Remedy, Pleasure, and Han Geng


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“Awful departing syndrome.

Very strangely, after fonding him

the symptom started to go away much quicker than before.

Still now the past memories made me burst into tears, thinking of him itself made me pull myself together and get cheered up.

Like that he came to me with the smile of an angel and became a remedy for the wound in my heart.


The dull life of studying for the Higher Civil Service Examination.

When friends asked me how I have been doing

I didn’t have that much to talk about so felt awkward, nothing special, just on-going usual daily life.

In the meanwhile, watching him, listening to his voice,

hearing about him from someone else,

which seems to add a pretty color on my colorless life.

Like that he became, more sweet and more aromatic, a pleasure in my life.


Han Geng — My grateful thanks to him.”


by jusalang


Original posting at

Translation done by One Pine Tree..

but I have to admit it was beyond my capability to translate her beautiful expression about Han Geng T.T.

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