Han Geng: How can I title this one….

“All Han Geng fans already knew about THE posting.

Last March a staff associated with [HOPE TV:Republic of Korea] left a very warm article after being very much touched by Han Geng’s genuine attitudes.


Recently a fan of other SJ members found about the posting and uploaded it to one of the Korean Wave cafes.

The fan who uploaded the posting used to dislike Han Geng.

(simply because misunderstanding and prejudice due to Han Geng’s nationality..)


However, after reading the posting, the fan said she was able to newly recognize Han Geng …

She found out how genunie and warm Han Geng was….


Reading her comments…which made me feel complicated….

While thinking about prejudice itself was sadden and upsetting…


(I want to talk about it more..but I won’t….)


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My mind was entangled with many things…

But I will think it in a positive way….

Those SJ fans who used to perceive Han Geng through their own sunglasses began to realize who Han Geng truly was…are adding more and more numbers ….

That’s enough…I would think it in such a way….T.T   ”


by hjluv (hangengluv)




Original Posting http://blog.naver.com/hangengluv/140089142647

 Author: hjluv (hangengluv)

Translator: One pine tree


After reading this article, I just had to translate it without author’s permission….if she says no…later…then…I will delete this one T.T…

I mean….

Why do I have to worry about prejudice, discrimination, misunderstanding, and so on when supporting one idol?

Why does Han Geng have to deal with such things in both countries?  In his own country, he has to face those people who accuse him of working for a Korean company… In Korea, he has to deal with such misunderstanding and prejudice due to his nationality…Why? Why?

Gush…what a life…Han Geng…..

Still I fully support your past path as well as future road…with my whole heart….

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6 Responses to Han Geng: How can I title this one….

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Um…I don’t know how to comment…just too much feeling, too many thoughts, that is too much… don’t know where to start.

    All of these make Hangeng’s road bestrewed with thorn, but also make all of his precious characters shown to us, to everyone who are watching him.

    Just give you a little heads up in case you haven’t heart of it. SJM’s cb date is approaching, now he is in Hong Kong to propagandize supershow 2. There has been a list of SJM upcoming activities, some are settled, and some are tentative…and…he was sick because of stomach trouble, and felt much pressure already…don’t know his condition for now, should be fine since that stomach problem is not new for him, and he should know how to deal with it.

    What I want to say is just to trust him, love him and support him in our own ways, no matter what…TIME WILL TELL!

  2. kikimomo410 says:

    We all know this~
    Don’t matter~
    We can wait until one day he standed on the toppest stage~
    We can use our life time to wait~

  3. fang says:

    oh…what should i comment ….
    when i knew that less korean fans love him.
    (i don’t blame anyone.. just his fate)
    i just want to love him more more and more
    to replace their love… sounds like kid ha?
    T T
    i want him to be loved .that is all
    he deserves it…

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