Super Junior M -The First Mini Album, Super Girl will be released on September 25, 2009


Super Girl the first Mini Album of Super Junior M will be released on September 25, 2009.

l_p1021291807Hmmm…..Si Won……I think that’s Han Geng’s seat….if you don’t mind = =;

You know,  in Korea, usually the elder one takes the seat….. I thought you knew that…..

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20 Responses to Super Junior M -The First Mini Album, Super Girl will be released on September 25, 2009

  1. sarah says:

    Waw!!! They’re back…
    I’ve just watch the MV…
    I like it so much!!!
    Super Junior M Jiayou!!!

  2. Icydog says:

    Pine tree sis~~
    I agree your point….that should be geng’s seat….
    His is the eldest one, the most important is
    HE IS THE LEADER OF SJM!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Green bristlegrass says:

    SM always does good job in making me have more and more and more desire and passion to support Han Geng!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. AgehaHime says:

    1st reaction: LOL, WTF is this?! And just like you said: “Combination of DISCO & SORRY SORRY?”
    But now the more I listen to it, the more I get suck into it. It’s addictive!

    And Hangeng, oooohhh, I just wanna pinch his…nose (since his cheeks are not as puffy as Henry). XDD

    But yeah, the cover picture is weird. Siwon looks supremely and all, like a prince on a throne, but it should have been Hangeng’s seat. It took me awhile to finally notice that Hangeng wasn’t seating there. I don’t think it’s just the Korean thing; China, Vietnam, etc… are like that, too. It’s a respectful thing in general. And Hangeng IS the leader here, so whoever directed this photoshoot FAILED big time.

    Besides that, I LOVE it!!! They always look sexier as SJM than as SJ. ❤

  5. fang says:

    made me crush on him until today…

  6. fang says:

    umm…why my comment for another article…appeared here T T
    ahh i will comment new one. T T

    ah …what should i comment …Siwon switches seat pls~ = =
    anyway, my focus point changes directly out of the middle…in a second
    …i only see my geng .. so doesn’t matter kkkk

  7. teukielei says:

    waaaaaaaahh!!! theres so cute!!!

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