No Words Necessary: Han Geng's Charm in SS Off Shot Japan Album

Watching this video clip was very awkward: Chinese subtitles and Japanese dialogues of Super Junior members.  Com’on I speak only Korean and English…

 Anyway…I was watching this video clip without paying any special attention until the last moment and BOOM!

There was a scene that just hit me hard!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha….

Ha ha ha ha ha ha …


Gush…I am really bad, bad girl….

Ha ha ha ha ha ….


Ok, I decided to post about this video clip just for the scene that grasped my full attention. 

It has been for a while since I captured a video clip last time. Capturing action is an essence of idol fan activities, I think ^^.

These days I have been occupied with just talking, talking, and talking about Han Geng. In result, my blog posts seemed full of flattery words, which does not really fit in my personality. Yeah…I am not that nice and kind person. I am Korean…I am SPICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, first let’s enjoy the video clip.

Those who cannot access to youtube, please clink this link:

Credit : 蓝の华-SJ在日中国FanClub
Upload BY : NannY
Reupload : tomozuki1


OK, after watching the clip, were you able to find the scene I was talking about?  Were you?  Were you? Were you?

If I am the only one who thinks it’s a big deal, then it’s kinda embarrassing……..













I remember when SORRY SORRY MV first came out at Youtube, what I did was counting the number of SJ members to make sure there were all 13 of them. That time I was just a mere fan of Han Geng only, so did not have that much idea about other members of SJ (except SJM members).

I could tell it’s less than 13 at the first sight, so I had to click “stop” and “pause” several times to count each member. Yeah, as my high school home room teacher said, “No brain made your body get busy” = =;


Look at Han Geng…

Look at his force ….

He has a “masculine” shoulder line  and long legs at this clip. It’s strange…I have always thought Han Geng’s shoulder line is more feminine.


  Dong Hai and Si Won  were arms-wrestling (or hands-wrestling..whatever..).

Look at Si Won’s facial expression…it looked like….”Dude, you dare…” he kinda scorned Dong Hai.











 “Uh?”  Si Won got surprised…He might thought himself…”well, this time…I just play along with you..”











At this moment, Han Geng showed up; I guess he thought..” you guys are playing cute..”









OK, Si Won was like..”OK, I was goffying around with Dong Hai, but with you…” then….a  scream of pain…



“What the f$#% !” Si Won literally got shocked.

Ha Ha….Si Won…let’s just admit the fact: You are just a BIG KID ^^

Simultaneously Han Geng’s name was introduced on the screen.

I think he was one of a couple of members who did not formally introduce themselves in Japanese. Yeah, we shouldn’t ask Han Geng to do too much because our Han Geng is so privileged.

That’s how I was thinking until I saw…










OK, our privileged Han Geng, what are you doing? 

In stead of appealing with Japanese speaking, are you showing off your man’s force?


I thought Han Geng already showed off himself enough through his push-ups.

But he did not stop here.

Look at him playing with Sung Min = =;






They are so cute >.<.

This clip reminded me of their special bond during SORRY SORRY promotion period. When SJ went to Taiwan, Han Geng assisted Sung Min who got leg injury that time. When SJ went to Thailand for CF shooting, Han Geng also volunteered to be a camera man for Sung Min’s show.

It’s good feeling to watch their warm brotherhood.









Again, Han Geng who watched Dong Hai and Si Won play around before was just watching Ryeo Wook playing around now.

Look at Han Geng’s grin ^^, which reminds me of the scene when Han Geng told Ryeo Wook, ” You are much cuter!”  at a Chinese show program.












I recycled the word balloon from Si Won’s picture.. “What the f%$#..!”


Now, ladies and gentle men…finally but not least…the scene I was talking about …









Did you see it?

Do you understand how I felt?

Did you feel it?

Did you feel it?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…

AH……I am BAD, BAD, BAD….

I really feel sorry for other SJ members T.T….

But what can I do with such a perfect body of Han Geng?


  Look at Han Geng’s force…

Look at Han Geng’s force…

Look at Han Geng’s force…


Ah…just speechless….

Without speaking a single word in Japanese (OK, let’s just ignore those mumbles when playing with Sung Min),

Han Geng just showed his charm and true force as a MAN!

Specially with his long legs  = =;

That’s my boy, Han Geng..


Han Geng…

I Love You…


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4 Responses to No Words Necessary: Han Geng's Charm in SS Off Shot Japan Album

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Right on, that’s my girl, being SPICY!

    Hangeng is the most perfect creature in the world! Sexyyyyyyy!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been so emotional recently because translating those moving articles, but you just made the original me return.

    um…you still want those articles, right? I have finished part of them, and sent it to the author for approval.

  2. zung says:

    I am sooo happy to have found your blog through Google :). Keep up with the posts . I love and read them all.


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