Han Geng at InCheon Korean Wave, 09/05/2009

I was going to post some translations of Korean blogger’s postings until the official SJM come back. Thus recent activities of Super Junior or Han Geng were not my major interests.  However, I have to post recent Super Junior’s performance at In Cheon Korean Wave Festival after reading some other bloggers’ postings.

One of hard things about blogging on Han Geng was that I have to pay attention to postings by Geng fans from all over the world…Korea, China, and other countries…I mean thinking about the languages….T.T

So when I see other Geng fans post certain topics or pictures, I have this pressure to post them as well.


Too much talking ….

1. Press conference/Red Carpet

All the members of Super Junior looked awesome and splendid!

Among them, of course, my baby Han Geng was the best…..ha…he was so fine…

By the way…Siwon…..you….need to watch out your body line…

Ah…GOD is fair…. kkkkkkk

2. Sorry Sorry Performance

Part 1

Part 2

3. Ok! Now the pictures!

Credit: See the tagged logos

2nd source: Geng Bar


The pictures were shuffled.  I am not that diligent to figure out their order!


My favorite!!!!

This picture shows the looks of Han Geng as a SUPER STAR!!!!


Well….that’s my baby….T.T


The performance was aired on September 12, 2009.

Here is the aired clip.

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4 Responses to Han Geng at InCheon Korean Wave, 09/05/2009

  1. icewater says:

    Hi Pinetree, thank you for collecting and sharing the most recent news, photos & video clips of Han Geng.

    Why? Because I can watch the clear video clips in your blog, hahahah ~~~Thus, I don’t have to search them by myselfl, hohohoho~~~I am such a lazy lady~~~~

    The truth is I love reading your articles. Even though sometimes there are only brief sentences or a piece of words. They always make me feel the happy, feel the warmth and feel the love…….to our baby Han Geng~~~

    Please allow me to say: thank you, Pinetree!

  2. zung says:

    I think I’ve fallen in fantasized love with him. I have to go to your blog everyday and watch him. I’m going crazy to know what he has been up to.
    Your posts are always qualified in a way of paying attention to details. Thank you

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