Han Geng, a Cactus in Desert…


Picture source: See the Logo


“For all the time, I feel Hangeng is just like a cactus in desert,

most of the time,
 he is just standing there firmly all alone;

he has no greenhouse treatment given by higher man,
He receives no gardening care provided by backstage supporter.

Getting close to him, you may feel prick; getting away from him, you find yourself thirst for such precious green in desert.

Perhaps, the condition is difficult, but, as long as there is a little sunshine, a little water,
He will be pushing for growth.

Someone said the plant in desert is quite moving but with sadness, but who can truly understand the pride behind that sadness!”


One of my dear friends emailed me this beautiful story she remembered from a fan-made video before.  Her email just made me harden my determination to support Han Geng no matter what.

Thank you, Green Bristlegrass…

One day we shall watch Han Geng perform on the stage together.


* The following pictures were from www.choisiwon.com 




As you can see, they were from a Japanese magazine on Super Junior Premium Live in Japan.

Looking at Han Geng’s smile made me just happy ^^….

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12 Responses to Han Geng, a Cactus in Desert…

  1. sarah says:

    coz i can’t stop thinking about you Geng…
    Thank you…^_^

  2. Mirqa says:

    Omg , Han geng iz SO Cute !!
    Saranghae han geng ..

  3. icewater says:

    Stand firm, Geng. Love you.

  4. Sabrina 常愛庚宝 says:

    Pinetree, how are you ? I saw you commenting over my article yesterday, this is so nice to know you, we are all strangers but feel like close friends because of our love to that one person, Hangeng.

    I love your article, Hangeng is like cactus in a desert, as we get close, we feel prick, we were prick by all the inequity and pain he suffered. We feel so helpless standing far so away, watching him growth painfully.

    All we could do is to let him know we support him, always. I feel our support is like sunshine and water, he could gain strength from us. Therefore there are lots of us who travel a long way to see him, just to let him know, we are always there for him.

    I would like to translate your article and post it in Gengbar and I will put the Chinese version here too, please allow me to do so.

  5. Green bristlegrass says:

    One day we shall watch Han Geng perform on the stage together.

    I believe that day will come!

  6. public says:

    I love U, Hannie. Seeing his smile make me happy. Hannie!! Keep smiling and be happy.

  7. sylvie kyung says:

    a cactus in desert ? lol
    i agree with u … ^^

    hope me and my friend can watch hangeng perform on stage too …
    watch super junior !!
    not sushow II ? maybe sushow III … hehehe …

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