Super Junior M: Teaser Release "Super Girl"

Dear Every one who loves and supports Super Junior M!

Please visit Super Junior M’s Official Home Site as often as possible!

I am a little bit upset with SM now, since they did not put the SJM’s teaser at the main page of the SM TOWN.

By clicking SJM’s home site, we can show our strong support and love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can leave a message at the FAN BOARD, that would be fantastic!! You don’t have to log on to leave a message..

English, Chinese, Korean, ….does not matter 🙂

(Ok…this part, I have to double check….I tried to leave a message but couldn’t…T.T)



You can see all the teaser images from there as well!



credit: 搜狐新韩线

These seven guys are the HOTTEST guys in the whole UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok…..but still….the DISCO…..  T.T

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16 Responses to Super Junior M: Teaser Release "Super Girl"

  1. AgehaHime says:

    I don’t mind it 1 bit. I love everything in this teaser.
    *Dies from nosebleed*

    And long time no see. I’m finally back! How are you? ^^

  2. rascalkitten says:

    I really wanna go hugging the stylist^^

    HanGeng is so HOT!!!

    Still waiting for the MV on 14th .. it’s really worth wating for.

    This mini album’s gonna Rock China and all over Asia , I believe!!

  3. zung says:

    hahahahah, this is totally marvelous !!!!! I’m not a fan of the music gene , but I guess that’s what matches their concept and images. I can scarify my taste in music for Hangeng though . hehehe

    His gaze at 0:21 makes my day, and his leg was like 1m long or what #-# !!! thank you

    Donghae at 0:14 is adorable with the hand gesture . hahaha.

  4. Icydog says:

    GENG!!! YOU ARE SO HOT~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I watched this vidoe in my office…..
    I had to hold my breath, otherwise I will scream…
    It just made me crazy!!!

  5. Green bristlegrass says:


    Quote from other Gengfans:
    You are my SUPERMAN!
    I am your SUPERFAN!

  6. icewater says:

    The 7 guys are very very hot~~~
    I love their style~~

    The music sounds good.
    I am only expecting Han Geng will sing more in this album, instead of a very few part in SJ’s 3rd album ……

    Come on, SM, be good to Han Geng, be good to SJ-M!!

  7. icewater says:

    I try to leave message there, however when I submited the message, it shows that the password is required. If I typed something in the password column, I was told that the page is incorrect…………
    errrrrrrrrrrrrr, helpless…..

    Pinetree, can you please help me and tell me how to leave a message there? Do you need the fan club account and password to submit your message?

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