Han Geng: What a beauty…

Today I will just post some of Han Geng’s pictures that emphasize how beautiful he is…

Yeah…Han Geng is BEAUTIFUL…..

Most of picures have their own logos on them. Regardless of the logos, all the pictures I got from the Geng Bar:



As a person who actually saw Han Geng with my own two eyes, I safely can say none of these pictures did fully show the true beauty of Han Geng….

Han Geng in suitHan Geng in concerthan geng_neck_linepretty_han genghan geng with female fanhan geng in leather jackethan geng in U mvhangeng at airport

Han Geng at airport 2teary Han Geng han geng in forcehan geng in white suithan geng with eye glassespretty Han geng han geng with v signhan some han geng han genghangenghangenghangenghangenghangenghan genghangenghangenghangenghangenghangenghangenghangenghangenghan genghangeng

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7 Responses to Han Geng: What a beauty…

  1. Angie says:

    He is no-dead-angle handsome man~~
    How can someone be that perfect? Seeing his parents, you will know that he has good genes~~

  2. Icydog says:

    I always think Geng is so beautiful~~
    A kind of beauty which beyond sex.
    (Sorry..geng…it’s not handsome….)

    Geng’s mum is a very kind and beautiful woman~~
    I saw her once in last year~
    I have taken a pic with her ^^

  3. icewater says:

    haha, I just read a sentence of Han Geng following a serial of pictures in a Chinese fans bar:

    ” He is more handsome than a male and more beautiful than a female” ^-^

    I can’t agree with it more!

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