Another Sleepless Night: Han Geng Whispers to You…


It’s almost 11 pm here…

But I don’t think I can fall asleep tonight…

Another sleepless night thanks to Han Geng…


The author (daydreamer 198) wrote;

To the people who watched my mini-drama series a billion years ago… I’m so sorry. xD I’ve been caught up in other obsessions, as you can tell, and I’ve run out of energy faster than usual because of my old age.

I know this is very short, this is actually only the intro of the real song ‘First Love’, but nonetheless I fell in love with Hangeng’s voice when I listened to this. You could take it as a preview of an upcoming full MV for the next episode, but the fact that this is here, so there is hope I’ll get inspiration again. 🙂

Zack sleeps, resting from a fever that struck him through the angst and depression of not being able to find Tifa. He dreams about his first love, and his wish to just be able to see her again, never wanting to make the mistake of letting her go again.

Song (not really):
Intro (First Love) – Narration by Hangeng, Zhang Liyin’s album “I WILL”

What I promised in the last episode will be in the next episode. xD I’m a broken record, I know. ”


[ep 4] Intro (First Love) – Zack/Tifa

For those who cannot access to Youtube, please click this link:

If my dreams could be embroidered into a piece of the ocean

I’d build a boat out of my missing for you

And I’d render my tears into an oar

Swaying towards your harbour with the ocean waves

My love for you cannot be confessed with words

My heart is being quitely buried by cowardice

I hope I can fall into your warm embrace

Never leaving you….




Han Geng…

Yeah…don’t leave me….you cannot…no you dare not…

What a voice…



Dear Green bristle grass,

Thank you for sharing this video with me..

You just made my day, AGAIN….

You are the ANGEL …. T.T

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9 Responses to Another Sleepless Night: Han Geng Whispers to You…

  1. icewater says:

    So happy that this clip has been posted here. I have listened to it many times tonight……
    Just love his voice!
    Oh, no, a sleepless night for me too!!

  2. Green bristlegrass says:

    So glad you guys like it!

    Hangeng is the real Angel.

    It is him make me become an angel ^^

    Sleep tight, everyone! ^^

  3. Green bristlegrass says:

    Hi, Pinetree

    I have posted the translation on Focus on Hangeng,
    please take a look~~~~~

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