Nerdy Han Geng: Super Girl MV Screen Captures

I finally downloaded the MV file and captured it.

But the captured ones were horrible…

I guess my capturing skills deteriorated since last summer.

So I decided to borrow some captured pictures from another SJ fan.


Only nerdy Han Geng’s captures ^^

I think most fans agreed that

the NERDY HAN GENG was much cutter than the party-goer Han Geng… Ha Ha…


The way he was walking toward the camera was so adorable >.<

Swaying his body from left to right….he looked like a duckling … kkkk


Is that really the same guy with this guy?


Same actions but different effects…WOW

Han Geng, you are surely talented in acting!

%BD%B4%C6%DB%B0%C9_%C7%D1%B0%E64_whddns0824Ha ha….

I don’t usually like when he showed his forehead, but this time…he was forgiven.


(This is a GIF file; but I have noticed that does not really show GIFs activated. Please click the linked site above, then you will be able to truly appreciate this GIF picture.

Or you can simply click the right button of the mouse and save it. )


I think this was the cutest face in the world!!!!!

Those round eyes…

The keen-edged nose…

Those yummy lips….. T.T

I wish I were those broken eyeglasses… T.T



Oh, you are my super super baby….Han Geng 🙂


I know!
Who dares to reject you as lovely as a three-years-old baby!
Jessica, you are bad, bad….

(By the way, this is a GIF = =; )


These days I am obsessed with Han Geng way too much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah…I need to pull myself together = = ;

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4 Responses to Nerdy Han Geng: Super Girl MV Screen Captures

  1. 3qts says:

    Thank you for these pics and gifs of nerdy Han Geng…….just too adorable for words

    My favorite is when he adjusts his glasses….the facial expression just kills me…….and the crying nerd is also cute…..the walking nerd is crazy funny…….just LOVE him

    I wonder will they release “behind the scene” from this MV shoot?????

  2. icydog says:

    Pine tree sis~~
    Geng has arrived Hong Kong~~~
    ( I did not go to airport..I am not a good fans…ORZ)

    I have to work and study tomorrow…
    I can only see him in the concert…
    But, I am so excited!!

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