Han Geng Biased Captured Pictures from Super Girl MV Teaser

Ok….I did not sleep at all last night, which does not matter at all.

Thanks God it’s Friday!

So…who cares …whether I went to bed or not 🙂


The Super Girl MV teaser was only 33 seconds long. 

Then how come I watched it for 4 hours in a row….

Yeah….you do the math….

It’s so catchy, appealing, sexy, hot, dazzling, …..um……

It’s just speechless….


All those seven members were way too sexy, gorgeous, hot, and splendid…..

But…as a devoted Geng fan, I have to admit that I was really into Han Geng over and over.


I found several high-quality pictures captured from Super Girl MV teaser at Geng Bar.

source: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=641806419


















I am really into his ring….I wish I were the ring on his finger T.T….





Well, can you handle him?

If you were not hospitalized yet due to excessive nose bleeding….just wait until September 14, when the full MV is released…..probably we all have to be hospitalized at once.

Ha ha…..

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2 Responses to Han Geng Biased Captured Pictures from Super Girl MV Teaser

  1. zung says:

    hahahah, it’s 3 am now and I’m keep reading ur blog again and again !!!!!!!!! Never been this addicted since the Backstreet Boys time . looool

    Me too, I’ve been paying notice to the ring. I think he had it for a really long time now, like since Full House if I’m correct. He even wore it like a necklace .

    Haizzzz, don’t know too much obsession can literally kill life !

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