Super Junior M –Super Girl MV Full Version

Han Geng

What an actor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a dancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Although his part in song is too minimal T.T)

Wo Ai Ni!!!!!!!!!!

By the way…

Han Geng


the SUPER MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha Ha


With English Lyrics


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15 Responses to Super Junior M –Super Girl MV Full Version

  1. Icydog says:

    WOW~~~ Geng~~
    You are my super 咩~

    His part is minimal…I have expected that….

    But!!! He is the lead dancer~~ haha~~ release~

  2. icewater says:

    Since the MV released, it has been replay , replay, replay many many times~~~

    Han Geng, the no.1 actor in this MV!!!

    His acting so amazing!!!

    His dancing so gorgeouce!!!!

  3. 3qts says:

    OMG……nerdy Han Geng is the CUTEST………and then the transformed Han Geng is the HOTTEST

    I really don’t understand why his part in the song…..any song recently whether SJ or SJM… getting smaller to nothing at all. He has a very nice voice……his solo part in “Show Me Your Love” was really lovely…..and when he sang it live during MV shoot… was amazing.

    Anyhow… already addicted to both song and MV

  4. sarah says:

    Oh My God!!!
    You’re really Super Man!!!
    I’ve been waiting the MV since yesterday…
    thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Green bristlegrass says:

    Han Geng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My cutest,sweetest,coolest boy!

    You are the actor!!!!!You are the dancer!!!!!!!!!

    You don’t sing, why? Because you just want to sing to me, I know it!!!


  6. Green bristlegrass says:

    One more comment:

    How come I love his nurdy style before transformation even more?

    Make me laugh for long time, so cute~~~~~~~~

    I love to see his big eyes behind those giant glasses~~~~~~

  7. AgehaHime says:

    Wow, the fans are fast! Eng sub already!

    I can see them having so much fun making this. And getting so much laugh out of Hangeng being such a nerd. XDD
    SM is making this look like a trade off: Hangeng get the main role and be the center of attention, showing off his acting and dancing (his stronger points) instead of a couple more lines for singing (which arguably, is his weaker point). For a single with a MV like this, I think this is a much better deal for Hangeng, who wants take on serious acting. But for other songs in the album, that definitely will never get a MV make for, Hangeng should get more lines. Especially when it’s 7 members vs. 13 now; lines distribution should be easier to manage.

    *Sighs* Please excuse the rambling. I think my ADHD med is kicking in, my thoughts just keep rolling.

  8. sarah says:

    Waw the new one has come…HD version!!!

    Thank you so much…!!!

    I really really like this song…

    Oh my supergirl wo shi ni de superman…

    Hehehe,,,Onepinetree thank you very much!!! ^_^

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