Han Geng says…"I cannot turn around…"

Original Posting: http://blog.naver.com/siwoo_kim/120088054239

Author: Si Woo

Translator: One Pine Tree

Picture source: www.hangeng.net

Ok, this translation has been  the most difficult task for me so far. Finally I gave up word-by-word translating…and at least tried to convey the content.


This is a video clip of Han Geng’s solo performance at fan meeting in Wuhan, February 13, 2009. This video clip is one of my precious collections securely saved in the hard drive.  Along with this one, I have the video clip of his performance in February 14, taped by DONG GAHM (Korean Geng Fan site). Since I think the first day’s performance was better, I uploaded this one.

That day, Han Geng did not dance during his solo performance, instead, he choose to sing a ballad song. Unlike any other pop music genres, when singing ballad, you have to understand the true meanings of lyrics and sing it with full empathy.

Thus he seemed to bravely make a hard decision to sing a ballad during a fan meeting in China where he was allowed to sing a Chinese song.


Translation of the lyrics

(Note: The author, Si Woo, translated the Chinese lyrics to Korean. Thus this English version would have a significant discrepancy from the original Chinese one.)


A Foolish Man’s Dock

” Time resembles a dock..

 So takes my docking…

 But the fully loaded catches were…

Merely  the loss from an embrace between you and me.


At love’s dock, I am waiting for you with anxiety,

In the darkness, in the fear of you missing me,

Burning my boat, I am just waiting…

I cannot turn around

You have to help me out

Where are you drifting around…

With whom are you…?

Although it’s you who have to rescue both my world and dream…


I cannot turn around…

God for how long you want to hurt me

How foolish I am…

How much I am in love with you..

Guarding this place in loneliness you gave me…

I will not leave you …


I just foolishly keep guarding this foolish man’s dock …”



In the fear that the lover might be unable to locate him in the darkness and just pass by…

This man, who senselessly burned his own boat to mark himself , cried out,

“I cannot turn around….”



When Han Geng sang this song, what was he thinking while singing such lyrics?




What was in his mind when he was so into the song, singing with his whole body?

I wish I could read his mind but there is no way…

Reflecting all the matters he went through—only those I am aware of ….there are much more beyond my acknowledgement—

I just think it was very strange that he did not burst into tears at that moment.

(When singing, if he cried out, thinking of the past….then…that’s not truly Han Geng, either…)


I remember that quite a number of fans got touched and even more stunned after watching this video clip. 

Since Han Geng only showed his vulnerable side right after early SJM debut then kept demonstrating a solid and resolute leader figure, his fans already got used to such a strong side of Han Geng. 

Then Han Geng at the fan meeting where he was closing up SJM’s first album promotion,




Out of a sudden, he revealed his sentimental side and sang,  while gathering his brows,  immersed in his own world…so it was very natural that his fans were  stunned.

At least I was struck dumb after the video clip was all played out.

It was far from resolute Han Geng who managed every single matter in every situation during one year promotion period in China…I thought so…


Even Han Geng could be absorbed in his own world while singing a sad ballad, not performing a dance.

Thus, at Geng bar there was a posting with the title of ..

” He sang with a quite voice…’I cannot turn around'”


Yes, you cannot turn around, you cannot…

On which path, how long have you come to this point…and in the future, on which road how far will you have to go to reach the point where you dream of…

Since then,  this video clip became the one that made me cheer up.

Whenever I wanted to just give up everything due to uncountable barriers and hinders from others, this video clip made me harden my determination to support Han Geng.

Before I used to get encourged when watching a video clip where Han Geng, in his blond hair during Miracle activity, firmly said, “Take Care! Cheer Up!”

But after this video clip, I kept steam up after watching Han Geng singing “I cannot turn around” with all his heart and soul.

My dear said he couldn’t turn around…then what can a mere fan say about it?

I will just shut up the mouth and follow you…


By the way….even in the middle of this moment…

When Han Geng sang the first phrase, those fans, who were very surprised with his nice voice, screamed “WOW~~~!”  but, right after Han Geng sang the second phrase, they suddenly buttoned up their lips…

Ha Ha….. It was so hilarious… Gosh..I am bad = =;

Unlike usual Han Geng, he sang a song so well that those fans watched him singing with their own eyes had to hold themselves until the first verse was finished…then as soon as the interlude playing, they started screaming out….ah…they were so cute  ^^

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6 Responses to Han Geng says…"I cannot turn around…"

  1. yuki-j says:

    i am the first hehe
    i see the english version again and again \
    even though i have seen the chinese version \
    you translated this post very well
    this work is too hard because
    this article is too long

  2. fang says:

    i remember when i first saw the clip….
    i’m just stunned by his moving…
    i couldn’t take my eyes off him

    and needed to watch it again..casue i didn’t hear his voice. it’s just gone…his move made me deaf

  3. sarah says:

    Hangeng is really awesome…
    Onepinetree hwaiting!!!
    I’m really want to know about you… I mean as friend. i’m moving because of you. Thanks for become Hangeng’s fan…

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