You write "Han Geng" and read it as "Sensation"

One of my dear Korean Gen fans wrote like this at her blog:
“You write ‘Han Geng” and read it as ‘Black hole’.”

Ah….how appropriate expression!

When I was chatting with another Gen fan over the MSN, we complained about how hard being a Geng fan as a student…since we were spending too much time on “studying” him instead of studying our own subjects ^^…

So we came to a conclusion…
“You write ‘Han Geng’ and read it as ‘ Evil’.”

Ha ha…..

Yesterday one Korean Geng fan replied in a secret to my naver blog’s posting ( ), saying “why do I have my tear every time I see Han Geng’s video clip…?”

I wrote her back, “because ‘you write Han Geng and read it as ‘Sensation'”….





I have never thought about using such words as ” sensation” “moving” “touching” “impressive” so many times when talking about one member of a boysband even in my dream.

Today I want to share one fan-made movie with you. Unfortunately I don’t have any idea who produced this one.
This video clip appeared to use MS Movie Maker as a tool, not Vegas or Premier. So we don’t see any special techniques or effects.
Nevertheless, this video grasped me in dept, because I could feel the producer’s efforts and affection toward Han Geng through video’s every single second.

Appreciation point 1

Han Geng’s mom surprised Han Geng at the quiz show where Han Geng won the grand prize. As you can see, she looks like my age T.T.
When she was walking toward the stage, her long legs were amazing. I think Han Geng’s long legs figure seems to be from his mom. I remember his dad also looked so young and handsome that I was very surprised. As expected, Han Geng was the outcome of superior genes.


Appreciation point 2

I think Han Geng singing “I will” was the motive of this fan-made movie. I already introduced him singing ” I will” several times at my Naver blog. Still, every time I see it, it touches me.

With the BGM of a female singer’s “I will”, this shows Han Geng’s teary moments. 

 Once again, I want to emphasize this: Although he appeared to often show his tears, he never wasted them.  He only showed his tears when it was unavoidable situation. In addition, he clearly did not want to show his tears to his fans. So he turned around, put his head down, covered his face with the hands, or wiping his tears with his fingers, even before his tears dropped to his face.

That’s why we often noticed his teary eyes but never observed his wet face.

Appreciation point 3

We can see the masked Han Geng. Although we manage to watch the masked Han Geng in the past, it is still very hard for many devoted Geng fans to endure it.

 Appreciation point 4

Through SJM and Olympics, Han Geng started revealing his true value to us.  I mean his company SM should know how to manage Han Geng, instead of simply making him busy most of time.  In year of 2008, Han Geng proved himself to us as a super star material.

Appreciation point 5

Fans sang ” I will” along with Han Geng. Wiping, touching their tears, and waiving LED sign of Geng, they showed their support for Han Geng.

At the end, I see a fan showing two thumbs up…



Han Geng…

You are truly….


Those who cannot see you tube, please click this one:

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8 Responses to You write "Han Geng" and read it as "Sensation"

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    When I was chatting with another Gen fan over the MSN, we complained about how hard being a Geng fan as a student…since we were spending too much time on “studying” him instead of studying our own subjects ^^…

    So we came to a conclusion…
    “You write ‘Han Geng’ and read it as ‘ Evil’.”


    same here, HAHA…”evil” indeed!

  2. icewater says:

    Ah… my dear Pinetree, I really want to show you how much I appreciate at your excellent “study” on Han Geng…however, please forgive my poor English and the limit expression ~~~

    I have came to my conclusion after I finished reading all you articles: You were touched by Han Geng, I was touched by Han Geng, you, and many other Geng fans… No matter which countries we are in….

    I love you, Han Geng!
    I love you, Geng fans!

  3. megyuanyuan says:

    Dear onepinetree,
    I was touched by your love to Han Geng ever since I read your posts in one of the Chinese fansites. It feels like I finally found someone who understands my feelings, someone that I can talk to.
    I live in Los Angeles alone, sometimes the loneliness is unbearable. Geng has always been my motivation when I am down. However, my friends would scold me for still chasing after some idol in the late twenties. They don’t understand that it is in Geng that I can find peace and regain my energy.
    Oops, I think I wrote too much, but this is only a corner of my thoughts. I will definitely follow your posts, so keep updating.^^

  4. memo says:

    i love Geng Ge so much.
    i’m so happy that i know him.

    i’m very proud of my brother ‘Geng Ge’.

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