Super Junior M, They are Coming to Us!

This September will be the busiest month for all Geng fans.

On the top of Super Junior Super Show II in China, Super Junior M is going to start its promotion in China.  So, my dear baby Han Geng will be the busiest and most demanding member among Super Junior boys in this month.

Since my Chinese skills are horrible = =; I will just write up some important key points from the source

First, the new album of Super Junior M will be released at the end of September.

However, the album seems to be a mini album not really its second album.

Well, a little disappointment there…

Second, on September 11, a new trailer of its MV will be released at and

I already saw some of sneak pictures from MV scenes. Well, my honest opinion is again…a little disappointment. I heard some rumors about the title song, which was very depressing…and those pictures appeared to confirm such rumors!!!!

Yeah…I want to explode the SM T.T ….

Anyway….some pictures from the Geng Bar.

With these pictures, my heart got broken…Han Geng looked so tired…I could tell his dark circles T.T…

Again….I want to explode the SM….if I could….

2b1eeb51485953498535248aWhy is Han Geng looking down? My favorite two members Han Geng and Dong Hae are not looking at the camera lense  = =;


You can tell Han Geng looks really tired and depressed. Look at Siwon who looks so fresh and his well-done make-up = =;


I know this is a just piece of picture….but his facial expression made me feel uneasy and concerned. Although it is a concept for the album jacket cover, but still….


I don’t know how to express my true feelings  in words.

Disappointment….and… still hope that it will work out eventually for my baby Han Geng.

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5 Responses to Super Junior M, They are Coming to Us!

  1. zung says:

    It worried my heart to look at his physical and health condition now also. He lost weights, I prefer the time when he was filming Full House, he looked young, full of love with such smile.
    Ages does give him certain charm as a grown man, but is he happy ?
    Thank you for your post, we will watch his back 🙂 Have a nice day

  2. zung says:

    Tired and sadness in his eyes, right ?

    I was just browsing through news about Korean music industry and was surprised about 2PM’s incident.
    The more I learnt about that news, the more love I grew for Hankyung. Like Jaebum, Hangeng was lonely and suffering at that training time but he didn’t express those burden feelings like the way Jaebum did ( I did not mean to criticize Jaebum , he had his point of view )
    In such evil industry like Entertainment and Music, I’m afraid the pure and innocent soul like Hangeng would be used until its last strength and crushed .
    aaaaaahhhh, I’m going crazy bcause of the final studying now. hehehehe
    Just want to share my feeling

    I’m from Finland by the way, Vietnamese

  3. zung says:

    Can’t agree more 🙂 . Do well with your studying !!!! Learning Chinese would be my next challenge . hehehehehe

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