The Study of Han Geng's Body : The Wonderland!

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Author: 시우 (Si Woo)

Translator: One Pine Tree

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Although I have planned to post about Han Geng’s body long time ago, today finally I am doing it ^ ^;;

It was not easy to screen appropriate pictures that did not violate the copy rights among those saved in my hard drive.

Since the purpose of searching pictures was to find good pictures for Han Geng’s body, I was in deep awe looking at them again.

Wow ….. Killing ….. like that ^ ^;;

I mean …. Han Geng …..

If you only look at his face, which reminds of lilies, looks misty and sometimes way too sharp so feels like freezing.

Nevertheless, his body takes a big pride in an adult-rated golden line enticing you to have a strong urge to attack him, regardless of time or place.


This picture is surely familiar to you already.

This is the best picture that just demonstrated Han Geng’s well-proportioned body figure. (Even 1 / 9 ratio)

After acknowledging his perfectly well-proportioned body figure, now let’s check out his neck line.


This used to be the main page of Dong Kam (* note: Han Geng’s First Fan Site in Korea

It shows Han Geng in his fantastic profile and his keen-edged nose but his neck line is just a piece of art TT


On the contrary to such a pure and slender face, his neck line is simply masculine TT

Next, let’s check out Han Geng’s shoulders and arms.


I have seen an almost identical picture of Si Won with this, in which Si Won’s squared-shoulders were twice as broad as those of Han Geng.

Thus there is a saying, “Han Geng as Si Won’s Embrace Size”

However, if you look at the pictures below …




These were taken when the leaders from each idol group attended a press conference of SM Concert in Shang Hai last year.

Watching Han Geng proudly demonstrate his charisma alongside with Youknow Yunho, they looked to have similar size of shoulders despite the fact Youknow Yun Ho is famous for his broad shoulders as much as those of Si Won.

Are Han Geng’s shoulders broad? Or Just so so? It’s just strange …


His arms have been very thin since MIRACLE.


Looking at his back taken in fan cam on July 1, 2008, three months and some days after SJM debut,

You can wrap his arms and slender waist around with one arm and Han Geng’s back looks like that of a female.

Even looks like a very thin and skinny female TT

Although admitting the fact that he lost much weight in the earlier of SJM activities,

I was just shocked to watch that video clip T.T


If you look at him walking along with muscular Hero Jae Jung at the Shang Hai SM concert last year, however,

those arms look similar to those of Hero Jae Jung.


And his appearance in Super Junior Photo Collections shows his triceps.

Ok, muscles can come and go depending on working out, but are they really the same arms during Thai Fan Meeting?



Han Geng’s solo performance at SM Concert in Shang Hai.

Many ladies got knocked out at this time, including me … TT

Although grateful for his bare skin,

please reveal your bare skin after adding some fats on the skinny chest ….

It’s too painful to see your skinny figure T.T

The next ones, highly expected legs …


Taken in the scene of Semir CF shooting, such thin legs …


Those legs are long and beautiful enough to be fully qualified for performing Chinese traditional dancing …


So he openly bragged about his legs by taking such pictures of them.


Another one in which he kept bragging about those legs ..

However, you guys all know about what will happen to his legs once he stars dancing,

Although his legs look thin and weak, they are built with all rocky muscles.

Ha …

And ….. finally …. the highlight of this posting …


Han Geng’s hip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han Geng, praticing for the Stage of Youth scene, in the casual outfits.

Because he raised both arms, which made his shirt lifted, his perfect S line was just revealed TT


Han Geng’s sexy back dancing performance T.T

His hip was emphasized thanks to the tight leather pants TT


One shot from one variety program when he appeared during SJM earlier activities.

Dear the Green CK pantie ….. it’s good to see you again ~ ~ ~ ~

The following picture was the fundamental cause for me to post about his body …


This is it !!!!! T.T

Based on his outfits, it’s during his solo performance at SM Concert in Shang Hai …

It is natural that the body looks longer and more slender when you stretch it …

It’s just a sensation when Han Geng takes such a posture with such a tall height TT

The salient neckline, the straight collarbone, the slender waist, and the indescribable hip ….

It’s a total attack of four combinations ….

How I cannot be surrendered to him …..? T.T

Simply putting in one word …


Han Geng is just a piece of ART WORK!

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3 Responses to The Study of Han Geng's Body : The Wonderland!

  1. Icydog says:

    His is so hot~~ His perfect body line~
    It drives me crazy!!!

    It’s so pitiful that, as a female…..I am jealous of a male’s body…ORZ

  2. tranmai says:

    Wow really he’s just soooo…. >///<
    I know that he's very handsome,but I've never thought that every part of his body is also peaces of art TT^TT
    I miss him so much TT^TT
    miss SiHan moments too “Han Geng as Si Won’s Embrace Size” <– love u

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