What Kind of Person Hangeng is? by 我比你还关心他

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My dear friend Bristlegrass translated and posted this beautiful story at ihangeng.com.

What Kind of Person Hangeng Is?

Written by 我比你还关心他

Translation by Bristlegrass

For Chinese people, he is a celebrity created by Korean entertainment industry;
For Korean people, he is a foreigner debuted in Korea
Because of his dual-identity, he has always been paid “special” attention, or been accused for some groundless reasons;
However, in Gengfans’ eyes, he is the person named Hangeng who gives us so much warmth.
He is making every effort to reliably carry on different kind of duties, some are supposed to be his, some are just not.
To his compatriots, he has proved to be a proud Chinese,
To his company, he has proved to be a competent employee,
No matter in either country’s entertainment circle, he is a celebrity with precious qualities.


Hangeng, is a person truly not good at words.
He is not good at expressing himself with flowery words, he doesn’t know how to apple-polish, he has no idea about how to express love in words, and he knows little about how to kiss up to fans.
Just like in the “China’s trip” shows, we could see he was in heartache when a fan got hurt but he just didn’t know how to comfort, we also found he bought ice-cream for his fans but just hand in like a little silly not knowing what to say.
According to himself, “I am slow of tongue, not good at words.”
Is he really slow of tongue or just feeling too moved to express in words?








As well-known by those who know him well,
there is so much care in his words like “be careful, don’t get cold”
there is so deep love in his unchanged ending “I love you!”
there is special spoiling or childish sentiment when he is constantly writing “hehe” (a slightly silly laugh) to us…
there is full of meaning when he replied “I have always been here too” in UFO.
Someone said he was slow-witted for being an entertainer,
but I wanna say, he is just honest, that’s all!



Thinking of the words of “it’s cold, go back home” lightened up for his fans in Shanghai’s winter;
Thinking of his bows and owes to fans time and time again;
Thinking of he saying “sorry” to waiting fans only because he had to walk through VIP pass at airport;
Thinking of his splendid smile to us right after he almost fainted at the backstage in China and Thailand as well, he’s doing it just because of a simple commitment “I will present my best stage to you!”
Suddenly, we understand, what he gives us is as true and sincere as what we give him.

Because of love, there is trust; because of trust, there is more love.
He doesn’t have to be afraid of being hurt at airport, as Chinese Gengfans would form a people-wall to protect him. There was one time, the people-wall was broken, so Gengfans shouted “Hangeng, run!!!” Our Hannie just run forward even without turning head, ^ ^ he really trusted his fans!
It seems funny when this kind of thing happens, but we are feeling warmer and prouder at the same time of laughing.
The emotional link between this idol and his fans is the purest love and trust.
We also remember that in the Hong Kong concert, a fan whispered into Hangeng’s ear: “please stay good,” Hangeng nodded heavily and said “yes!”
There is no simpler conversation than this, but there is no deeper emotion than this either.


2005, the year when SJ debuted, it seemed that all kinds of hardship during training process could be rewarded, it seemed that the enjoyable dawn of future had brighten up. However, only after a couple of weeks, Hangeng had to wear mask on the stage because of his foreigner identity. This lasted for several months, so we could still see this mask-dancer on the stages in February 2006. Therefore, for others, debut means happiness and excitement, but for him, it is not…











The year 05—wearing mask on stage to hide identity;
The year 06—only showing on two TV stations because of constraining law;
The year 07—8 month blank period;
The year 08—the constraining law was finally eliminated, but he went back to China with his team SJM.

There is no constraint in China, but there is more stress from only13 and antis of SJM…the most hurting accusation must be from the people you considered as close to you.

In the show of “Having date with LuYu”, he spoke with a smile on his face, “in these years, I truly have tasted mixed flavors, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy.” This made many audiences sighed. He must have been through really hard time.



















In 2008, because of him, many people started to love a song “foolish man’s dock” (愚人码头), he sang like this,
“I cannot turn around,
god you want to hurt me for how long,
how silly I am,
how deep love I have,
keep me foolishly stick around…”

This is a song making many people’s eyepit wet…



















He never changed, no matter in China or Korea. He has always been an existence of warmth. He is a king, needs no pity, but deserves esteem!

From 13 years old, he was given a role as “dancer”, practicing basic skills for 5000 times per day, studying ballet and Wushu at meantime. He graduated with a top grade at such a young age, which was gained through boring and tough practices day by day. He went to Korea at age 19, started a brand-new dance training. Less than one year, he jumped up from level C to level A, which may take others five or six years. We have to admire his comprehension of dance and praise his hardworking.




















His oversea fans always said, even with SJ members, making the same dance move, you can always tell that Hangeng is different from others. That is probably because Chinese traditional dance gives him certain special charms. His dancing moves are always so stretched, even though it is hip-hop or street dance style. What he presents is not only the power required by dance, but also certain strain, grace and flexibility. It is a taste of delicacy and uniqueness.

Watching his dance, I am always so focused. I focus on his eye expression, his facial expression, his fingertip. Dancing Hangeng has moving eye expression, moving facial expression, moving fingertip. That is really beautiful. Hangeng said, a dancer spends his whole life to look for the chasing light (follow spot) belonging to him. In our eyes, when he is in his chasing light, Hangeng has King’s mettle.

He said, he was born for stage; We said, he is the King on stage forever.



Most of the time, we are immersed in his dance;
Most of the time, we told Hangeng, you are an outstanding dancer;
But, please never forget,
He is not only an outstanding dancer, but also an excellent signer:
his live RAP in “Twins”, his song of “I will”, his line in “Beijing Welcomes You”, and his “foolish man’s dock”…


Since he debuted in 2005, he is coming along the way of singing,
Perhaps, he is not that skillful,
Perhaps, his singing skill is not as good as his dancing skill,
but you can always imagine a picture when hearing his song.
Watching Hangeng singing can make both your ear and eyes feel devoted and deeply affected, because he is a person singing with heart, a person singing by soul. He is a happy singer. He enjoys dancing, he enjoys singing too.
There is no need of superb aria, there is no need of superior skill,
his strong emotion and devoted attitude is always affecting you and me. It turns out that happiness can just be this way.

(To Be Continued…)



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  1. yuki-j says:

    i see you in ihangeng.com
    you say you will translate this article then post it on your naver blog
    i just want to say you can post it with english directly
    they may know english
    then you translate it when you have a time
    this article is too long
    translation is not a easy work

  2. Angie says:

    Jemma, I saw my friend above you ~~~

    Same here, his CY diary was difficult for me to translate at the first time~~~

  3. sarah says:

    ommo…it’s a long article…
    thanks for sharing!!!
    Onepinetree Hwaiting!!!

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