Han Geng: The Legend


source: http://blog.naver.com/yclean_s/50046922247

It’s from the first album of Super Junior…

His look was considered the LEGEND by his fans.

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10 Responses to Han Geng: The Legend

  1. zung says:

    I just stare at your front page for hours !!!!!

  2. 3qts says:

    OH……MY…….look at that face….


    Thank you for sharing

  3. Green bristlegrass says:

    I have weird feeling about his look…I was not impressed by his look when the first a few times I saw him on TV shows and in some pictures, but I don’t know since when, the more I stare at his face, the more I realize how beautiful he is…never get tired…just like this pic, at first, I just think this is a good pic of him, but the longer I am staring at it, I just couldn’t get my eyes off from his face and his eyes…I am screwed!

  4. icewater says:

    The more feeling we can feel from his eyes when looking at his them the longer and closer…
    It seems like that he is trying to talk to us or express something to us…

    Han Geng, you are killing me softly with your eyes…..

  5. fang says:

    ah ,,this is unforgettable face ..

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