Siwon, Hangeng, and……..Donghae ^^

Picture sources

credit to 小冷


I really adore Han Geng’s fore arms. Those muscles, blood vessles that stood out…Yeah…Han Geng you are still young and fresh…

Han Geng’s fans take a big pride in Han Geng as a perfect subject for photography. There is no dead-angle for Han Geng.
Nevertheless, my favorite angle was shown in this picture.

On that day, Han Geng’s beauty was just unbelievable.

This angle is my favorite, as well. You can fully appreciate Han Geng’s perfect nose from this angle.
What a nose!

Ok, I have to admit that there was a real intention why I posted this article.

Personally I am a big fan of Siwon and Han Geng coupling…^^
(although I love Heechul and Han Geng coupling as well…
I like Donghae and Han Geng coupling as well…..hmm…now I am thinking I am simply a big fan of ALL Geng = =; )

Blush …..


Siwon: “Geng…why are you so serious..? Please relax, smile for me….”

Han Geng: “Ok….Like this….?”

Si Won: “No….that’s not enough…do you remember my favorite one? ”

Han Geng: “Ah….I see…this one right?”

Then Han Geng makes the famous emoticon-like smile >.<

Siwon: (He is not whispering to Han Geng. In fact, he is just blowing on Han Geng’s ear to tease him….)

Han Geng: (He is not listening to Si Won. In fact, he is just enjoying Si Won’s tickling breath on his ear…)

In the meanwhile…at the other side of Han Geng….


Our Dong Hae…who bites his lips…

Dong Hae: What the f%$&#$ they are doing?

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12 Responses to Siwon, Hangeng, and……..Donghae ^^

  1. icewater says:

    OMG, Pine Tree, you’re naughty, naughty !~~~

  2. icewater says:

    Haha, Pine tree, you remember the that sentence! ^^ How amazing you are!

  3. sarah says:

    I’m melting now!!!
    Why are you so handsome?
    Oh no…

  4. fang says:

    Oh Jemma ….cp
    kkkk pls look at jaejoong
    you will see more cute cp haha

  5. ALL Geng – GO! 😉
    Hae is just feeling left out XD

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