are Geng light. It is like stars in the sky, so very beautiful. I saw Geng smile and raised his hand to waved to the second floor, another huge voice again !! Geng fan at the second floor, although we lose position to other fan group, but Hangeng, the one you supported have saw you !! The full room of Geng light, the outboosting love,  he saw it all !! He understands, he understand all his fans !! We have no regrets !!



130Afterward others have told me, before I pointed it the Hangeng, he had never lookup. Don’t blame it on him, the second floor is really high, he is also the one with most responsiblity in the whole group, therefore, he would not pay attention to other things and look up there.
Now that we have let him know that we are all here, we are all here just for him, only him, isn’t that enough ? (I hope I have a right to say these here O(∩_∩)O)


Other than the Knight group, I pointed him to other Geng light, here and there are our Geng fans, Mama fans group and oversea group are both presented. I lead him specially to the light “韩小咩”asking him whether he saw that, he said he saw it. I told him the owner is Geng fans returned from Korea, the person had also attend the SJ second tour, he said “Really ? ”  (From now on ! we have a new saying, Is that so ? Really ? ) I say yup !!


Then he said : It must be hard for them
Me: It is harder on you

Then he lower his head and murmuring something with himself. Though I raised my ears, I can only heard a few words…………
“It is hard on Everyone, …….. I believe …………. what they have given will have their rewards …………



When I heard the last few words, I was deeply moved.
Me: What you have given will have rewards too.


I was going to ask him about his white hair but 大左 asked all the fans to stand on the front row at this time. That was the beginning of the dancing part. I thought I was going to faint, I am most afraid of this, I don’t have any art cells on me, I like to see Geng Geng dance, I myself can not do any dance at all ~ ~( ⊙ o ⊙ )!
At the time, there is only one thing on my mind : can not let Hangeng who is the great dancer lost face. Holding the Geng light with me, without any thought I just hand it over to Hangeng saying : Hangeng please hold it for me. Then I turn and wait for my turn. After I came back everyone asked me: how come you handed over the lights so smoothly to Hangeng. I look puzzled and asked: how do I give him that? A group of people go crazy !! After I saw the MV they took, I realized, my God, how could I give that to him so smooth ~ The same way I normally do with other things ~ ah habits. . . What a terrible thing ~ ~ ~ !!

However, for Geng Geng, well, happy playing ? ~ It must be the first time he played openly with his own lights ? ~ Ha ha















OK !! Dance is not the part I can avoid, who care, well Jiong  囧 star have Jiong 囧 fans. I did enough Jiong 囧 (crazy ?) things for Hangeng, nevermind losing face once more in front of him. You can all despise me for my “dancing” ~ ~ ~ It has proved that: it is necessary for all Geng fan to practice their dancing skill !!  ~ If you like to have close contact with Geng Geng? If you want to embrace Geng Geng ? Take dance practice! ~ (All said : dragged out the advertising person !!! 40 strokes with the cane!!!)












It is said that,while I sweated profusely with the “dance” , Geng put a study on his own light at the back, when he found out how to turn it on, he swing it left and right ~ ~ TAT … what a kid, are you really so fascinated? Bad guy! Big bad guy ! ! !












The most unreasonable thing is that 大左 asked us to dance a second time after we finish the first one. At this time Hangeng came out happily to ask DaiChaw to join us on the dance, that scares  大左 a lot. I laugh knowing that this kid love to trick others when he feel great~~~ Aren’t you happy happy today ?? ~~~


After that, 大左  said to let the fans dance with the idols, I turned and saw Geng still holding the light on his hand, I said : let’s put it on the ground. Hangeng said unhesitatedly “no, I hold it “O(╯□╰)o, this kid, he is addicted ~~~ 小帆,aren’t you happy seeing this ?~~~


Then it was the time to choose the winner,  I heard the audience began to shout uniformly “Hangeng.” They all want them to choose me? Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I actually do not mind the outcome, but I was touched by the thundering cry ~ ~ ~ I know lots of you who is sitting in the audience love  Hangeng as much as I do. And there are many, many of you treated me as friends and as sister. Becoming a Hangeng fans, knowing Hangeng fans, is my source of happiness.
When Hangeng asked Donghee to choose the winner, my mind is as clear as a mirror, I don’t really care for win or lose. Our Geng Geng, is more and more mature, and he is more noble. I am sure everyone understand his intentions. When Henry’s fan were chosen to be the winner, I don’t feel any lost, the only little regret is, if I can dance better, would you be happier ?















Time always run fast, especially when you are with the one you treasures in your heart all the time. The fans interactive session is going to the end, Geng Geng returned the light to me, and I was ready to leave the stage. When I saw the other idols hugging their fans, my heart fibrillate a bit. Geng Geng almosts heard what I said in my heart, he left his microphone with one of his members and he went and extended his hand to me, I was so surprised I almost cry. But more surprises yet to come. Geng Geng with his warm hand pull me gently towards him, then I was in his embrace once again. He said softly on my ear: Fighting. I held back my tears and said calmly : thank you Hangeng, you go fighting too.
















Stepped down from the stage, I am in the complete state of sleepwalking, I really could not believe that just happened, could not believe such happiness could have happened to me. One of the Mama Fans hugged me, and I cling to her affordedly. Then came lot of girls hold me and asked what I feel. All I can say is that I felt like a dream. I hope that this is a dream, a dream that never wake up. I also hope that this is not a dream, because Hangeng’s warm embrace still feel so true and real.
When happiness came so suddenly, one always at a loss on what to do ?


Hangeng, I will always remember this day, all the joy and happiness you have given me this day !! I am so grateful to you, for giving me this beautiful memory which I can treasure the rest of my life. Don’t forget our agreement, see you on the second album ! You still own me your signature.

Believe me, I will always be with you!


Believe me, I will always be with you!




Sabrina added some pictures of Han Geng’s teary eyes…












Thanks…GOD…for sending him to us….

I Love you, Han Geng…

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12 Responses to Han Geng, your embrace is so warm…by Mimi (the fan picked up by Han Geng at OPPO)

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    WOW, you are so quick!!!! I just found this translation and come to tell you, but you’ve already posted it.

    Actually, I wanted to translate this article before, but I am slow, feel really sorry about it…Anyway, It’s just so great to see it in English. Even though I have known many things, I still feel speechlessly moved by such love between Geng and his fans!

    PS: you said you are interested in the other postings from Ten refusal’s author, right? It seems that her English is pretty good, I will ask her if she would like to translate them, and if she doesn’t mind her postings be translated by me in case she doesn’t have time.

  2. Green bristlegrass says:

    I have sent the message to the author.

    Just wanna share a video clip with you, it’s a fancam. This is the first time I saw the complete version of his dance on that show. I know he is an amazing dancer but still…wow…speechless.


    maybe one more (traditional dance)

  3. fang says:

    What can i do….instead of loving you?
    so moved…i just noticed that he got tears…
    …You are my miracle too…

  4. Sabrina 常愛庚宝 says:

    Dear Pinetree,

    I am glad that you have posted my translation here.
    Haha, you have even posted my photo with Hangeng.

    You said you want to find some Hangeng show at youtube ?
    There is one here :

    “Happiness Headquarters ” this one have English subtitle

  5. stalker93 says:

    ah, what he said touched my heart…he is really a beautiful person..thank you so much for sharing!!

  6. Zoey says:

    I enjoy the feelings between HanGeng and Geng fans. I always moved by the loves among them…..I love HanGeng and Geng Fan so much~

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