Han Geng,Were You Happy? Were You That Happy?

Note: In case you don’t see GIFs activating, then please go to my Korean blog http://blog.naver.com/1_pine_tree/130067322393  to check out the GIFs…the pictures are same although the statements are not same ^^



One of my daily routine is watching  the Han Geng-focused OPPO fan meeting video clip after all family go to bed.

(Fan video clip source: www.ihangeng.com)

Original intention to watch the video clip was to capture major scenes for blog posting. However, once watching it, I couldn’t think anything else. Just busy with watching it with a full smile, sometimes giggling, haha….blush…hm.

Yesterday I was watching the video clip with grins, then out of sudden,

“Are you happy? Are you that happy? ”

It was my husband who sneaked out of  bedroom to check what I was upto in the middle of night. I was almost dead of heart attack.

Yeah..I am happy…I am that happy…so cannot stop smiling… Ha ha…


Finally today I succeed in capturing the video clip but something did not quite worked out.  After making GIFsout of captured pictures, I have found their qualities were so poor TAT. The whole frames appeared to discontinue at some time point.

Well, I don’t care…I will post them anyway…since I spent too much time on capturing and making GIFs anyway.

Please excuse me for such poor quality GIFs; I mean…I am not as young as other Koran Geng fans, whose average age seems below Geng’s age.  I am doing my best in my own ways to catch up the trendy fan activities such as capturing, editing, and making a video…

Ok! The introduction part was way too long for me all the time….

Today I will talk about the introduction and “Me” performance.









You can see the video credit…Thank you for sharing this precious video with all Geng family! By the way there are two kinds of Chinese characters: Traditional and contemporary ones. When I was in school, we only learned traditional Chinese characters. So when I first saw contemporary characters I was like…”Are they Japanese letters? or What? ”

Yeah….what kind of dumb I am = =;




 WOW!!!!  Look at those signs saying “Geng” “Han Geng” “Geng” “Geng”….I wish we could see such a scene in Korea as well…OK. please next SUPER SHOW in Korea, let’s unite all Geng Fans in Korea!!!!



It’s a familiar technique for SJM appearance. Shadow play…

It’s very odd…

Each shadow seems to reflect its members personality. Personally Dong Hai and Kyu Hyun were my favorite. Although they must have planed their posture with much thought, they still looked casual as well as natural. I liked it!

For Han Geng, when I saw it, I was like…”Ha!”   

 Com’on Han Geng, that’s too much, too much!

You don’t have to pose….Darling…

You are just a perfect picture as yourself….no need to pose at all…..









I thought the introduction part was splendid.

The fine introduction part made me think, ‘Ok, now members will appear as soon as the cell phone gets split..or they may just jump out of it..’

The reality was…

The members simply slowly walked down to the stage around the cell phone = =;

What the %^$()….?



 Hm..this GIF just proved my poor skills of capturing. The title of this GIF is “Hai Geng”.  Dong Hai dashed Han Geng, who responded, “Ho..you dare..?”

This was a real scene; you got to watch it with close note. Ah…Dong Hai’s facial expression was something T.T

 My general impression on “Me” performance was that Han Geng, from the beginning to end, was consistently so content, so happy, so delighted, and so on. He kept smiling, grinning, laughing…

I mean, what was he upto?

Why was he so delighted? 

I even felt sorry for other members who were 100% immersed in performance while Han Geng was in his own world.

Very curious…










Did you see him?

In the middle of performance, Han Gengmade a big smile without any reasons.  When making a turn, he just grinned. Did he make some kind of eye contacts with Si Won?


One of my favorite parts in “Me”; Han Geng almost took off his jacket, but put right it back on.  Ah, Han Geng was so sensual = =;

Huh……. Look at his face…” I won’t do as you wish…” he looked like telling us that…

Ah…Han Geng that’s why you are always called as ‘bottom’ among fans who enjoy member coupling.










No matter what…the fact Han Geng majored in Chinese traditional dances could not be hidden from his performance. He dreamily danced in this scene; Please pay close attention to his shoulders, arms, and hands movements with delicacy, grace, and gentleness. Please pay attention to his facial expression…Han Geng exactly knew how sexy he looked…

What a wicked kid…Han Geng…you are….










Although I am a devoted fan of Han Gengwithout a brain, his first solo part was a kind of disaster = =;  His voice was too low to be heard. Of course, the audience’s lousing cheers played a big part for it.

Han Geng, you are a good actor, good dancer with a perfect visual along with perfect personality and charm. What you need now is to sing well…

What happened to your excellent singing skills when you sang Hand in Hand and Stage of Youth OST?



 After such a poor solo performance, Han Geng again started grinning…

No way….do you think your performance was that good? 

Well, I was happy to watch you be so content…

Yeah, if you are happy, then that’s enough for me.

Well, well, well….. = =;










He just couldn’t close his mouth. He was as fresh as a fish in the cooling spring water.







The second HanGeng’s solo part; Look at him jumping high (sorry again for my poor skills of capturing T.T).  This time was much better than the first time. 

Ah…his bare shoulder was unveiled a little bit. I like Han Geng the best when he wears a sleeveless shirt. 

Look at his long legs…

Ha….his mom must be so proud of him…how come did she have such a perfect son? T.T…








Han Geng was busy with rolling up his sleeves. He really loves his forearms shown to his fans.

Wait a minute…only Chinese members, Han Geng, Henry, and Zhoumi, have shown their forearms by rolling up their sleeves.

What? That’s an odd way to tell Chinese members from Korean ones.








Did you like it that much? Huh?

I’ve kept telling him to stop smiling. So now Han Geng just burst a big laughter. Due to my poor catpuring, it was not shown in here. But, Han Geng saw something on the leftside of the stage.

Ha Ha…Han Geng, please be focused on performance!









It’s only Han Geng who kept smiling. Other members were truly immersed in performance with sincerity and calmness. While smiling, Han Geng placed his eyes at the upper level of the audience.  OK, Han Geng was a multitask taker = =;

By the way…..oh, Kyu Hyun…your performance was something…


Ok, finally the finest part of “Me” performance by Han Geng!

Watching this scene, I screamed and so did fans.

Slowly putting his arm down, smiling…

Turning….and pointing toward the audience…with his most appealing smile!

“Ladies, can you handle me? ”

I almost called him “Oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ( a Korea term for an older brother figure)…but the reality is the reality…

I could never call him “Oppa”  T.T…. (and you know why….)




Ha….the performance was over…finally…

and I was relieved….

I don’t know when I will be able to watch Han Geng’s live performance without any distress = =;

Han Geng was just happy…no matter what …..

He was so HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah…Han Geng truly belongs to SJM…he looked best in SJM…










 Here Han Geng was so beautiful that he looked like a  beauty contestant who made to final top 7 …. you know, nervous but so delighted….


















Han Geng, although your live singing skills have a big room to improve, you look so gorgeous, perfect, and awesome, you are legitimately excused for any imperfection you have shown so far = =;



 Yeap! I love you guys, SJ-M!!!!

Fighting for the 2nd album!

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4 Responses to Han Geng,Were You Happy? Were You That Happy?

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Ha! Nice work! You have this one posted~~~

    We can tell that Hangeng was really really happy that day~~~~He knows many of audiences were there for him!

    I cannot stop smilling and laughing when he was doing the same thing~~~

    I think one reason he sometimes gave a big smile when looking at audience is that some of his fans were teasing him. I remembered one of his light plates (signs) has teasing words on it, like “we are big timber wolf, miemie you are a wicked sheep”

    PS: “miemie” is one of his nick names, it is the echoism of baa in Chinese Pinyin, since his voice is so soft and with a twang when speak (just like baa ^^), and he called himself as a sheep in one UFO reply as well.

    He often teases his fans, so we need to tease back ^^

  2. Snoopie says:

    Another reason why Geng was so happy because his mom was one of the audiences. His mom was just sitting behind the videographer taping this video.

    You could see his mom later on in the video when the videographer turned around to capture Geng’s mom. And in one occassion, Geng showed Siwon where his mom sat and Siwon bowed.

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