Han Geng: What a Gentleman!

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This is a translation of  “Gentle Stories about Han Geng and his Fans”


The Author:我比你还关心他 (The same person who wrote “Hangeng’s 10 Refusal”)

The Translator: 初心莫忘

Gentle Story One
Location: Korea
Event: Album Signing

Process :
There were three signings of SJ that time. The first day, a Korean fan, full of excitement ran up to Han Geng, and asked ” Can I shake hands with you?” Kindly enough, Han Geng held out his hands (my dear, ah, how obedient you are to your fans! What if you are scolded by the agent?).
To his surprise, however, the fan grabbed his hand and suddenly kissed on it. Han Geng was so taken aback, giving out a soft “ah” of astonishment.
He had though it would be a simple handshake, however in fact, he was taken upon by a little girl!!
Then, on the third day of the signing, that fan appeared again. She went to Han Geng and asked” Do you remember me?”
On seeing her, Han Geng smiled gently and answered, “of course, I remember you”. And then he added immediately “Do not kiss me again this time!“
You can imagine the interesting expression on his face and also the soft “ah” when he was kissed by that brave fan.

Gentleness: you are my fan, so I will never be angry with you.
Gentle Star N
Jealous Star: N+N


 Gentle Story Two  “Well, be a good girl”
Location: Guangzhou, China
Event: the first shooting of the ZSM advertisement
After a long time in Korea, Han Geng came back to China finally, awaited by his first personal advertisement. Therefore, all the fans were very excited. However, they still waited outside the studio. They waited and waited, silently as usual.
Then in the midway, Han Geng went out and answered a phone, when he suddenly stopped and put down the phone. Then he asked them to have something to eat, and also promised that he would come after lunch.
He said to the fans downstairs, “Come on. Go for lunch. Believe me. You will see me then.”
It was late when the shooting was finished. Exhausted, Han Geng went out, with low fever.
However, as soon as he saw the fans, he smiled immediately, and asked “have you had lunch?”
All the girls all gave him an affirmative and affected answer.
Then Han Geng gave them another gentle smile, and said to himself
“Well, good girl”, as if the girls were his beloved daughter.
When he walked away all the fans were almost crazy….

Gentleness performance: You are my fans, so you are the apple of my eye!
Gentle Star: N + N
Jealousy Star: N + N



 Gentle Story Three

“A full bag of crayfish was envied by the security guard” Location: Hunan

Events: the recording of Happy Camp
A great number of fans went to that recording. Before dinner, there were still some fans waiting outside.
After a long day, they were all starving, when suddenly a staff went out, with a big bag of spicy crayfish in his hand.
He went to the fans and asked “are you the fans of Han Geng?” Everyone nodded.
Then he handed them the bag and said “Take it. Han Geng bought you this”
The fans took the bag and on the payment order they saw the name “Han Geng”.
Then the girls began enjoying the crayfish. How delicious it was!
The security guards nearby were so jealous, saying that they had never seen an idol who would remember to buy food for his fans!! “It was so nice of him!”

Gentleness: Share everything with my fans, especially delicious food! Ha ha
Intimate Star: N + N
Jealousy Star: N + N



 Gentle Story Four

Chance meeting with him at the Plum Dumpling Restaurant

Event: a dinner with friends
A few girls went to have dinner at Plum Dumpling Restaurant. Everything went on well when someone entered. He said” are you having a party?”
They answered” yes we are.”
Then he went upstairs with a word ”well enjoy yourselves”
It was not until then that the few girls came to themselves.
Was that Han Geng?
How gentle his voice is!
Any fan will go crazy at this moment!!
How handsome he is!
Gentleness: I never see myself as a star. I am their family, I am their friend.
Gentle Star: N+N
Jealous Star: N+N



Gentle Story Five  ‘We Love Hajima’
Location: South Korea Airport
Event: A Thai fan’s Chance meeting with Han Geng
A Thai fan happened to meet SJ at the airport. Then he ran to Han Geng and tries to speak with him. However, due to the language barrier, they could only use their broken English.
She gave Han Geng a T-shirt from HCT (Hankyung Club Thailand). Then Han Geng took it and on seeing it, he began to laugh. Just belly laugh.
Because on that T-shirt, it wrote “We Love Hajima“
(HAJIMA is an interesting pop word created by Han Geng in a program)
After a big laughter, he still signed on another T-shirt for that Thai fan.

Gentleness: You Love Hajima. Hajima Loves you, too.
Gentle Star: N+N
Jealous Star: N+N










Gentle Story Six  “I do not know how to spell your name”
Location: South Korean street
Event: Han Geng was recognized in the street and the fans wanted his signature.
It was a cold winter, when Han Geng was recognized in the streets and he was agitated.
The fans insisted on having his signature. Han Geng knew how to write his own name, however, he has no idea how to spell the fan’s name.
Then he pointed at their cell phones and asked them to type the names on the screen of the phone. How smart he was!
Therefore, he managed to copy the names on the screen and began to draw one name after another.
It was said that on that extremely cold day, he was almost frozen.

Gentleness: All for you, I am not afraid of coldness.
Gentle Star: N+N
Jealous Star: N+N

















Gentle Story Seven

“I did not write it right. What shall I do?”

Location: Airport

Event: An Airport staff helped to ask for the signature of “Baidu Han Geng Bar” for its second anniversary.

As soon as she saw Han Geng, the flight attendants gently asked “Could you please sign for “Baidu Han Geng Bar” as its second anniversary present?”
On hearing this, Han Geng sat down immediately and started to think.
And then he found a table and began to write carefully. After a long while, he finished.
However, when the sister looked at him full of expectation, he murmured out a sentence, as if he was a little child who had done wrong,
“I wrote Baidu Post Bar, instead of Baidu Han Geng Bar … …”
(You are so lovely)
Looking into Han Geng’s gentle eyes, he beautiful sister was also at a loss and all she could do was to say “that’s all right, that’s all right”

Gentleness: I get nervous even when I write to my fans!!
Intimate Index: N + N stars
Jealousy Index: N + N stars





Gentle Story Eight
“Get up!! It is dirty on the ground!! Be a good girl!!!”

Location: Internet
Event: Replying UFO
Han Geng‘s UFO has always been busy ever since he could communicate with fans this way.
Everyday, he replies a great number messages. However, the fans send many more, which makes it impossible for him to reply every message.
Therefore, after sending many messages, a girl still did not receive any reply. She was a little upset and sent another one, “Why do you reply to them but do not reply to me? I just want to welter about on the ground!!”
To her surprise, she immediately received the reply she had long expected, which was “Get up! It is dirty on the ground!! Be a good girl!!!”
How gentle the word is! It feels like that he is not a brother!
He is like a father!

Gentleness: I am not their idol. I am their brother
Gentle Star: N+N
Jealous Star: N+N


Gentle Story Nine

“He visited an ill fan in person, and advised her to take the operation immediately,”

Location: Shanghai
Event: An ill fan refused surgery
Process: Just see the picture
Han Geng revealed this in an interview.
In order to see his performance, a fan refused to have the operation.

Han Geng went to visit her in person and asked her to have the surgery as soon as possible.
The fan took his advice and when she recovered she also met Han Geng in Korea.

Gentleness: I am so moved by the love of my fans. But you should also take good care of yourselves.
Gentle Star: N+N
Jealous Star: N+N









Han Geng is very consistent in terms of dealing with his fans; Every single episode with his fans shows he is genuine, not phony like those Hollywood stars.

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  1. public says:

    😀 This stories make me smile again and again. He is so sweet. He even remember to buy food for his fans. How should I do? I love him. I love him. I love him.

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