My Journey to Han Geng

How did I find about Han Geng…….?

Although I clearly remember how I fell in love with Han Geng, I was unsure about when and how I recognized him as “Han Geng”.

So I had to spend some time on raking my memory about it.

Today I will write about my journey to meet Han Geng ^^

Actually I posted the same topic at my Korean blog long time ago.

Now thinking back, since some of the contents at my old posting cannot be good any longer, this posting will be its updated version.

1. Special thanks to “We got married “


“We got married” was a big hit in Korea as well as the Korean communities in the US.  I spent many hours at You tube to watch this show.

Especially Hyun-Jung & Hwang-Bo couple was my favorite couple.  Soon I also started digging about SS501 of which Hyun-Jung was the leader.

After a couple of days at Youtube,  I found out SS501 benchmarked the SM’s TVXQ.



So  I spent additional numerous hours on watching video clips of TVXQ at Youtube.

This idol group was regarded the KING among many Korean idol groups.

Although all the members were extremely attractive and very skilled, they were not really my type of guys.


3 . Encounter with Timeless MV, BUT…..

Finally I met Han Geng….but I had no idea who this guy was.

The first impression of Han Geng as acting a police officer in the MV was like, “Com’on even in America police officers don’t dye their hair!!!!!!!!!!” = =;

Yeah…very realistic response to Han Geng’s dyed hair.

Despite my first lukewarm reaction to Han Geng’s appearance, his actions, frankly, grabbed my attention. I felt something moving inside the heart.

page_1_pine_treepicture source:

In this captured pictures, Han Geng, in desperation, wanted to rescue his girlfriend in hostage,but couldn’t do anything about it….

Emotional disturbance in his eyes was so real….I felt….WOW!

What an actor!

But…..that was it.

Instead, I start developing a positive feeling toward Xia Jun Su thanks to his excellent singing skills. So I started digging about Jun Su at Youtube for a couple of days.

4. Xia Jun Su


XIa is an excellent singer with a cute face ^^.
On TV shows, he seemed modest and humble. He seemed to be my type of guy.
So I started searching a TV program he appeared.
TVXQ guest starred in a show called “The Body Explorers” which was very strange to me at first. I started watching it without any thinking.  My pure purpose was just watching Xia Jun Su.


5. “The Body Explorers” and Encounter with Super Junior Boys Band



I think it was a game where the boys had to touch the falling ball from the ceiling. Anyway, most of Super Junior members got knocked out and only TVXQ members seemed to do well.  Simply Super Junior looked inferior to TVXQ in terms of sport skills.
Nevertheless, I kinda liked the atmosphere among Super Junior members.
Playful, cheerful, childlish….but harmless…. pure….
Picture source: Han Geng Bar
One of them …there was one boy who looked very thin…..a little bit light..?
If you blow him , then he will just drift away in the air…?
Like a cloud…?
Like a feather….?
Like an …..angel…… yeah…an angel…..
Han Geng….I wispered his name…..a little odd but cool name….
Then Sin Dong mentioned about him being a Chinese….at one point…
What? Chinese? A foreigner?  Uh? In Korean idol group? Chinese? Chinese?
Since I have departed Korea a long time ago, it was very shocking to see a foreigner in a famous idol group (Although I didn’t know about SJ until then, I figured out it must have been very famous since it ran its own show = =; ).
I stopped the video clip right away and searched Han GEng on internet.
Hankyung…Han Geng….did not matter…I kept tying his Korean/Chinese names…
Ah…he was the actor from the MV of  Timeless… with those teary eyes…
And then his VISA issues….SJM……came to my attention.
What? What? What?
He got banned from performing in the major Korean Broadcasting Systems because of his nationality? What the F^&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He had to put on the mask and perform anyway in order to unburden his team’s dancing performance dynamics?
What the F%^$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not believe what I was reading from the internet.
My country basically made me feel shameful….what a cruelty…to this poor boy….who came to Korea with bare hands in order to achieve his own dream…one day…he would be a star….
Yes…I have to clear up one thing here.
I watched all of those shows mentioned in this posting early this year.
In other words, I watched Han Geng’s past first.
So I finished up all episodes of the Human Body Explorers. Then started watching his video clips from his early SJ period, Korean shows, to  SJM activities. I also read countless postings on Only 13 movements and SJM boycott by the ELF.
After  I finished watching and reading Korean resources, I moved on watching  English subtitled Chinese video clips and started reading Chinese postings using an igoogle translator.  Then I started watching Chinese video clips without any English subtitles about Han Geng or his SJM group.

First, I was totally hooked up with his splendid dancing skills.

Second, his face was SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third, his body was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There was a boy who was holding too many untold stories in his heart….

Enduring unbearable hardships by himself….

Never giving up his dream…

Never abandoning his dignity and integrity…

Han Geng….

My addiction to Han Geng accurately started in February, 2009, just  a half year ago.

090804cap050090804xia059090804xia060090804xia061picture source:

Such an addiction to Han Geng seems to be an incurable disease for a while.

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12 Responses to My Journey to Han Geng

  1. Green bristlegrass says:

    Thanks a lot, pinetree, for sharing your story about getting to know Han Geng!

    Actually, I knew him only one month earlier than you…and I was also attracted by his acting in the first place, since I like good actors. It was the time when he acted to shed tears within a couple of munites on the Happy Camp show in China. Actually, I was more impressed by Siwon than him before his acting…now, to think back, I know although that was acting, his tear was so real based on so many untold stories in his memory…I was impressed by his acting at the first time I saw, I was heartbroken after I knew about him and watched the show again.

    I really really want to see Han Geng as an actor, that is his dream, that is my dream too…

  2. onepinetree says:

    By the way, my Koren blog has his acting folder that covers his movie and drama….hmm…I think I had better translate those postings…

  3. icewater says:

    Han Geng, know you, love you is my destiny……


  4. fang says:

    Wo.. such a long journey..
    .. finally found him ^ ^

    and he is the right one right?

    addicted to geng… want this addiction forever

  5. icewater says:

    “Serendipity”, wow, I like this word!!

    Han Hang is our treasure, how lucy we found him!!

  6. 3qts says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey…….

    This is my first post in your well-loved blog….though I’ve been your official stalker for a few weeks now….

    As an elder fan who is helplessly addicted to Han Geng….I truly appreciate this English blog since I don’t understand Chinese or Korean…….thank you for sharing Han Geng’s stories, news, etc….you definitely are spreading LOVE and SUPPORT for Han Geng

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